Neil Patrick Harris won't open the Emmys with a big opening number
Harris wants this year's ceremony to be "classy and smart," but there won't be an opening number. "The last thing I want is to compete with the Tony Awards, which I had such a blast doing — so no, I'll be doing something different for sure," he says. "But I think that’s what’s fun, trying to come up with new ideas."

Eminem teams with ABC's "Saturday Night Football"
Eminem's "Berzerk" will be the featured song of the season, plus the two are collaborating on a college football-themed music video for the weekly broadcast.

"Burn Notice" creator wants to do a spinoff
"I would love to do it," says Matt Nix, who's working on a medical drama pilot for USA. "The door has been left open intentionally, but nobody's asked me to write a script. If the opportunity ever arose to do something like that I’d be thrilled."

History channel's H2 channel to show 9/11's "Relics From The Wreckage"
The special will highlight five relics that will be featured in the 9/11 museum.

"The Following" books "True Blood's" Carrie Preston
She'll guest as James Purefoy's groupie.

Piper Perabo gets engaged

The "Covert Affairs" star is set to wed director-producer Stephen Kay.

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