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<p>Matt LeBlanc in 'Episodes.'</p>

We all love "Friends," even those of you who pretend like you don't like "Friends," like "Friends" (it's okay, you can tell us the truth).  As for "Joey," yeah, well... we all like "Friends."  Actually, personally, we also like "Vinnie & Bobby" and "Top of the Heap."  Well, Matt LeBlanc is back on television with this new Showtime series where he'll be playing Matt LeBlanc.  The in-show LeBlanc will be starring in a new show, much to the chagrin of the writers of the in-show show.  LeBlanc also causes some marital strife for the writers (said writers are in fact marred to one another).  We expect to laugh at it all and love LeBlanc once more.


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