'Grease Live!' photos: Reprise is the word

Grease Live

Though we have to wait until January 31 to see Julianne Hough don Sandy's skintight black togs, the first preview photos of Fox's "Grease Live!", a live retelling of that classic story at Rydell High, are now available. It seems clear this version is inspired by the '78 movie version since Hough, playing the part of Sandy Olsson, is styled exactly like Olivia Newton-John. Aaron Tveit as Danny Zuko looks more like Kenickie from the movie (Jeff Conaway), but his attitude is Travoltian. 

And if Vanessa Hudgens isn't entering Stockard Channing lookalike contests in the near future, she's missing out. 

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Exclusive: 'Minority Report' clip asks if you'd legalize in utero gene manipulation

How much science is too much science?
'Minority Report' - orange jacket
Credit: FOX

As HitFix Harpy has covered before, “Minority Report” takes the future very seriously. From accurately reflecting racial demographics based on scientific predictions to extrapolating the future of technology with the help of MIT, the show is trying to ground themselves in the science side of science-fiction.

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Before 'The Avengers', before 'S.H.I.E.L.D.', there was 'Miss Carter'

Agent Carter gets to fire massive weapons and take down some bad guys in this extended trailer for 'Agent Carter' season 2
Agent Carter Gun
Credit: Marvel/ABC

While the premiere of "Agent Carter" is still a few months away, ABC has already released a second trailer for season two.

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'The Expanse' is the sci-fi show you're looking for

It's the Syfy show I've been hoping for since BSG.
'The Expanse' is the sci-fi show you're looking for
Credit: Syfy

I'm going to start off by saying I not only liked “The Expanse”, I loved it. Loved. It. So much so that I watched all four screener episodes I was sent one after the other with the passion I normally reserve for Red Vines at the movie theater (don't get mad at me, Twizzlers fans. You know RV are usually the only movie option.) So, yeah, I wanted that out of the way so I could skip past any idea of a critical review (there are people who do those so much better than I do) and go right for the fangirling.

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'Legends of Tomorrow' gets official release date, extended new trailer

Time travel, period clothes, superheroes, immortal villains all take center stage in this new trailer
Legends of Tomorrow
Credit: CW

The previously announced "Flash"/"Arrow" spin off show, "Legends of Tomorrow" finally has a release date and a new, extended series trailer.

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Did AMC just ruin The Walking Dead with that fake-out?

Did AMC just ruin The Walking Dead with that fake-out?
Credit: AMC

Did AMC really need to do that?

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Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are one of the best couples seen on TV

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are one of the best couples seen on TV
Credit: Marvel Studios/Netflix

Talk about baggage...

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How Does Walking Dead's Big Night Stack Up? Watch TV's Greatest Cliffhangers?

How Does Walking Dead's Big Night Stack Up?  Watch TV's Greatest Cliffhangers?

"Walking Dead' fans spent a month waiting to hear what became of Glenn's fate, and now they have their answer.

Throughout TV history, cliffhangers have brought on some of our greatest collective moments of tension, anxiety and excitement, and sparked some of our greatest collective outrage when they failed to deliver the promised big bang.

So how will last night's show be remembered?  History will tell but take a look at our 2 Minute History of TV Cliffhangers to see some of the greats.

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Glenn's fate on 'The Walking Dead' might not be so cut and dry after all

We're not out of the woods yet.
Glenn Rhee
Credit: AMC

Is Glenn’s fate on ‘The Walking Dead’ the football to the audience’s Charlie Brown?

After three weeks of dangling his fate like a carrot on a string, “The Walking Dead” finally revealed what happened to Glenn after Nicholas knocked them both into a herd of walkers as his final — inept — act. If you’ve yet to see the episode, flee now.

If you don’t want to know about possible spoilers from “The Walking Dead” comic and what that could mean for the back half of the season in 2016, flee now.

If you want to live in a hopeful world where everything is gonna be okay at the end of the day, flee now.

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FX renews 'Fargo.' Who should season 3 be about?



Credit: FX

"Fargo" will be back for a third season, you betcha!

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