Scott Foley reteams with Shonda Rhimes on an ABC marriage comedy
Foley will join Rhimes, Betsy Beers and former “Alias” star Greg Grunberg in writing and producing “To Max & Paige,” a sitcom taking place over the course of an entire rehearsal dinner. The project marks Rhimes' first foray into sitcoms.

CBS renews “Under the Dome” and “Extant,” cancels “Reckless”
Of the three summer series, “Under the Dome” averaged 11 million viewers in its 2nd season, “Extant” drew 5.4 and freshman drama “Reckless” had about 4 million.

"Survivor's" John Rocker: I had 2 choices -- either look like a wimp or look like an as*hole
Rocker says he what the cameras didn’t show was him being trash-talked by Nathalie: "So now I've got a choice: Either sit there and look like a big wimp for getting dog-cussed by a woman and just taking it, or fire back and look like an assh--e. So, I chose to look like an assh—e."

CNN calls Piers Morgan "sad" for constantly sniping at Anderson Cooper
CNN points out that Cooper had bigger ratings leading in and leading out of Piers Morgan’s primetime show.

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