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Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp

<p>Shar Jackson, Bobby Brown, Nicole Eggert and Jay McCarroll on 'Celebrity Fit Club:&nbsp;&nbsp;Boot Camp.'</p>

Just when you thought Kevin Federline was gone forever, he and Shar Jackson are back together... at least they are for the new season of "Celebrity Fit Club:  Boot Camp." They, along with Nicole Eggert, Bobby Brown, Sebastian Bach, Kaycee Stroh, Jay McCarroll, and Tanisha Thomas will be trying to get in shape.  One has to wonder whether K-Fed will be able to resuscitate his backup dancing career should he make it through the "Fit Club."  Well, maybe one doesn't have to wonder, but we certainly do.  We are also rather curious to see how this odd assortment of folks try to relate to one another.


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