Must Watch


<p>Jonny Coyne, Jason Butler Harner, Jorge Garcia, Sarah Jones, Sam Neill, Santiago Cabrera, Parminder Nagra and Robert Forster star in 'Alcatraz.'</p>

There was another J.J. Abrams series which premiered earlier this season on another network, but it didn't open with the sort of J.J. Abrams twisty story with ridiculous amounts of history and ever-changing purpose that we have come to know and love as J.J. Abrams' work.  Well, "Alcatraz" is here to set that straight, plus, it stars (amongst other people) Jorge Garcia.  You may better know Jorge Garcia as Hurley from "Lost," which is another J.J. Abrams connection right there.  The show is about the vanishing (and reappearing 50 years later) of some of Alcatraz prison's most bad baddies and maybe it'll even help us figure out all about the Dharma Initiative.


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