Paula Deen and ex-employee reach settlement to dismiss discrimination lawsuit

The lawsuit from former employee Lisa Jackson caused the former Food Network star's downfall.

Scott Bakula returning to HBO
After his Emmy-nominated performance in "Behind The Candelabra," Bakula has booked a recurring role on San Francisco gay-themed drama "Looking."

"SNL" expected to add a 5th cast member
"SNL" writer Mike O'Brien of "7 Minutes in Heaven" fame will reportedly become a featured player.

Tori Spelling to star in an ABC Family sitcom pilot

"Mystery Girls" from producer Ashley Tisdale follows a former TV drama crime fighter who begins crimefighting with her on-screen partner in real life.

'N Sync is poised to perform a greatest hits medley at VMAs

They'll sing such classics as "Bye Bye Bye" before Justin Timberlake performs his new song solo. PLUS: Joey Fatone's dad confirms reunion.

Watch the "Scandal" Season 2 blooper reel

From the Season 2 DVD, out Sept. 2.

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