Chris Harrison: Removing last night’s 'Bachelorette' rose ceremony was a 'game-time decision'

Chris Harrison: Removing last night’s “Bachelorette” rose ceremony was a “game-time decision”
"There was a long debate back and forth on if we would remove the rose ceremony,” Harrison writes on his “Bachelorette” blog, "and if we did replace it with an interview, what would that interview look and feel like? The night Andi and I got together to shoot that interview, we both sat there and looked at each other in silence and thought the same thing. So we just did what the two of us always do: We just started talking."

John Oliver may have helped crash the FCC’s comments system
The FCC’s comment system was down yesterday after Oliver used his “Last Week Tonight” platform to call on viewers to lodge a protest with the FCC over net neutrality.

An 8th “Game of Thrones” book!?
George R.R. Martin's editor hints that Martin may do an eighth book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. PLUS: Maisie Williams talks about laughing.

Scripps National Spelling Bee employs comedy writers
That’s the explanation for last week’s Kelis “Milkshake” mistake.

ABC releases “Rising Star” trailer
The newest singing competition promises to “change the game."

Watch the trailer for Netflix's “BoJack Horseman” starring Will Arnett and Aaron Paul
The animated series about a hard-drinking humanoid stallion debuts on Aug. 22.

Donald Faison and Zach Braff revive “Guy Love” live
The former “Scrubs” stars performed their classic tune while promoting Braff’s new movie.

Jon Stewart bids farewell to the “Egyptian Jon Stewart”
Stewart acknowledged his friend Bassem Youssef and his canceled show in a segment titled, “A Farewell to Egyptian Satire.”

Stephen Colbert returns from vacation with a “Tony Stark goatee”
He just wanted to show solidarity will billionaires.

Foo Fighters tease their new HBO series
Dave Grohl says “Foo Fighters Sonic Highways” is a “musical map of America."

USA’s “Benched” books Molly Shannon, Chris Parnell and Yvette Nicole Brown
All three will guest on the Eliza Coupe courtroom comedy.

Chris Kattan’s “SNL” character Mango shows up at CFDA Fashion Awards
Check out his curled sideburns.

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'Jeopardy!’s' Julia Collins: 'Women are coming into their own on the show'

“Jeopardy!’s” Julia Collins: “Women are coming into their own on the show"
Collins talks to MSNBC about the end of her 20-game win streak, which places her 2nd to Ken Jennings in all-time wins.

“The Bachelorette” scraps airing the rose ceremony for Eric Hill’s exit
Instead, a taped interview was shown of a tearful Andi Dorfman discussing the late "Bachelorette" contestant with Chris Harrison. PLUS: Andi’s favorite word is “Stop!"

“Sleepy Hollow” announces its fall premiere date
The Fox series returns with Season 2 on Sept. 22.

“The Brady Bunch’s” Ann B. Davis inspired “Iron Man’s” Pepper Potts
Marvel artist Don Heck based Pepper Potts’ look and mannerisms on Davis’ character Charmaine "Schultzy" Schultz on "The Bob Cummings Show,” which ran from 1955-59. Davis won two Emmy for that role.

Constance Zimmer joins Lifetime’s “Un-Real”
The “Entourage” and “House of Cards” vet replaces Megyn Price on the behind-the-scenes of a reality show drama.

Watch Pedro Pascal talk about his “Game of Thrones" character
How would he celebrate Oberyn Martell?

Conan O’Brien reveals his awkward 1986 training video
Conan earned a few bucks making a video for the National Association of Music Merchants.

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How 'Game of Thrones' achieved that gruesome special effects shot

How “Game of Thrones” achieved that gruesome special effects shot
Alex Graves, who directed last night’s episode, says: "I storyboarded it for, 'This is when we're going to use Pedro, and this is when we're going to need some kind of a head that can implode.' I sent our makeup supervisor off and he built this head to use for the shots. Then the visual effects guys took it home by putting a little swelling in the head, and making the one eye look really bad. The last composition that we barely got before the sun went down was of the two of them lying dead – the effects team made that even more gruesome. They rearranged some of his brain matter.” PLUS: How long book fans had to wait compared to the TV show fans, and read Twitter's reaction.

Yvonne Strahovski: “Chuck” was cartoonish compared to “24”
Even though both shows required her to play CIA agents, Strahovski says, "“There was a lot of silliness” on “Chuck,” adding: "it’s baseline was comedy. It’s just sort of the complete opposite with something like this. With (‘24’) you have make things seem as real as possible.”

“Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead” and “Pretty Little Liars” were Twitter’s top 3 TV shows of last season
Twitter has released data about its first season tracking TV shows.

Why “Jeopardy!” should bring back the 5-win limit
Julia Collins’ winning streak has shown that a dominating player also makes for a banal game show. PLUS: Behind the scenes of a “Jeopardy!” audition, where personality is crucial.

“Fargo’s” deaf actor always wanted to play a villain
Russell Harvard, who plays Mr. Wrench, was so impressive, he was given an extra episode. "I'm just so happy,” he says, "that I was given the opportunity to play somebody that's not myself, that's not me — you know, the villain,”  if you will. ... I've always been motivated to play something like that."

“Silicon Valley” tries to mock the tech industry's sexism, ends up being sexist
Watching the HBO comedy, says Esther Breger, "it seems the greatest effect of Silicon Valley sexism and gender disparity is how hard it makes it for these guys to hook up with women. The jokes’ target is the pathetic, emasculated dudes, sex-starved nerds busy with dick-measuring contests—not the troubling system they’re a part of. Instead of skewering the tech world, the show merely reproduces its toxic mythologies."

“Key & Peele” to introduce Hillary Clinton’s anger translator
The new character will be like “trailer bait” next season.

Disney XD animates Jay Leno and his big chin
See how he looks on next week’s episode of “Phineas and Ferb.”

Amy Poehler’s memoir will address her divorce, plus how Jon Hamm soothed her during pregnancy
A very pregnant Poehler was working on a “Mad Men” sketch on “SNL” when she got word that her doctor had died. Hamm helped calm her down by cracking her up.

Chuck Lorre: “Mom” is my apology for “Two and a Half Men”
"To do a show about people trying to redeem their lives and to salvage and repair the damage they’ve done, for me, it’s an opportunity to apologize for ‘Two and a Half Men,’” Lorre said at the Television academy honors.

Check out Jax Teller’s “Sons of Anarchy” action figure
Here he is in an orange prison jumpsuit.

Jimmy Kimmel’s little sister has her own comedy show on Phoenix TV
"Jill Bryan's Scrumdillyumptious” airs once a month.

A&E’s “The Returned” adds Kevin Alejandro
The “True Blood” alum will play a small-town sheriff on the American adaptation of the French zombie series. PLUS: “Treme’s” India Ennenga also joining “The Returned."

Why it’s OK to have all white male late-night hosts
Keli Goff, who is black, compares late-night to country music. If it’s all right if country music isn’t diverse, then what’s wrong with a lack of late-night diversity?

Watch the trailer for FX’s “You’re the Worst,” an “anti-romantic comedy”
Debuting July 17, “You’re the Worst” features a couple who are literally the worst.

Mindy Kaling: It was “heartbreaking” when “SNL” offered me a writing job, but rejected me as a performer
Kaling auditioned for “Saturday Night Live” while working on “The Office.” But her boss Greg Daniels would only allow her to audition on the condition that she won a job as a performer.

Brooklyn has become the hip place to film TV shows
Not only does “Girls” film there. But Brooklyn has become a popular shooting location for “The Americans,” where it stands in for Washington, D.C., and “The Good Wife” and ABC’s “Black Box.”

Alton Brown going back on tour
The Food Network star is visiting more than 40 cities with the "Alton Brown Live! The Edible Inevitable Tour."

Bravo developing reality shows “#obsessed” and “Apres Ski”
Also on Bravo’s reality development slate: “High Stakes Style.”

A “Late Night” writer for Seth Meyers played young Louis CK on “Louie”
Conner O’Malley is on Seth Meyers’ 1st “Late Night writing staff, just like Louis CK was on Conan O’Brien’s 1st “Late Night” writing staff. PLUS: Can “Louie’s” love exist without sex?

“The Powerpuff Girls” theme gets slow-jammed
Watch an R&B performance of the cartoon’s theme song.

Michelle Forbes talks about her weird “Orphan Black” storyline
“It gets wonderfully weird,” she says.

John Oliver has the clearest explanation of net neutrality
“Net neutrality,” he says, "he only two words that promise more boredom in the English language are 'featuring Sting.’"

Bravo’s “Ladies of London” is “Real Housewives” without “The Real Housewives” name
Premiering tonight, “Ladies” stars several American ex-pats.

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'Halt and Catch Fire' watched by just 1.2 million after AMC put the pilot online

“Halt and Catch Fire” watched by just 1.2 million after AMC put the pilot online
It’s unclear what impact the two-week preview will have on the ‘80s-set computer drama, but its TV launch had 900,000 fewer viewers than the premiere of “Turn."

“Game of Thrones” matches its series high for post-holiday Mountain vs. Viper episode
Previous post-Memorial Day “Game of Thrones” episodes have seen a decline.

Oprah to reunite 3 “Love Boat” stars
"Oprah: Where Are They Now?” next week catches up with Ted Lange, Cynthia Lauren Tewes and Jill Whelan.

CW announces August return for “America’s Next Top Model"
Tyra Banks returns for Cycle 21 on Aug. 22.

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Andy Cohen shopping an 'I Slept With a Celebrity' reality show

Andy Cohen shopping an “I Slept With a Celebrity” reality show
The Bravo star has come up with reality concept where two people spill the beans in each episode about their sexual experiences with a celebrity.

HBO offering “Game of Thrones” fans a course in Dothraki
Linguist David J. Peterson, who helped create the Dothraki language, will begin offering the course on Oct. 7. Its title: "Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational Language Course Based on the Hit Original HBO Series Game of Thrones.”

WEtv drops “Women’s Entertainment” from its name
WEtv is rebranding itself to focus on the collective “WE,” not just women. The new campaign will incorporate “WE” into words like “aWEsome,” “poWErful” and “tWEet.”

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NBC announces fall premiere dates: 'Constantine' held till Oct. 24, 'State of Affairs' debuts Nov. 17

NBC announces fall premiere dates: “Constantine” held till Oct. 24, “State of Affairs” debuts Nov. 17
The Peacock will roll out shows in September, but a lot of shows will also premiere in October.

MSNBC apologizes for mixing up Ann B. Davis with the Alice from the 1995 “Brady Bunch” movie
“Our apologies,” said host Chris Jansing, after showing a picture of Henriette Mantel, who played Alice in the “Brady” movie.

Jason Ritter to guest on “Girls”
He’ll appear in the 6th episode of Season 4, but his character is being kept under wraps.

“Enlisted” fails to grab more viewers in its return to the Fox lineup
Despite a plea from its creator, the canceled Fox comedy had the same ratings Sunday as its last episode.

Study: Stephen Colbert can explain campaign financing better than journalists
“The Colbert Report” fans who watched Colbert set up his own  super Pac in 2012 were better informed about campaign financing than viewers of news channels, according to a study by the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

CNN will air a documentary on George H.W. Bush 3 days after his 90th birthday
“41ON41," airing June 15, will feature interviews with Fox News chief Roger Ailes, as well as Tom Brokaw, Dana Carvey and George W. Bush.

“Game of Thrones’” Oberyn and The Mountain get along in real life
Check them out in their bathing suits.

Louis CK warns “Louie” has a 90-minute episode on tap for next week
"Next week is one 90 minute episode,” he tweeted.

“The O.C.” moms reunite
Check out a pic of "Julie Cooper" and "Kirsten Cohen,” tweeted by Melinda Clarke.

HGTV and DIY order 10 new shows
They include “My Flipping Family,” “American Rehab,” “The Expandables" and "Mega Decks."

“Garfunkel and Oates” gets a premiere date
The IFC series starring musical comedy duo of Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome debuts Aug. 7.

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'Survivor' lost 2 contestants due to medical reasons just before filming began on Season 29

“Survivor” lost 2 contestants due to medical reasons just before filming began on Season 29
“We came out here with 20,” says Jeff Probst says of the next Nicaragua season. "We spend months casting our show — months. I mean, this is like….who you’re gonna ask to prom. All year you’re like, ‘Is it her or her?’ and ‘Will she say yes?’ And you finally get your 20 people, and then through no fault of their own — just a medical situation — they can’t play…. So instead of 20, it puts us at 18. Instead of equal men and women, it puts us uneven men and women.”

“Greg Brady” remembers “The Brady Bunch’s” Alice
"When she came on our set she was already a big star, having won a couple of Emmys,” says Barry Williams. "So I knew even as a young teenager she was someone I wanted to pay attention to.” PLUS: Alice got to be smart, self-effacing, flustered and straight-talking.

That final "Game of Thrones" scene could really happened
Researchers actually tried to do replicate that kind of event, and reported the results in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. PLUS: Alfie Allen says sister Lily was never asked to play Yara Greyjoy, Lena Headey spoiled last night’s episode on Instagram 2 months ago, Allen talks Reek, why “Game of Thrones” is the “Avatar” of the Emmys, and Gwendoline Christie joins “Star Wars."

Egypt’s version of “The Daily Show” canceled
Bassem Youssef, the "Egyptian Jon Stewart” whom “60 Minutes” profiled, says  that his TV station was put under more pressure “than it could handle."

Norm Macdonald recalls Stephen Colbert’s failed “SNL” audition
Macdonald remembered thinking, "Oh my f*cking god, you gotta get this guy. He's insanely good.” He adds: "Yeah, I remember he did a Geraldo impression, but the material was the smartest, you know? The material was almost scholarly. I don't want to say it was beyond Conan, but it was beyond any educated person. It was more almost like he was just an original thinker. I remember being shocked that he didn't get the job.” PLUS: Macdonald is “pretty certain” he’s not getting “Late Late Night.”

“The Sopranos” coming to Blu-ray with more than 5 hours of new bonus features
Included in the 28-disc box set will be 25 audio commentaries and two roundtable dinners.

“The Bachelor’s” Courtney Robertson's tell-all dishes on Adrian Grenier’s genitalia
Check out her new book “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.”

“King of the Nerds” earns a 3rd season
The reality show hosted by “Revenge of the Nerds” stars Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong will be back for an eight-episode Season 3.

Watch the new “True Blood” trailer
The 2nd trailer previews the June 22 return for the final season.

Cartoon Network renews "The Amazing World Of Gumball” for 2 more seasons
The animated series has been a hit worldwide.

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Ann B. Davis: An appreciation of Alice — the better mother on 'The Brady Bunch'

Ann B. Davis: An appreciation of Alice — the better mother on “The Brady Bunch”
It was the “great unspoken truth” of “The Brady Bunch” that Carol Brady couldn’t handle being mom to all those kids, says Hank Stuever. So it was Alice who became the successor to June Cleaver. "Whether or not she believed the material was up to her standards, she made Alice’s wisecracks and goofy physicality seem perfectly natural,” Stuever writes. "Robert Reed, who played father Mike Brady, went to his grave still grumbling about the insipidness of the show; Davis seemed to exult in it.” PLUS: 12 things you didn’t know about Davis, and watch Alice's best moments.

Pedro Pascal on his “Game of Thrones” duel: “It was very eerie”
"I've never had a full view of myself before and was able to see myself the way that other people get to see me,” he says of his fake head. "I caught myself staring and realizing that I had no idea what I actually look like in life. It's very, very strange. I had this moment that I kept staring at my fake head and realizing how much I look like my dad. They did such a great job. It looks exactly like me with such detail. It was very eerie.” PLUS: Pascal says “there was costume rippage” filming the scene over three days, that duel was a thing of beauty — a seriously engrossing, ultimately horrifying, bit of television, gruesome even by the standards of today's ultraviolent Prestige TV, Sansa Stark was the true star of last night’s episode, Emilia Clarke talks breaking up, and Sophie Turner can only watch the episodes alone.

“Community’s” Yvonne Nicole Brown: Arsenio and George Lopez were the only talk shows that invited me on
Brown tweeted her sadness at Arsenio Hall’s cancelation, pointing out that she had only been invited to talk shows hosted by minorities. But she’s not blaming the late-night hosts of the other shows. She says the bookers are to blame.

Endemol to produce reality show on Mars One’s mission to colonize the Red Planet
The “Big Brother” production company will document the training process for the one-way mission to Mars.

“The Good Wife” music drops on iTunes
Composer David Buckley re-recorded and re-arranged music from the CBS series, using a 50-piece orchestra.

David Spade writing his memoir
The comedian plans to cover his years on “SNL,” “Rules of Engagement” and "Just Shoot Me” in a book due in fall 2015.

“Orphan Black’s” Kristian Bruun talks about his big moment
"Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this f—king episode to come out?”

“Major Crimes” adds Ever Carradine
The “24” and “Eureka” alum will play Graham Patrick Martin’s mom.

“It’s Always Sunny” gives Howard Stern’s TV watcher a chance to try his dream job
JD Harmeyer, whose job is to watch and clip TV shows for the Stern show, was allowed to direct a scene last week from an episode of the FXX series.

Ex-“Doctor Who” Matt Smith is said to be dating a “Downton Abbey” star
Smith has been spotted with Lily James.

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Ann B. Davis, 'The Brady Bunch's' housekeeper Alice, dies at 88

Ann B. Davis, "The Brady Bunch's" housekeeper Alice, dies at 88
TMZ reports that Davis "fell in her bathroom early this morning and hit her head causing grave damage." She had been healthy for her age, TMZ reports, and her death comes as a shock. Davis appeared on "The Talk" in February via video in celebration of Florence Henderson's 80th birthday. PLUS: Watch Davis' Emmy TV Legends interview, and read her obituary.

The real Springfield is getting a “Simpsons” mural
Matt Groening’s hometown and “The Simpsons” producers are collaborating on a mural in downtown Springfield, Oregon.

Oprah: $2 billion was my limit for buying The Clippers
Oprah Winfrey says the bidding took place while she was filming the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic “Selma.”

“Crossbones” has a solid debut
The John Malkovich pirate drama had the same ratings as “Hannibal’s” 2nd season premiere in the same timeslot.

“30 Rock’s” Keith Powell joins “The Newsroom”
He’ll play the new human resources VP at Atlantis Cable News.

Ian Somerhalder posts a photo of his “Vampire Diaries” character’s gravestone
“Rest in Peace Damon Salvatore.”

Ginnifer Goodwin welcomes a baby with “Once Upon a Time” co-star Josh Dallas
Their baby boy was born on Thursday.


“Sherlock” Season 3 coming to Netflix
The three episodes of the 3rd season premiere on Monday with special making-of specials called “Sherlock Uncovered."

Giuliana and Bill’s surrogate suffers a miscarriage
The E! "Giuliana and Bill” stars have been trying to have another baby.

Kaley Cuoco really does chop off her hair
“The Big Bang Theory” star now has a pixie haircut.

“My Boys” alum Jordana Spiro is pregnant
Spiro has been recurring on “The Good Wife."

“Sleepy Hollow’s” Tom Mison weds
The actor, who plays Ichabod Crane, got married more than a month ago.

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LeVar Burton is now hoping to reach $5M with his 'Reading Rainbow' Kickstarter

LeVar Burton is now hoping to reach $5M with his “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter
"Here’s the thing,” he tells EW. "We sat around last night and figured out that if we got to 5 million dollars — yesterday, at about this time, we got to 2.5 million dollars — if we could go twice as high and get to 5 million, that gets us, by anyone’s definition, universal access. Because that means Android, done. Mobile, done. So 5 million gets us all on those platforms, and it gives us the opportunity to give the school product to 7,500 classrooms. Free of charge.”

Is Bryan Cranston ruining “Breaking Bad” by teasing a Walter White comeback?
Cranston is ruining a “perfectly good ending” by starting a “wildfire among fans,” says Ben Travers, who speculates that Cranston may have been trying to build Emmy buzz for the final season — though "Cranston doesn't seem like the type of guy to go trolling for awards.”

NFL is being urged to drop the “L” from “Super Bowl L”
The 50th Super Bowl in 2016 is using the Roman numeral "L," and the San Francisco host committee would rather call it "Super Bowl 50." PLUS: NBC is asking a record-breaking $4.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot.

Is “Game of Thrones” important TV?
"The answer is yes,” says Jack Hamilton, "and precisely for its unreality, its joyful hostility toward anything like allegory, commentary, or social relevance. Much like 'Star Wars' and Hogwarts and other great Neverlands, 'Game of Thrones' doesn’t hold a mirror to anything. It is aggressively false, a work of far-fetched imagination so intricate and finely realized it becomes compelling on its own terms, disorienting and dazzling us in the ways that only the best storytelling can.” PLUS: Pedro Pascal previews the fight: "He's 6-foot-9; I'm 5-foot-11,” who are the “GoT’s” counterparts on “The Wire”?, watch a video of “GoT” stars before they were famous, inside the real King’s Landing in Croatia, Sophie Turner didn’t like her Season 2 performance, Maisie Williams gives Vine tips, and why “GoT” needs more mature sex scenes.

Larry Wilmore’s “The Minority Report” will use nightly panels to help find new talent for Comedy Central
The general concept is Larry will be the anchor of the show and the first act will likely be Larry's take on the news of the day or cultural hot topics of the moment,” says Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless. “Then [there will be] a panel. The panel will be the second act, we'll likely have a guest interacting with the panel in the third act.”

Ridley Scott’s “Galyntine” adds Peter Fonda
He’ll play a survivor on the technology-less sci-fi fantasy pilot set in a postapocalyptic future.

Infographic shows that “Doctor Who” has become sexist under Steven Moffat
University students studied every episode of the new “Who” to see if they passed the Bechdel test — Do 2 female characters, with names, talk to each other about something other than men? Under Moffat, only 57% of the “Doctor Who” episodes past the test, compared to 89% under Russell T. Davies.

Will overspeculation hurt “True Detective’s” 2nd season?
Fans speculating on Twitter for big-name actors may be disappointed by a lesser-known casting.

Chelsea Handler is said to want Khloe Kardashian to replace her on E!, or one of her female regulars
"She wants to see a woman remain in late night,” a source close to the “Chelsea Lately” star tell NY Daily News.

Rob Schneider wants his self-made “Real Rob” sitcom to be the “comedy ‘House of Cards’"
Schneider is doing standup to pay for the sitcom, an offshoot of the "¡Rob!” sitcom that CBS canceled two years ago.

Emmys shouldn’t pit sketch shows vs. late-night shows, says “Comedy Bang! Bang!” star
“The steamrolling behemoths from late night” have too often dominated the variety series category, says Scott Aukerman, leaving little room for shows like “Portlandia,” “Key and Peele,” “Inside Amy Schumer” and “Kroll Show,” as well as his show. His solution: split the categories.

“Mad Men’s” Matthew Weiner: “Now I have all the anxiety of, is this the right ending?”
Days after the midseason finale, Weiner talks about finally completing the final episode over Memorial Day Weekend, plus he goes into detail of Robert Morse’s musical number and Stanley Kubrick’s influence on him. PLUS: How Don Draper will die, DVR viewers boost midseason finale, the most random old TV stars to appear on “Mad Men,” Jay and Lou talked Shakespeare, and was there an O.J. Simpson reference?

Nathaniel Buzolic returning to “The Originals”
He’ll reprise his role as Kol Mikaelson in a Season 2 flashback.

Tom Bergeron reunites with his FX “Breakfast Time” co-stars
It’s the 20th anniversary of the FX morning show that ran from 1994 to 1996.

The canceled “Enlisted” is being shopped to other networks as it returns to the Fox lineup
The final four episodes of the canceled military comedy begin airing on Sunday. "These are the best four episodes we did,” says creator Kevin Biegel, adding: "If we can get even a slightly decent rating we can show a new home that this show has a real fan base.”

“The Wire’s” Sonja Sohn joins “The Originals”
She’ll play a witch on the CW series.

Bill Hader is back Sunday with more of “TCM Essentials Jr.”
The “SNL” alum will things off with “Bringing Up Baby."

History channel orders a Knights Templar miniseries
The four-hour project will tell the origins of the mystic medieval Christian order.

BJ Novak unveils his new children’s book
“The Book With No Pictures” has absolutely no pictures.

Harry Hamlin: I ended up on TV because I played gay on the big screen
The “Mad Men” star says his 1981 film “Making Love” effectively ended his movie career.

CBS tried out 22 potential “Late Late Show” hosts in 2004 — they should do that again!
Everybody from Rosie Perez to Jason Alexander to David Duchovny hosted for two to three nights at a time, before CBS settled on Craig Ferguson as Craig Kilborn’s replacement.

Jon Lovitz compares “SNL” and “Sing Your Face Off”
Unlike the ABC reality show, Lovitz said he and his castmates felt like every week was an audition on “SNL.”

HBO boss gave up on “Lost” after 1 season, but sought Damon Lindelof for “The Leftovers” anyway
"'Lost’ had a big and loyal and robust and smart, passionate audience until the very end,” says Michael Lombardo, HBO’s chief of programming. “I mean, how many serialized shows do that? Most shows peter out, they end with a whimper.”

Ellen DeGeneres urges her UK fans to vote for her fave act on “Britain’s Got Talent”
She’s become obsessed with the rapping children’s duo of Bars and Melody.

“The Wendy Williams Show” will air for the 2nd summer in a row
New episodes will be produced in June and July.

Have TV’s antiheroes become too dark?
There may be an “empathy conflict” with the antiheroes on shows like “The Following” and “Hannibal."

“My Granny The Escort” airs on British TV
The Channel 4 documentary tells “a frank and intimate portrait of three mature British women who sell sex.”

Tumblr blog tells you which episodes to skip when binging on past shows
For instance, you can easily skip 70 of the 156 “West Wing” episodes.

Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate hideaway recreated on “Alpha House”
The hideway was rebuilt on a soundstage in Queens, using an old interview for reference.

Check out images from “The Book of Negroes”
The BET miniseries Aunjanue Ellis, Louis Gossett Jr., Cuba Gooding Jr. and Lyriq Bent.

Here’s ranking every season of “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” “Lost,” “The Sopranos” and more
Here’s the “Correct Ranking of Seasons” also for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “ER,” “Gilmore Girls,” “The Wire” and “The West Wing.”

American comic Rob Delaney lands a UK sitcom role
He’ll co-star with “Pulling’s” Sharon Horgan on “Catastrophe,” playing an American who falls in love with an Irish woman.

The 25 Most Powerful TV shows of the past 25 years
From “Melrose Place” to “Glee” to “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

Chance the Rapper covers the “Arthur” theme song
Watch his performance at the Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Lacey Chabert stars in “The Color of Rain” on Hallmark Channel
The “Party of Five” alum loses a husband to cancer in this tear-jerker of a movie, airing Saturday.

“Derek” is back: Ricky Gervais’ charming and honest endeavor
Season 2 is up on Netflix today.

Edward Snowden should watch “Person of Interest” and “The Good Wife”
They have themes he may like after rejecting Season 2 of “The Wire.”

Blogger creates “Simpsons”-inspired food recipes
Make yourself some Homer’s D’Oh-nuts, or The Flaming Homer.

DIY’s “Renovation Realities”: It’s fun to watch people fail
The long-running home renovation reality show is notable because there’s nothing to reveal, except excuses.

“Chuck’s” Sarah Lancaster joins Kelly McGillis in "Love Finds You In Sugarcreek”
The UP TV movie, airing Sunday, also stars Tom Everett Scott.

“Survivor: Panama” champ Aras Baskauskas becomes a dad
He welcomed a son on Thursday.

John Malkovich is knowingly slumming it on NBC’s “Crossbones”
It is Malkovich’s acting ability that holds the Blackbeard drama up. As Willa Paskin notes, “presumably, John Malkovich could headline a series on HBO. So when you see him in NBC’s ‘Crossbones,' which premieres Friday night, strutting around wearing tropical-weight drop-crotch pantaloons in an allegedly 19th-century cabana that looks like a Club Med—except for the flayed corpse where the coffee table should be—know that he must have really, really wanted to play a pirate.” PLUS: Malkovich explains why he’s not wearing a beard, “Crossbones” is too lifeless to capitalize on Malkovich’s talents, Malkovich is perfectly suited for this role, the cast is mostly British and good, and “CSI” was the only TV job Malkovich would consider before “Crossbones” came along.

AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire” tries to reverse-engineer “Mad Men,” and appears to succeed
“The pilot moves with a kind of confidence that’s hard to fake,” says By Todd VanDerWerff. "It has a destination in mind, and while it can take its time getting there, every single scene has a purpose and point on its way toward that destination. This is entertaining TV, and it’s made more entertaining by the sense that all involved are going to make this ride as comfortable as possible. Yet the pilot keeps bumping up against those 'Mad Men' comparisons, which extend beyond the period setting or high-pressure business environment.” PLUS: It has a triumphant pilot — but pilots lie and AMC wouldn’t release other episodes to critics, “Halt” shows real spark with a terrific cast, “Halt” is hard to follow and hard to care about, the fresh premise results in a show that is formulaic with stock characters, "Halt” is worth watching thanks to Lee Pace, and Lee Pace talks returning to TV after “Pushing Daisies."

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