Justin Timberlake unleashes his Jimmy Fallon impression on "SNL," cracking up Fallon

Watch Fallon lose it in a "Family Feud" sketch. PLUS: Madonna and the real Barry Gibb came on "The Barry Gibb Talk Show," Paul McCartney sang a duet with Fallon, the women of "SNL" sing "(Do it On My) Twin Bed," and go backstage with Fallon.

Drake will be "SNL's" 1st host and musical guest of 2014
The rapper will pull double-duty on Jan. 18.

Charlie Sheen slams "Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson in Twitter rant
"hey Mallard brained ... Phil Robertso! ...you have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine..." PLUS: Cracker Barrel pulls some "offensive" "Duck" products, and the Hunt Channel wants to take "Duck Dynasty" from A&E.

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