PlayStation orders 'Powers,' its 1st drama series

PlayStation orders “Powers,” its 1st drama series
The video game console is jumping into original programming with an adaption of the graphic novel by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

Starbucks to begin selling Oprah-branded tea
Proceeds from Teavana Oprah Chai Tea will go towards the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation.

Sam Shepard headed to Netflix to star in psychological drama from “Damages” creators
He’ll play the patriarch in a family that includes Sissy Spacek as his wife and Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn and Linda Cardellini as his children.

Sharon Gless will play Michael Imperioli’s mom on ABC comedy pilot
She’s joining “Saint Francis.”

Republican congressman reads “SNL’s” “I can see Russia" sketch on the House floor
Rep. Louie Gohmert from Texas wanted to prove that Palin didn’t say those words, while reading both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s parts of the famous sketch.

Joan Rivers to return to “The Tonight Show,” this time as a guest
After appearing briefly on Jimmy Fallon’s debut, after not appearing on “Tonight” for nearly three decades, Rivers will sit down with Fallon on Thursday of next week. PLUS: Reese Witherspoon tweets her appreciation of Fallon and Lena Dunham gushing over “The Man in the Moon."

Former “Ink Masters” production assistant sues, claiming judges sexually harassed her
Nicoletta Robinson claims Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck from the tattoo reality competition harassed her with "offensive jokes and creepy verbal and physical come-ons.”

“Parks and Rec” won’t ever show the footage it has of Leslie Knope making out with Ron Swanson
"Nick and I do a scene just for the gag reel where Leslie and Ron make out!” says Amy Poehler. “And,” adds co-creator Michael Schur, "we never put it on the gag reel because it's super-disturbing.”

3 days before his death, Philip Seymour Hoffman praised his pal John Slattery and his “Mad Men" character
In fact, Slattery last heard from Hoffman the day before he was discovered dead on Feb. 2. "What I like about that guy is how much he loves women,” Hoffman told Men’s Journal, referr9ing to Roger Sterling. "His passion is women, his passion is romance – and he's stuck in this job where he has neither. His job is about fantasy, but he lost that view of it years ago. Now he just wants to be in love somewhere."

Nat Geo announces “You Can’t Lick Your Elbow,” “Cabin Fever” and “Meat Heads”
Former NFL star Tony Gonzalez will host “Lick Your Elbow,” which teaches “body hacks.” National Geographic’s new slate also includes “The Primitives,” “Remote Survival” and “Crowd Control.”

Billy Eichner would like to do “Billy on the Street” on streets outside NYC
Read the Fuse star’s comments on his Reddit Ask Me Anything.

Vote in the “Best ‘Seinfeld’ Episode Tournament”
Here’s the field of 32, including No. 1 seeds “The Contest,” “The Boyfriend,” “The Marine Biologist” and “The Soup Nazi.

Rose McGowan joining Chad Michael Murray on Crackle’s “Chosen” Season 3
The web series is No. 2 on Crackle, behind Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Dan Harmon recounts how Joel McHale helped get him back on “Community”
"I never dreamed that an actor could accomplish too much more than inspiring a Tumblr blog about him, you know. I didn’t think he had that much sway,” says Harmon.

Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” viewers’ average age is 54, five years younger than Jay Leno’s viewers
Letterman now has late-night’s oldest average viewership, while Jimmy Kimmel’s average audience is 55.

“The Simpsons” unveils a new Springfield public transit map
Now you can carefully inspect Springfield’s subway map.

“Pretty Little Liars” promises a “Season of answers 2”
Exec producer Marlene King says: "This is the first finale where it felt like people were universally satisfied and that is really just fantastic, which is what we set out to do. We pushed our fans to the breaking point and they really deserved these answers. It's a great opportunity for us to spin the show in a new direction."

Meet Twitter’s head of TV
Fred Graver, a former writer for Letterman, Jon Stewart and “Cheers,” says his job is to "get everyone in America to say ‘Oh my God watching TV with Twitter is so much better than watching TV alone.’”

Should “Veronica Mars” movie have gone out of its way to appeal to non-fans?
Why even “Veronica” would be disappointed in the final film.

Why Lisa Kudrow’s “The Comeback” needs to come back
The one-season HBO series still seems fresh, nearly a decade later.

“Burn Notice’s” Bruce Campbell on his “Psych” guest spot: "Heck yeah, I want to be a part of that”
"I had always wanted to work with the guys because I ran into them at all these PR events for ‘Psych' and 'Burn Notice,’” says the “Burn Notice” alum.

Mindy Kaling has some “Wine Time”
Watch her homage to “Sideways.”

Watch a preview of ABC Family’s “Chasing Life” cancer drama
Based on Mexico’s “Terminales,” the series follows a 20-something female journalist who learns she has cancer.

CW’s “The 100” is cribbed from many sci-fi shows
It’s “Terra Nova” meets “Lost” meets “Battlestar Galactica” meets “Lost in Space!” PLUS: It’s “not garbage” unlike most sci-fi shows, it’s binge-viewing worthy, and CW finally got it startlingly right.

HBO’s “Doll & Em” is a sweet take on female friendship
Emily Mortimer and her pal Dolly Well’s new show overcomes its Hollywood satire to become something that is actually touching. PLUS: It’s awkwardly funny yet occasionally heartbreaking, Mortimer talks about her real-life friendship with Wells, and it looks like HBO is killing off this show before it even begins.

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NBC renews 'Chicago Fire,' 'Chicago PD' and “Grimm'

NBC renews “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD” and “Grimm”
They’ll return next season for a 3rd, 2nd and 4th season, respectively. PLUS: NBC formally picks up "Parks and Rec."

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'The Walking Dead' is headed to broadcast syndication, edited for family-friendly viewing

“The Walking Dead” is headed to broadcast syndication, edited for family-friendly viewing
This fall, MyNetworkTV will air two cleaned-up episodes of the AMC hit.

"Rizzoli & Isles” will address Lee Thompson Young’s death in the season premiere
Angie Harmon tweeted: "Season 5 eps 1&2 address our beloved Lee w/ love, honor & respect. Thank you @JanNash100."

“Dexter’s” Desmond Harrington joins “Astronaut Wives Club”
He’ll play Alan Shepard, the first American in space, on the ABC pilot.

Mia Farrow deletes an anti-CNN tweet when it’s pointed out her son is an MSNBC host
"Has TV 'news' gone completely crazy,” she tweeted with an image from CNN’s Malaysian Airlines missing plane coverage.

Treat Williams to play a “CSI” crime scene investigation pioneer
The “Everwood” alum will guest on the season finale.

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'SNL' books Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen as hosts, Pharrell and Ed Sheeran as musical guests

“SNL” books Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen as hosts, Pharrell and Ed Sheeran as musical guests
Kendrick will make her hosting debut on April 5, joined by Pharrell in his first solo appearance as an “SNL” musical guest. Rogen will host the following week, with Sheeran as musical guest. “SNL” also announced Louis CK’s musical guest, Sam Smith, who will be making his “SNL” debut next week.

FX picks up Billy Crystal's "The Comedians," also starring Josh Gad
Crystal is returning to primetime in a comedy based on a Swedish show about a veteran comic who is reluctantly paired with an edgy, younger comic (Gad).

“Mad Men” unveils psychedelic airport trailer
“It’s All Up in the Air."

George R.R. Martin proposes ending “Game of Thrones” with a big-budget movie
"It all depends on how long the main series runs,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Do we run for seven years? Do we run for eight? Do we run for 10? The books get bigger and bigger (in scope). It might need a feature to tie things up, something with a feature budget, like $100 million for two hours. Those dragons get real big, you know."

“The Game’s” Brittany Daniel: I’m a cancer survivor
Daniel talks about learning of her non-Hodgkin's lymphoma while filming the BET series.

"Raising Hope's" Garret Dillahunt is headed to Amazon
He's joining "Sons of Anarchy's" Ron Perlman in Amazon’s drama pilot "Hand Of God.

Watch Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling as “Mystery Girls”
ABC Family has unveiled its first trailer for the drama reuniting the “Beverly Hills 90210” co-stars.

TV Land orders web comedy “Teachers” from producer Alison Brie
The “Community” star will helm the scripted comedy as the web show’s stars reprise their roles on TV Land.

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'Masters of Sex' returns this summer, paired with 'Ray Donovan'

“Masters of Sex” returns this summer, paired with “Ray Donovan”
Both Showtime dramas will kick off their 2nd seasons on July 13.

Judd Apatow expects “Girls” to run 6 seasons, but an ending hasn't been figured out
"We've talked about doing six seasons," he says. "I guess that could change. It's not set. I think we're all committed that we'll do six.” Apatow also talks about “Girls” sex scenes, saying: "There have been things on ‘Girls' where HBO has said to us, 'If we put this on TV, we literally could lose our license to broadcast.’"

Check out CBS’ “Bad Teacher” starring Kristin Davis, David Alan Grier and Ryan Hansen
Here’s your 1st look at the sitcom based on the movie.

Alec Baldwin “nails” his “jerk role” on tonight’s “SVU”
"What is it they say about art imitating life? Well, blowhard Alec Baldwin is really good . . . at playing a jerk,” says the NY Post. That the media-hating actor can play a total tool so well — like the proverbial moth to the flame — in Wednesday night’s episode of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' should surprise no one who has witnessed Baldwin’s public-meltdown act.” PLUS: Producer says Baldwin’s role had nothing to do with his public life.

Dean Norris gets a new “Under the Dome” rival: Dwight Yoakam
The country singer will play a barbershop owner with a complicated history with Big Jim.

50 Cent's “Power” adds Victor Garber and “Lost’s” Sonya Walger
They’ll play husband and wife on the Starz drama, with Garber recurring as a renowned club owner.

Conan O'Brien announces his Dallas lineup
“Conan” will hit Dallas the week of May 31 for the NCAA Final Four with guests including Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen and Charles Barkley.

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ABC announces season finale dates: 'Scandal' finishes April 17

ABC announces season finale dates: “Scandal” finishes April 17
"Grey’s Anatomy” bows out for the season on May 15 and “Modern Family” ends its 5th season on May 21.

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Former President Jimmy Carter will visit Letterman next week

Former President Jimmy Carter will visit Letterman next week
Carter, who turns 90 in October, will make his 3rd “Late Show” visit on Monday to promote his new book.

“Game of Thrones” creators promise a “100 percent” satisfying ending
David Benioff and Dan Weiss, without revealing what George R.R. Martin told them, say the ending is indeed creatively satisfying. PLUS: Benioff’s father, the former head of Goldman Sachs who worked in the George W. Bush administration, has a cameo in the season premiere.

Maggie Q will play a stalker-hunting detective on CBS
The “Nikita” alum has joined the Kevin Williamson pilot, playing the female lead opposite Dylan McDermott.

Nat Geo bringing back the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” guys for April Fool’s Day
Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett will make fun of National Geographic shows for an April 1 special called “Total Riff Off.”

Kim Kardashian goes “Undercover” with fake teeth and a frizzy wig on Oxygen
Check her out on Wendy Williams’ “Celebrity Undercover.”

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Netflix orders 'Grace and Frankie,' a comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin

Netflix orders “Grace and Frankie,” a comedy starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin
From “Friends” co-creator Martha Kauffman, “Grace and Frankie” focuses on two female rivals whose husbands fall in love and get married.

“Ellen” gets an Obama visit via satellite
The president will appear on Thursday’s show from the White House to promote health insurance.

“Glee” never looked so old with its 100th episode
Why last night’s episode was like visiting a home for the elderly. PLUS: "Glee's" 100th gets a 24% ratings bump from last week.

Seth Meyers’ “Late Night” to reenact cut “SNL” sketches in “Second Chance Theater”
Meyers announced the new bit while discussing sketches that were cut with Jason Sudeikis, who spent 10 years with Meyers on “Saturday Night Live.” PLUS: “Late Night” recreates New Yorker cartoons.

“Game of Thrones” King Joffrey covers EW
He is the “King of Pain.”

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'Game of Thrones' releases its final Season 4 trailer

“Game of Thrones” releases its final Season 4 trailer
Called “Devil’s Inside,” the 4th and final trailer shows a closer look at Danaerys’ next destination, Mereen. PLUS: Check out pics from the NYC premiere, and see a mashup with “The Wolf of Wall Street."

Lindsay Lohan’s reality show drops 24% in Week 2
OWN’s “Lindsay” attracted 693,184 viewers in its 2nd week.

Amy Poehler on “Parks and Rec” season finale: "“The stuff that happens in that last episode is bonkers”
“It ends with a lot of change,” she said at Paleyfest. "A lot of change.”

M.I.A. jokingly asks Madonna if she could borrow $16M to pay the NFL’s Super Bowl fine
Responding to the NFL raising seeking $16.6 million in restitution over her halftime middle finger, M.I.A. tweeted: "@madonna ummm ..... can i borrow 16 million ?”

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Chris Martin joins 'The Voice' as mentor for all contestants

Chris Martin joins “The Voice” as mentor for all contestants
As part of a new format, the Coldplay frontman will serve as "key advisor" for all the teams and all four artists.

Nat Geo’s “Kiling Jesus” expanding to a 4-hour miniseries
The follow-up to “Killing Lincoln” and “Killing Kennedy” from Bill O’Reilly is expected to air in 2015.

ABC under fire for “Alice in Arabia”
The pilot that has a female American (non-white) teen kidnapped by her extended Saudi Arabian family and held a “Virtual prisoner in her grandfather’s royal compound” has drawn backlash by those fearing that it would perpetuate Middle Eastern stereotypes.

HBO doesn't need the books to complete "Game of Thrones"
"HBO will finish 'Game of Thrones' when it wants to, with or without his books,” says James Poniewozik, pointing out that the HBO series is not going to be delayed for anything, not even the books. "And that will be fine. Maybe better,” he adds, because the books and the show could co-exist together.

“The Bachelor’s” Juan Pablo & Nikki met with “Marriage Boot Camp” counselors
WEtv stars Jim and Elizabeth Carroll offered to meet with Juan Pablo and his girlfriend after watching last week’s “Bachelor" finale.

MTV went all out with its “Teen Wolf” memorial website
Visitors to are greeted with "Neo Goth grief."

Watch Kate Walsh sing on “Fargo”
Walsh plays a former stripper who sings while smoking about her dead husband.

Every “Lost” character, ranked
From most to least annoying.

Why “Enlisted” deserves to live
The struggling Fox sitcom is not only funny, but it’s also about something important.

“The Walking Dead’s” Beth comes out with an EP
Her song “Expired Love” has been re-released.

Is “NCIS” glamorizing electronic surveillance?
Why “NCIS” and sibling shows “NCIS: L.A.” seem to have a pro-NSA agenda.

Adam Shankman to direct “Madame Rose” biopic for HBO
“Madame Rose” will tell the story of stage mother Rose Hovick, mom of burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee and actress June Havoc.

“Glee” celebrates 100 episodes
To commemorate tonight’s milestone, Variety delved into how “Glee” changed music on TV and how it turned "kitsch into classics.” PLUS: Watch 100 seconds of “Glee” from five seasons, “Glee” stars share their bucket list, and 100 reasons to love “Glee."

In defense of Billy Dee Williams’ terrible “Dancing”
Why last night’s performance wasn’t that embarrassing.

Erin Andrews’ sports reporter background is put to good use on “Dancing”
As co-host, she gave the "Planet Mirrorballus the sports-arena treatment it apparently deserves,” says Annie Barrett. "Unlike the somewhat robotic (yet beautiful) eveningwear paper doll she replaced (Brooke Burke Charvet), Erin wasn’t afraid to muscle her way through post-dance chit chat with the couples and ask questions beyond 'How do you feel?’” PLUS: Andrews’ voice is like nails on a chalkboard, and how was the new “Dancing” band?

Remembering obscure reality TV shows
From “Rich Girls” to “Legally Blonde — The Musical.”

Man covers his arms in “Breaking Bad” tattoos
Electrician James Allan spent 40 hours under the needle to get his lifelike tattoos.

Andrew Rannells wants “Girls” to let his character have gay sex
"I volunteered myself for nakedness," Rannells says. "I feel like with Looking on the air, I gotta represent some gay sex on the show. I'm willing.” PLUS: Felicity Jones refuses to watch her episode.

W. Kamau Bell admits there was a “mourning process” after his FXX talk show was canceled
"The show was supposed to be on the air for the rest of my life, but that didn't happen,” the comedian jokes. "There was a mourning process, and then it quickly became clear that I needed to get back on the road."

Watch the trailer for MTV’s “Faking It”
The unscripted series follows two female friends who pretend to be lesbians.

Mary Steenburgen on joining “Justified”: “It’s like walkin’ on the wild side”
Steenburgen is referring to her first day on set, where an entire scene was reworked on the fly.

“Trophy Wife’s” Albert Tsai describes what it's like to be a 9-year-old on set
Aside from going to class on set, Marcia Gay Harden reads “Harry Potter” to him and he gets to watch Disney Channel on YouTube.

Ranking the best cult TV shows ever
From “Buffy” to “The Wire” to “Veronica Mars."

Josh Holloway welcomes a 2nd child
The “Intelligence” star now has a son to go with his daughter.

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