Arsenio Hall slams Brian Williams for not counting him as a late-night competitor vs. Jimmy Fallon
Arsenio asked his viewers to complain to NBC after "NBC Nightly News" showed nine late-night hosts -- everybody from Conan O'Brien to Chelsea Handler to Andy Cohen -- but no Arsenio.

Terrence Howard joins Fox's hip-hop drama from Lee Daniels
Howard will play the head of a record label named Lucious Lyon.

"True Detective" could boost Matthew McConaughey's Oscar chances

The HBO series is a reminder to Academy voters how far McConaughey has come as an actor. It'll also be the first time in a while that somebody starring on a TV starring gets an Oscar.

ESPN to air a special on "The N-Word"
The "Outside the Lines" special on Sunday will feature Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, rapper Common, Mean Joe Green and various journalists, academics and athletes.

Fox expanding its airing of ads during "American Idol"
The "double box" featured was shown twice on last night's show.

NBC's "Nancy & Tonya" documentary will air before the Olympics closing ceremonies
NBC has scheduled the documentary for Sunday at 7 pm.

"Dallas" launching a J.R. Ewing bourbon brand

Warner Bros. TV is teaming with Southfork Bottling Company for J.R. Ewing Bourbon, which hits shelves next month.

Craig Ferguson books a Scottish band for all of next week

Glasgow's Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire will perform every day next week after impressing Ferguson on Monday's "Late Late Show."

Mel Brooks remembers Sid Caesar on a special "Conan" episode

As Brooks points out, Caesar was a master of talking in German as gibberish.

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