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All My Children

<p>Walt Willey and Susan Lucci on 'All my Children.'</p>

All my Children

Sep 23, 2011 01:00 PM

TV Network - ABC

We have all been able to spend decades in Pine Valley, learning about the residents, learning about their evil twins, and learning about their evil twins' identical second cousins (thrice removed).  Well, as much fun as it has been seeing the the folks in Pine Valley have affairs, cover up murders, and engage in corporate espionage the way only soaps can have people engage in corporate espionage, "All my Children" is ending its run today.  The television landscape, it is a-changing, and the end of "All my Children" on ABC will hurt many fans even if the show will keep running in alternate fashion.

Please be sure to check your local listings for the time of the finale in your area.