NBC defends editing out anti-discrimination statement from its Sochi Opening Ceremony broadcast
NBC removed a big chunk of IOC president Thomas Bach's message on tolerance from last night's broadcast, but The Peacock insists "his message got across very clearly."

NBC also cut Sochi's giant giant bear mascot, Olympic torch in space and Russian cops singing "Get Lucky"
The Peacock chose to dump out several of the Opening Ceremonies features that were popular on social media all day. PLUS: The Olympic oaths were also removed from the NBC broadcast.

NBC Sochi Opening Ceremony coverage down 8% from Vancouver
The 2010 Winter Olympics was, of course, shown live through most of the United States.

NBC seemed to cut back on the annoying Opening Ceremony narration
Was there actually less Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira? Or was this Opening ceremony elevated by New Yorker editor and Russia expert David Remnick? PLUS: The Opening ceremony was "majestic, grandiose and quite humorless."

Jimmy Fallon says goodbye to "Late Night" with The Muppets
They performed "The Weight" together, before Fallon walked down the hall to his new "Tonight Show" studios. PLUS: Fallon has his best ratings since his debut week, celebs offer "Tonight Show" advice, and Fallon reflects on his 12:37 years.

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