Syfy announces “Sharknado Week”
Inspired by Discovery’s Shark Week, Syfy will celebrate the "greatest moments in shark film history” in the run-up to the airing of “Sharknado 2.” Sharknado Week kicks off July 26.

“Mad Men’s” Robert Morse: “It was an absolute love letter” and “Facebook has been going crazy"
Morse said he worked with a choreographer for four to five days in secrecry for Sunday’s midseason finale. "Nobody knew beforehand,” says Morse. We sang the song three or four times with a 30-piece orchestra, Matt was there. I rehearsed with the dancers and a few days later, Matt came in to see what we had done and said, 'It’s going to work.’”PLUS: Matthew Weiner got the song while listening to "old-time radio."

Watch the trailer for Lifetime’s “Deliverance Creek” from Nicholas Sparks
“The Notebook” author’s backdoor pilot, airing Sept. 13, follows a widowed mother who tries to protect her family and land during the Civil War.

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