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Detroit 1-8-7

<p>Michael Imperioli in 'Detroit 1-8-7.'</p>

Detroit 1-8-7

Mar 20, 2011 10:00 PM

TV Network - ABC

We were all ready to write a whole paragraph about how after tonight "Detroit 1-8-7" may find itself 1-8-7ed before we ever get a new episode.  Truth be told, we wrote much of the paragraph before we decided to 1-8-7 the entire 1-8-7 thing.  It's not that we didn't think that the paragraph was well written, we just thought that it wasn't in the best of taste.  The notion of 1-8-7ing a show about 1-8-7s may have a rhyme and reason to it, but rhymes aren't always in good taste either (like that limerick we heard the other night).  So, let us leave you with the fact that this is the season finale.