Black female comedian calls secret "SNL" audition a PR stunt -- Lorne Michaels wasn't there

Comedian Tiffany Haddish says the talent search at The Groundlings in L.A. earlier this month felt like a dog and pony show. PLUS: Here are some of the finalists auditioning for the "SNL" job.

"Scandal's" midseason finale "really shocked" Kerry Washington
After last night's episode, Washington says, "I look at her (Olivia's) upbringing and the relationship with her parents and think we're lucky she's not a drug addict in prison somewhere!" PLUS: "Scandal" producer wanted to give some satisfaction to viewers, and Scott Foley is hated by "Scandal" fans.

Rob Huebel to star in IFC's "American Storage"

The "Children's Hospital" star will play an eccentric man who lives in a storage unit.

Jesse Williams reacts to "Grey's Anatomy" wedding
Will there be a time jump after last night's cliffhanger?

"Khloé & Lamar" marriage is almost over

The E! reality stars are beginning the divorce process, starting today, according to TMZ.

Netflix teases Season 2 of "House of Cards"
Check out the two-minute "teaser trailer."

Jimmy Kimmel hooks up with Tostitos

Kimmel will star in Tostitos-themed comedy bits and produce three sketches for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl as part of the "Worst Contest Ever" contest.

Letterman covers Julia Roberts in roses

"You look like the FTD float in the Rose Parade," says Dave.

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