"Breaking Bad's" Anna Gunn and Jacki Weaver join Fox's "Broadchurch" remake
Gunn will take on the Olivia Colman role of Detective Ellie Miller while Weaver will play a "mysterious" new woman in town on "Gracepoint."

"Flash" pilot won't be part of "Arrow"
Although Grant Gustin will appear on "Arrow," he'll shoot a standalone pilot for the "Flash" character, rather than a backdoor pilot.

It's the "Gay Bachelor" starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and George Takei
In this Funny or Die spoof, Takei hosts and the "Modern Family" star is "The Bachelor."

"Sesame Street" does "The Hunger Games"

Watch "The Hungry Games."

The Beatles first appeared on American TV 50 years ago today
Three months before going on Ed Sullivan, The Beatles were profiled on NBC's "The Huntley Brinkley Report."

Check out Christina Ricci as Lizzie Borden

Here's Lifetime's poster for the film based on the infamous 1890s murderer.

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