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Cold Justice

Kelly Siegler and Yolanda McClary of 'Cold Justice'

What you have here is a reality show where a former prosecutor and a former crime scene investigator team up to solve actual cold cases.  Every week they go from place-to-place, solving crimes, doing good, and putting the bad guys on notice.  Kelly Siegler is the prosecutor, Yolanda McClary is the crime scene investigator, and the bad guys are hidden (maybe in plain sight, maybe not).  Watching these crime solvers/prosecutors do their thing could, potentially, be quite interesting.  Will they be able to solve the cold cases?  Will their solutions lead to the prosecuting of suspects?


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  • Kelly-siegler-and-yolanda-mcclary-of-cold-justice_article_story_main
  • Kelly-siegler-and-yolanda-mcclary-of-cold-justice_article_story_main

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