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Chupacabra vs The Alamo

A moment from 'Chupacabra vs. The Alamo'

We assume that the title of this movie is something of a misnomer.  Let's face it if Chupacabra is actually fighting the Alamo tonight, it's going to be something of a dull movie.  We imagine that that would feature Chupacabra repeatedly attacking an inanimate building, and while destructive environments are fun in videogames, they don't necessarily make for great TV.  Now, sure, if it was Chupacabra fighting a zombie Alamo that could fight back, that would be different, but we don't think it's that sort of mash-up.  Instead, we imagine that Chupacabra fights people within the Alamo.  That makes a lot more sense and is probably better than a fight vs. an inanimate object (but someone should definitely get working on a zombie Alamo project).


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