Ellen used a Samsung smartphone for her Twitter-breaking celebrity selfie, while using an iPhone backstage
Turns out Samsung is an official sponsor for the Oscars.

Jimmy Kimmel spoofs viral videos by turning them into celeb-studded trailers
Check out Ameowdeus, starring Kevin Spacey. PLUS: What was up with Kimmel’s “America-hating” skit on the Oscar pre-show?, and Spacey plays a 1985 Johnny Carson with special guest a teenage Kimmel, and Mayor Rob Ford shows up early to tonight's "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

“12 Years a Slave’s” Oscar-winning screenwriter credits “Fresh Prince”
Will Smith gave John Ridley his first job, in a career that later included serving as co-executive producer of “The Wanda Sykes Show” and a producer on “Third Watch."

“SNL’s” Taran Killam proud to be part of this year’s Oscar Best Picture
“I’m in the best movie of the year!!!” says Killam, whose "12 Years a Slave" character helps kidnap Chiwetel Ejiofor at the beginning of the movie.

Oscars played “Let it Go” from “Frozen” too late for kids to stay up
Even Shonda Rhimes was upset it took so long, tweeting: "My 2 yr old is in bed. Tomorrow, when she finds out Idina sang without her, it's gonna get ugly up in here."

E! presenter asks Mindy Kaling what “color” guy she likes
“Girl, kiss some black men on the show,” Kaling was told on the Oscar red carpet.

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