Emmy Awards is trying to figure out a special Cory Monteith tribute
The award show's producer says he feels pressure to find a way to honor the late "Glee" star. Monteith will likely get a tribute separate from the "In Memoriam" segment.

Jeffrey Tambor to visit "Raising Hope"

He'll enter the lives of the Chance family.

"Sharknado" merchandise going on sale

They include costumes, bags and games.

Nigella Lawson granted a quickie divorce
The TV chef's divorce was granted today after a 70-second hearing.

"MasterChef" star arrested after trying to beat up a Chicago cop

It took five police officers to take down former finalist Josh Marks.

France's "Survivor" will return following a contestant's death
"Koh-Lanta" will air an all-star edition next year.

"Community" releases a Greendale recruitment video
Starring Dean Pelton.

ABC taps "Flight" star Kelly Reilly for "The Black Box"

The British actress will play a mentally ill world-renowned neuroscientist in the ABC limited series.

Amanda Seyfried brings her dog on Letterman to do a Stupid Pet Trick
Watch Seyfried perform a trick her cute dog, Finn.

"Parks and Rec" wraps in London: See more pics
It's tourist Ron Swanson.

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