History channel's “Sons of Liberty” casts Dean Norris as Benjamin Franklin, “E.T.’s” Henry Thomas as John Adams
Michael Raymond-James will play Paul Revere and Ryan Eggold will also have a role on History channel’s Revolutionary War miniseries.

NFL opts for “Super Bowl 50" over "Super Bowl L"
For one year only, the NFL is ditching its tradition of using Roman numerals in naming its Super Bowls. The San Francisco host committee objected to the name "Super Bowl L." Super Bowl 50 airs on Feb. 7, 2016 at the San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium in the Silicon Valley.

Can Arsenio make another comeback?
Arsenio Hall’s manager claims that there’s been interest in him relaunching his talk show, but no cable network would admit being interested.

Netflix gives “Orange is the New Black” an “Arrested Development” opening
Watch the two shows mashed up.

“Top Chef Duels” will get visits by Pink, Shailene Woodley, Rob Zombie
The stars of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Grey’s Anatomy” will also make cameos on Bravo’s new “Top Chef” spinoff, which premieres Aug. 6.

“The Night Shift” keeps 94% of its debut audience
The hospital drama last week had NBC’s best summer debut in five years.

“Law & Order: UK” benched
The ITV series is being rested, but it’s unclear if it’ll come back after eight seasons.

Comedy Central adapting web series “BriTANick”
The web series stars Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney as "fictional best friends."

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