Seth Meyers unveils his 1st "Late Night" promo
"Basically, I'm moving 30 feet," says Meyers.

"Celebrity Big Brother" scolds Evander Holyfield for comparing gays to disabled people

The former heavyweight champion was given an official warning for his "homophobic comments."

Charlie Sheen calls Ashton Kutcher "lame"

Sheen wrote a "hey Jon!!!" tweet to Jon Cryer, and asked: "who's your lame side-kik?"

"Girls" joins Snapchat to send fans silly photos
"This season, we're living snappily whatever after," says the "Girls" Twitter account.

"The Good Wife" cast makes a "Tricky Trick" music video
Watch the cast dance in a video based on Sunday's episode.

NYPD's new commissioner tells Tom Selleck he's making a "Blue Bloods" uniform mistake
In real life, the NYPD commissioner doesn't wear a police uniform.

"Today" begins an "all-out counteroffensive"
The new media blitz, launching Monday with the tag line "Rise to Shine," is aimed at bringing "Today" back to the top of the morning show ratings.

"Game of Thrones": Check out the new Mountain
Hafthor Julius Bjornsson posted a pic of himself in costume. PLUS: "Thrones" casts a Braavosi captain.

Henry Rollins weighs in on the "Duck Dynasty" controversy
The punk rocker turned History channel star proposes that "Duck" become a gay porn series.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" star Daniela Rush welcomes a son
She gave birth to baby River Isaac on Sunday.

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