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Bill Cosby - "Far From Finished" Soundtracks & Shows

Bill Cosby is Far From Finished. In his first comedy special in thirty years, he leaves the audience asking once again, "How did he get inside our house?" Whether he's talking about friendship, first love, marriage or raising children, the result is people laughing so hard their faces hurt, their sides are splitting and they can't breathe. This extended concert event is a must see for your whole family.


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Released - Monday, November 25 , 2013

Disc 1
1. The Girrrlfriend
2. The Wife
3. The Room My Wife Gave Me
4. She's Not Your Friend
5. My Code Name
6. GPS

Disc 2
1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
2. You're Not Rich
3. I Didn't Ask To Be Born
4. Bernadette (Bonus Track)
5. Otis (Bonus Track)