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Fly Girls

<p>Farrah, Louise, Nikole, Mandy and Tasha of 'Fly Girls.'</p>

Fly Girls

May 05, 2010 09:00 PM

TV Network - The CW

Today is, as you may be aware, the fifth of May.  Some would call it 'Cinco de Mayo,' which is Spanish for 'the fifth of May.'  Whether you happen to call it the fifth of May or Cinco de Mayo or just another Wednesday night, The CW is calling it 'the night which will air back-to-back episode of "Fly Girls" for the "Fly Girls" season finale.'  That's a long way of saying that you ought to sit back, margarita in hand, and watch the party girls of "Fly Girls" jet somewhere Virgin America flies one more time before the season ends.