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Couples Therapy

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    Couples Therapy

    Aug 21, 2013

    TV Network - VH1

    The fun thing about "Couples Therapy" is the fact that it's all about famous people who have relationship issues (okay semi-famous, but still).  By watching the show not only do you get to see that famous people (yes, semi-famous, let it go) have issues too, a fact which will unquestionably make you feel better, but you also get a few hints into just how to fix your own relationship.  That is a win-win if we have ever heard of one.  The only real question that remains is just how inflamed things will get on the finale.

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    Couples Therapy

    Nov 08, 2012

    The entire group breathes a sigh of relief after Doug and Courtney leave the treatment facility for good, but Dr. Jenn hopes they'll come to their senses and return to finish the program; the group enjoys a more peaceful session without the drama.