George R.R. Martin defends “Game of Thrones’” controversial scene, which was altered from the book
The book, Martin points out, is from Jaime’s point of view. He also notes that the TV series is operating on a different timeline, adding that "the scene was always intended to be disturbing.” PLUS: The director of last night’s episode never read the scene in the book.

John Turturro will take over James Gandolfini’s role on HBO’s “Criminal Justice”
Turturro will take over for Robert De Niro, who took on the role following Gandolfini’s death last year. Gandolfini starred in the pilot of the legal miniseries, playing a defense attorney.

Shonda Rhimes to deliver Dartmouth’s commencement speech
Like Mindy Kaling, the “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” honcho is a graduate of the Ivy League school.

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