Must Watch

Billy the Exterminator

<p>Billy Bretherton of 'Billy the Exterminator.'</p>

We think of exterminators as going after small things -- cockroaches, termites, spiders, and rodents.  Billy though is of a different sort.  It's not that he doesn't deal with the smaller types of pests, but rather that he also goes after things like 10 foot gators and giant pythons.  Can you possibly imagine that?  You couldn't pay us enough to try to exterminate a whole bunch of gators.  Maybe it's that we've seen "Live and Let Die" too many times (or were those crocs?) or maybe we're just too smart to get involved with man-eating beasties.  We do love watching Billy do these things though, it provides us (and you if you watch) with a vicarious thrill.


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