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<p>Jason Isaacs on 'Awake.'</p>

So, there's this family that has a car accident.  The husband (a police detective in order to make things fun) wakes up and is told that his wife has died in the accident but that his son has lived.  Then he wakes up again and is told that his wife is alive but that his son died.  He then keeps flipping back and forth between these two different realities.  It is kind of like the end of "Chinatown," but two different people instead of two different titles.  Which is real?  Which is a dream?  How exactly does he use these two different realities in order to become a superhero of detectives?  We may start to get some answers tonight.


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HitFix Reviews and Ratings

  • B+
    HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Awake," the new NBC drama in which Jason Isaacs plays a cop who survives a car crash and begins shifting between two worlds: one where his son died in the crash, and one where his wife did.