"The Sound of Music Live" wasn't a travesty, but Carrie Underwood can't act
The "Idol" alum sure could sing. But, says Hank Stuever, "When Underwood spoke her lines, she was as flat as the label on a Swiss Miss package of cocoa." Even Stephen Moyer struggled in this unusual format. PLUS: NBC's gamble paid off, give NBC credit for tackling the challenge, and "Vampire Von Trapp" alternated between German and English accents while Underwood spoke in a Southern accent.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler attempt to sing in their first Golden Globes promo
Here's a preview of their "opening song."

DiGiorno tried to sell pizzas by live-tweeting "The Sound of Music Live"
"DOUGH a crust an unbaked crust RAY, a guy that likes pizza ME a pizza liked by a guy named ray FAH no idea what fah is SO so LA a city T tee."

Regina King joins "The Strain"

She'll play the manager of a rock star on the FX Guillermo Del Toro series.

Watch Paul Rudd's "SNL" promos with One Direction
Or as Rudd says, "The band I used to be in but was unceremoniously asked to leave."

You can now buy a "Breaking Bad" snow globe

With blue crystals that land on an RV when you shake it.

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