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Dark Matters: Twisted but True

John Noble hosts 'Dark Matters: Twisted but True'

Dark Matters: Twisted but True

Dec 26, 2012 09:00 PM

TV Network - Science Channel

This isn't really the end of the story.  The season of "Dark Matters" may end tonight, but this is a reality show and these things don't stop.  There are still dark matters out there.  There are still twisted but true tales we should all know about, like what's really going on with human transplants or the growth of super-spiders designed to spy on us and kill us in our sleep if we start to snore.  These things exist (probably not that last one).  These things are real (seriously, not that last one).  These are things we need John Noble to tell us about (if that last one is really we definitely need to know about it).