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Adam Richman's Fandemonium

Adam Richman getting his meat and mead on at a renassiance faire on 'Fandemonium'

Adam Richman is that guy from the Travel Channel who eats things, lots of things.  He is the 'man' of "Man vs. Food," and this new series not only involves the man, it also involves the food.  Richman is going all over the country to find fans at various events (like Daytona and the Kentucky Derby) to see what they do... and eat.  We imagine that a lot of the show is going to focus on what they eat, everything from you-can't-call-it-a-Derby-Pie-because-that-term-is-trademarked pie to whatever they eat outside of Nascar races to mint juleps and beer.  You figure that a heart attack has to be on the horizon, right?


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