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137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

A dog last year at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Tonight, the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show begins.  Tonight, we can all learn about schnauzers and pugs and dalmatians and golden retrievers.  Wait, can dalmatians be show dogs?  We know that they're fire dogs, but are they show dogs?  We just may learn that tonight.  But, tonight is not about our learning, it's about dogs who have struggled for years to be the best in their breed.  It is about the owners who have pushed them.  It has all come down to this moment and we're going to see what the dogs (And owners) have to offer.


  • A-dog-last-year-at-the-westminster-kennel-club-dog-show_article_story_main
  • A-dog-last-year-at-the-westminster-kennel-club-dog-show_article_story_main

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