Ken Jeong to star in MTV pilot “Ken Jeong Made Me Do It”
In addition to sticking with “Community,” Jeong will play himself in a comedy in which he mentors a 22-year-old guy on how to man up.

Adam Richman apologizes on “Today” for his Instagram rant
Richman has had to talk to the media to promote his new NBC show “Food Fighters. "Simply put, I got into a silly social media argument, and I lashed out in just a really inappropriate, really crude way, and...I'm incredibly sorry about my actions,” he told Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Syfy’s “Killjoys” cast is revealed
The interplanetary bounty hunters series will star "Warehouse 13’s” Aaron Ashmore, "Brothers & Sisters” alum Luke Macfarlane and British actress Hannah John-Kamen.

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