“Game of Thrones’” visual-effects supervisor: "It was always intended to be a pretty nasty squish"
Joe Bauer, the visual-effects supervisor, and prosthetics supervisor Barrie Gower recall Sunday’s episode. "It's horrible,” says Bauer, "it's the worst thing—and you have to go through, like, 50 grotesque shots that aren't the right thing before you get to the one that is. You never do that research close to bedtime!”

“The Returned” adds Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Agnes Brucker and Sadrine Holt
They’ll co-star with Kevin Alejandro, Jeremy Sisto and Mark Pelligrino in Carlton Cuse’s adaptation of the French zombie series.

See “Breaking Bad’s” Dean Norris when he had long blonde hair
Here are a bunch of photos from the “Under the Dome” star in high school, rocking a bad perm. PLUS: Norris talks about playing Benjamin Franklin.

Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t want to lose to “Duck Dynasty” on the Critics’ Choice Awards
“I don’t know what that would mean — that ‘Cosmos’ lost to the Duck people,” he tells Jimmy Fallon.

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