"The Simpsons" hasn't told the actor that his/her character is going to die

"They don’t know yet," says exec producer Al Jean, who reveals that the death will happen in the Season 26 premiere. "We'll be putting out a lot of false leads in the coming months to try to trick people into watching the premiere."

Jimmy Fallon will devote 1 week to Pearl Jam
The week of Oct. 21 will have a different musical guest each night performing a Pearl Jam song, kicking off with Chris Cornell singing "Footsteps" with the Avett Brothers.

Ellen to produce an NBC comedy pilot starring Sophia Grace & Rosie
Will the cousins, age 10 and 7, become the next Olson Twins?

Bruce Willis gets awkward with Katy Perry in "SNL" promo
Says Katy Perry: "My hosting tip, No. 1, is show some skin."

CBS will let "Hawaii Five-0" fans design an episode
Viewers can vote online over the next three weeks on six key story points, including The Suspect and The Evidence.

Is the Kris & Bruce Jenner split a publicity stunt?
So far, the separation seems to be well orchestrated, publicity-wise.

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