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Do no Harm

Steven Pasquale on 'Do no Harm'

Do no Harm

Sep 07, 2013 10:00 PM

TV Network - NBC

Entitled "This is how it Ends," this is in fact how "it" ends.  And by "it" we mean the show "Do no Harm," although the people who make the show may be telling us that the whole Jekyll and Hyde thing within the series itself is going to end tonight as well. We have to say, we like the idea that maybe, just maybe, the show is going to wrap up the storyline tonight and give us something of a real conclusion, we always like getting an actual conclusion.

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    Do no Harm

    Jun 29, 2013

    TV Network - NBC

    Do you remember this series?  NBC aired it twice at the end of January/beginning of February before pulling from their once stranglehold territory of 10pm on Thursday nights.  The show focuses on a Jekyll and Hyde type tale of a doctor who has an alternate personality who is, for lack of a better term, sociopathic.  He is one bad dude even if he has a lot of fun with his badness.  NBC, one would guess, is going to air all of the episodes they have in the can which means that after tonight there are another eight just waiting in the wings for the next two months of Saturday nights.

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    Do No Harm

    Feb 07, 2013

    Furious over Ian's out of control spending, Jason cuts off his cash; Jason's questionable conduct causes a falling out between him and Lena, prompting Ian to make a dangerous after-hours visit to Lena; Dr. Jordan demands answers from Dr. Marcado.