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NYC Prep

<p>PC of 'NYC Prep'</p>

Bravo, already growing fat off of chronicling the lives of affluent housewives from Orange County to New York City to Atlanta, is ready to turn its attentions to the children of Manhattan's wealthy elite.

In "NYC Prep," the show's cameras follow Camille, Jessica, Kelli, PC, Sebastian and Taylor, as they do their best to outdo Blair, Serena and Chuck Bass, with expensive vacations, expensive parties, expensive shopping trips and other fruits of their parents' (and/or grandparents') labors.

Bravo says their lives aren't all sunshine and lollypops, but we're prepared to trade places. Bravo hopes viewers will be as well.

After the 11 p.m. premiere, "NYC Prep" will shift to 10 p.m. starting on June 23.


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