Why didn't E! break the news that Kim Kardashian gave birth?
E! didn't break into programming until an hour after several outlets reported the news.

Jeff Garlin won't face charges in vandalism incident
The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star can still be hit with damages from the woman whose Mercedes window he broke with his bare hand.

"House of Cards" serving BBQ to get Emmy votes
Academy members can get free food from the Rollin’ Rib BBQ food truck, displaying a giant picture of Frank Underwood.

"True Blood" returns down from last year

About 4.5 million watched, down 13% from last year.

Neil Patrick Harris will return to Broadway after "HIMYM"

He has signed on to play Hedwig in "Hedwig and The Angry Inch" next spring.

Norman Weiss has been doing TV Tattle since the week "Freaks and Geeks" was canceled. He is a Hollywood outsider who was born and raised in Hollywood. "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars" are broadcast 2 blocks from his high school.