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    Devious Maids

    Apr 20, 2014

    TV Network - Lifetime

    We don't have a maid.  We're the maid in our house, and it is quite the Cinderella affair.  The lives of the maids here, however, is somewhat different.  Honestly, we're not terribly devious, but the maids on this show, well, they don't call the series "Devious Maids" for no reason.  The series is produced by, amongst others, Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry who, of course, previously collaborated on "Desperate Housewives."  We wonder if at some point down the line, they'll opt to do a "Dangerous Husbands" or "Deplorable Poolboys" or something like that.  Those would both keep with the D adjective and soapy notion of the other two.