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First Presidential Debate

President Barack Obama at a debate in 2008.

In the first of three Presidential debates (there will be one Vice Presidential debate as well), President Obama and Mitt Romney will face one another tonight.  Will the two stick to talking points or will they actually have a full and complete discussion of the issues which face us and the choices we, as a nation, have and have to make?  We can't tell you that precisely, but we can say that you have a far better chance of understanding where we stand if you tune in tonight.  Jim Lehrer of "PBS Newshour" moderates tonight's debate which takes place at the University of Denver.


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  • Mitt-romney-and-president-obama-at-the-first-debate_article_story_main
  • President-barack-obama-at-a-debate-in-2008._article_story_main

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