AMC renews 'Turn'

AMC renews “Turn”
The Revolutionary War drama, which averaged 2 million viewers in its first season, will be back for a 10-episode 2nd season.

Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic will delve into her controversial relationship with R. Kelly
The late R&B singer allegedly married R. Kelly, her mentor, when she was 15 and he was 27.

The Johnny Carson musical is beginning rehearsals
Henry Bushkin, the former lawyer for “The Tonight Show” host who wrote a Carson tell-all last year, will be hosting rehearsals at his summer home.

Martin Freeman: I didn’t audition for “Fargo” — "They didn’t even ask to hear the accent”
"It could have all gone very, very bad,” says the British actor. "Yeah, I was surprised that they didn’t want to hear that. ’Cause I could have had a cloth ear.”

Christina Hendricks speaks on ending the “'Mad Men' Era" at a White House summit
The actress was a speaker at today’s White House Summit on Working Families.

“Game of Thrones’” Maisie Williams: I hope we see The Hound again
Williams recalls long shooting days with Rory McCann, where they’d speak an “egg language” to each other. PLUS: One fan has become a master of “GoT” impressions.

NFL may add a HelmetCam
A small camera tucked in the padding of a helmet could be the future of the NFL on TV.

TCM to pay tribute to Ruby Dee
Saturday’s tribute will feature two of her films — "The Edge of the City” and “A Raisin in the Sun.”

Is the “Orphan Black” twist a smart move?
Can the new characters be as strong as the old ones?

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Steven Soderbergh’s 'The Girlfriend Experience' to become a Starz series

Steven Soderbergh’s “The Girlfriend Experience” to become a Starz series
The 2009 film starring real-life porn star Sasha Grey will become a 13-episode half-hour anthology series.

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ABC’s 'Rising Star' debuts to disappointing ratings, topped by 'America’s Got Talent'

ABC’s “Rising Star” debuts to disappointing ratings, topped by “America’s Got Talent”
A special Sunday airing of NBC’s “AGT” did what it was intended to do in hurting “Rising Star’s” launch. PLUS: Was Kesha’s dress too short for TV?

Gordon Ramsay: I’m pulling the plug on “Kitchen Nightmares”
"As filming comes to a close on the latest series of 'Kitchen Nightmares' I've decided to stop making the show,” Ramsay wrote on his website of the reality show that lasted 12 seasons in the UK and seven seasons in the U.S.

Conan O’Brien pays $8,000 in back taxes to avoid the auctioning off of his Rhode Island house
A Conan spokesperson says the talk show host had no idea he was delinquent in his tax bill.

“True Blood” star on the season premiere death: "I think somebody had to go”
"To have a main character right off the bat go, that’s gonna bring everybody into the show.”

Nathan Fielder has been hiding the same pornographic image in all his Instagram pictures
See how the “Nathan For You” star has skirted Instagram’s anti-nudity rules.

“Alias” alum Carl Lumbly joins “The Returned”
He’ll play Pastor Leon Wright in the A&E remake of the French zombie drama.

Showtime orders “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” a musical comedy pilot
Rachel Bloom stars as a New Yorker who suddenly moves to L.A. suburb West Covina.

“Project Runway” unveils Season 13 contestants, guest judges
Elisabeth Moss, Shay Mitchell, Dita Von Teese and Christian Siriano will among this year’s guest judges.

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1st streaming Daytime Emmys had profanity, no-shows and long-winded acceptance speeches

1st streaming Daytime Emmys had profanity, no-shows and long-winded acceptance speeches
Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey and “The Young and the Restless” were among the night’s top winners on the first-ever streaming Daytime Emmys ceremony. With no TV format, everybody just let loose — even booing when co-winners Dr. Oz and Katie Couric didn’t show up. “It’s not being televised — just f*cking get pissed and have a good time,” Sharon Osbourne said at one point. PLUS: The entire thing was a top-to-bottom train wreck, and this is the best thing to happen to the Daytime Emmys in years.

Daytime Emmy pre-show marred by rape, black, lesbian jokes
Since there was no TV network airing the Daytime Emmys, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hired millennials who were big on social media to cover the red carpet, rather than experienced reporters.

Aaron Paul on guesting on “Better Call Saul”: "To be honest, it's not gonna happen"
"There's rumors floating around that I'm going to be doing it, but that's simply not the case,” he tells The Huffington Post. "I mean, I'm trying to let it be on the record." PLUS: Paul calls this "Mike Ehrmantraut" pic "the greatest photo of all time."

ABC’s “Rising Star”: What a reality TV train wreck
Everything from host Josh Groban to the live voting gimmick to the judges and the singing competition just didn’t seem right on “Rising Star’s” two-hour debut.

“True Blood’s” Chris Bauer on his drug and alcohol past: "It was a slow-motion catastrophe”
"I wasn't just out of control, I was 100 percent off my path,” says the actor, who’s been sober for seven years.

Oprah to catch up with the “winner” of “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire?”
Next week’s “Where Are They Now?” will feature an interview with Darva Conger, who won the one-off Feb. 2000 Fox reality special, which got huge ratings.

Les Moonves: Chelsea Handler’s material will fit better on Netflix than it would have on CBS
“I think it’s a great move on her part. I think it’s a great move on their part,” says the CBS boss.

John Oliver slams Dr. Oz, gets a George R.R. Martin cameo
Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” rant against the TV doctor also featured a cameo by the “Game of Thrones” author.

“SNL’s” Kenan Thompson becomes a dad
Georgia Marie Thompson was born on Friday.

“Veep’s” Reid Scott weds
Scott married his longtime girlfriend on Saturday.

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E! 'Men of the Strip' reality star dies of possible suicide

E! “Men of the Strip" reality star dies of possible suicide
Nate Estimada, a 24-year-old male stripper known as “The Midnight Cowboy,” may have intentionally driven his car off a cliff last Wednesday.

“Orphan Black” creators explain that big twist
Co-creator Graeme Manson says the twist has been in the works “since near the end of last season and really over the break between Season 1 and Season 2.” PLUS: Which “Orphan Black” star heard the news at the last minute?, Tatiana Maslany on the twist, and why there was too much of Maslany’s brilliance this season.

Lena Dunham: "Joan Rivers is truly the only rivalry I would entertain starting…”
But, Dunham tweeted, "she'd enjoy it too much :( peace and love peace and love.”

“Nathan For You’s” Dumb Starbucks logo fools a Fox affiliate
Oakland’s KTVU, which last year fell victim to Asiana pilot names prank, used the “Dumb Starbucks” logo Friday night in a report about Starbucks’ rising prices.

Katie Couric weds
"So excited to make my debut as Mrs. John Molner!” Couric tweeted.

“Sherlock” could last “for a very long time” thanks to its unique format
Says Steven Moffat: “Had we done the conventional form of a TV series which is to do runs of six or twelve, it would be over by now without doubt, it would be finished. Because (the cast) would never again commit that amount of time that regularly to a TV show, they just wouldn’t, why would they? But given the strange form of Sherlock which is every two-and-a-half years we get together and we make three, means that it can go on for a very long time.”

Watch Mira Sorvino in BBC America’s “Intruders” trailer
The drama also starring "Doctor Who" alum John Simm premieres Aug. 23.

“The Voice” releases its 1st promo with Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams
The new promo is backed by Stefani’s “Holla Back” track.

Matt LeBlanc: Before “Homeland,” Damian Lewis auditioned to star in “Episodes”
Turns out Lewis was up for the Stephen Mangan role.

“Dancing with the Stars” alum Hope Solo arrested for domestic violence
The soccer player allegedly beat her sister, but her attorney she was the victim in the altercation.

“19 Kids and Counting” star Jill Duggar weds, kisses her husband for the 1st time
Duggar and her new husband kissed for the first time after completing their marriage vows.

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Netflix’s Watchowski sci-fi series 'Sense8' adds 'Lost’s' Naveen Andrews, Daryl Hannah and 12 other cast members

Netflix’s Watchowski sci-fi series “Sense8” adds “Lost’s” Naveen Andrews, Daryl Hannah and 12 other cast members
The 10-episode series is described as “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted."

Ryan Murphy: “Glee” is going back to its roots in Season 6
“I’m sort of reinvigorated about it,” he says. "It’s getting back to what I was initially interested in with the show, which was arts in school. The last season is really about the importance of arts education in our high schools… I think people will like it.”

Stephen King on writing the “Under the Dome” Season 2 premiere: I was jealous of George R.R. Martin
"I knew that George R.R. Martin had written a few episodes of 'Game of Thrones,' and I was very jealous,” admits King, who adds: "It's a no-lose situation. If it's good, I just say it was based on my work. If it's bad, I just say, 'Well, that wasn't my idea.'"

Mary Steenburgen's “OITNB” role revealed
She’ll play mom to Pornstache.

Where did “True Blood” go wrong?
As the HBO series returns for its final season, Rolling Stone pinpoints how a hit show lost its way in the 2nd half of Season 2? As Scott Neumyer writes, “'True Blood' is barely recognizable from what it was when former showrunner Alan Ball first brought the vampire tale to TV. Bill and Sookie seem about as far from each other as two characters could possibly be.” PLUS: "True Blood” boss promises heads are going to roll this season, how “True Blood” is like high school, and a political history of “True Blood."

Jenny McCarthy’s e-cigarette ad disappears after it was featured in a U.S. Senate hearing
A senator used “The View” star puffing on an e-cig "as an example of Big Tobacco’s return to using sex, celebrity and glamour to get teens to try nicotine,” according to Politico.

“Bob Burgers’” home value: $796,446?
A fan of the Fox animated comedy has created a “Home Valuation Infographic” to come up with that figure.

What are your favorite Gym-watching shows?
Some shows are great for watching while working out, like “SVU” and “NCIS.”

Watch all 169 death from “Game of Thrones” Season 4
According to Digg, there have been 5,348 deaths total on the series. PLUS: How George R.R. Martin ended up on "Gay of Thrones."

Will ABC find success with “Rising Star”?
The Israeli-based singing competition has found success as being an “Idol” alternative.

ESPN’s “SportsCenter” to unveil a “future-proof” expensive new studio on Sunday
The new set, including a 6,200-square-foot primary studio, will be a lot looser, a lot more on-the-fly, and we will have a lot of laughs,” says co-anchor Steve Levy.

Conan O’Brien: "The biggest difference is how much social media has changed the DNA of what I do”
Conan says his strengths of reacting and improvising while shooting remote pieces are well suited to the social media world.

An appreciation of Pamela from “Louie”
"Pamela may be a f*cked-up female character,” says Jillian Mapes, "but everyone on Louie has their neuroses, and she’s certainly no Manic Pixie Dream Girl.”

Here’s what former MTV VJ Jesse Camp looks like now
Camp joined MTV 16 years ago, yet he’s only 34.

Here are “Orange is the New Black” stars on “Law & Order”
Just about every cast member of “OITNB” has done time on “L&O”

“Falling Skies” returns for Season 4 with “Empire Strikes Back” as its model
“There's something compelling about having your heroes separated, cordoned off from each other, and then you find yourself as an audience yearning for their reunion,” says new showrunner David Eick.

Spike TV’s “Frankenfood” creates hybrid monstrosities out of food
Contestants on this reality show premiering Sunday will create dishes such as spaghetti with peanut butter.

BBC America’s “The Musketeers” is beautifully filmed and deceptively modern
The latest BBC adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas classic feels in its opening like a show from the ‘60s or ‘70s.

“Orphan Black” embodies the female gaze better than anything else on TV
The focus is usually on female desire.

Will the “Saved by the Bell” biopic include Neil Patrick Harris' set visits, Screech bedding 2,000 women?
Dustin Diamond’s 2009 “Behind the Bell” memoir, which will be used for the Lifetime “unauthorized” film, makes a lot of wild claims.

Rainn Wilson serves up “Kid President: Declaration of Awesome”
The Hub series, premiering Saturday stars YouTube’s 10-year-old Robby Novak, AKA Kid President.

BBC America’s “Almost Royal” is the latest show to trick Americans with fake British royalty
The fake royals visits on this comedy, which premieres Saturday, includes a meeting of the Tea Party.

On TNT’s “The Last Ship,” Michael Bay’s explosion-filled eye candy is good enough
"Whatever you might think of Michael Bay at least there's a clarity to what he does. Boom. Stuff blows up,” says Tim Goodman. "That's not a terrible strategy for summer television programming.” PLUS: It’s a dystopian thriller for optimists, the one-dimensional characters and action movie cliché dialogue are “The Last Ship’s” drawbacks, Eric Dane says all the money wasn’t blown on the pilot, and Michael Bay says "This was a really cinematic idea, and was right up my alley."

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Judge tosses final lawsuit against Elmo puppeteer

Judge tosses final lawsuit against Elmo puppeteer
A federal judge ruled that Sheldon Stephens, 25, had waited too long to file suit against Kevin Clash.

Allison Tolman was “a little bit bummed” by the “Fargo” finale -- she only recently got cable
Tolman, however, says she came to realize that her ego is bigger than her character Molly’s ego, “and that Molly wouldn’t care in the least.” Tolman added that she only got cable "a second and a half ago," and is trying to catch up on all the shows she's missed. She has yet to watch "The Sopranos."

“Game of Thrones’” Renly Baratheon to play Charles Manson on NBC
Actor Gethin Anthony will take on the Manson role in “Aquarius,” joining David Duchovny, “Friday Night Lights” alum Grey Damon and “Bunheads” alum Emma Dumont.

Jerry Seinfeld: Why I sang a “Comedians in Cars” theme song
Seinfeld tweeted: "The reason for the theme song was: The episode felt so 60's sitcom with the wagon, the suburbs, the comedy Mom and Dad.. #missthemesongs”

Jason O’Mara to play George Washington
The “Terra Nova” and “Life on Mars” alum has singed on to History channel’s “Sons of Liberty” Revolutionary War miniseries.

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Rosario Dawson joins Netflix’s 'Daredevil'

Rosario Dawson joins Netflix’s “Daredevil”
Her exact role hasn’t been revealed, but Netflix says she’ll play a “dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen brings Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city.”

“Breaking Bad” director is taking over the “Star Wars” franchise
Rian Johnson, who directed three memorable “Breaking Bad” episodes — “Fly,” “Fifty-One” and “Ozymandias” — will replace J.J. Abrams as writer and director of "Star Wars" Episodes VIII and IX.

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NBC’s Beatles miniseries hits a snag

NBC’s Beatles miniseries hits a snag
The Peacock hasn’t secured likeness rights of the Fab Four, or music rights to The Beatles catalogue. NBC will also have to contend with another Beatles project that Sony is developing for cable TV.

“The Simpsons” books Will Forte
He’ll play the owner of King Toot’s Music Store.

“Freaks and Geeks” creator Paul Feig has released his character bible
“The bible for 'Freaks and Geeks' was for the executives, of course, but I mostly wrote it for me,” Feig explains in this excerpt from the book "Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations With Today’s Top Comedy Writers."

Mindy Kaling pitches app ideas in a speech at “Made With Code” event
Kaling’s ideas include “What’s His Deal?” and “Shazam for Perfumes!”

A dictionary has added “New Girl’s” tagline “adorkable”
Collins English Dictionary defines the word, coined by a Fox exec, as "socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way."

“The Killing” sweaters are up for auction on eBay
You can own the sweater worn by Rosie Larsen. PLUS: Read a preview of “The Killing” prequel novel.

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Tracy Morgan out of the hospital, transferred to a rehab center

Tracy Morgan out of the hospital, transferred to a rehab center
Morgan's publicist released a statement today saying: "While he is continuing to show signs of improvement, he still has a long way to go."

Samantha Harris may need chemo after her cancer spreads
Says the former “Dancing with the Stars” co-host, who underwent a mastectomy: "If I need it, I will take a deep breath and readjust my focus."

Report: NBC declined to air “Obvious Child” ads because they contained the word “abortion”
Page Six reports that NBC turned down the ad, while NBC says it never received the proposed commercial.

Adam Richman apologizes for calling a woman the C-word on Instagram
The “Man Vs. Food” star got in a fight on social media.

Sasha Obama is the latest Obama daughter to visit a TV show set
The 13-year-old Sasha got to meet the cast of “Pretty Little Liars” — but she didn’t have to fetch coffee, unlike her sister Malia on the set of “Extant.”

Allison Janney won 2 Critics’ Choice TV Awards -- and told an orgasm joke in each acceptance speech
Janney won awards for “Mom” and “Masters of Sex.” PLUS: Watch Matthew McConaughey’s befudding Critics' Choice TV Awards lecture.

Amazon orders “Really” comedy pilot starring Jay Chandrasekhar, Sarah Chalke, Selma Blair
Lindsay Sloane and Rob Delaney also star in the comedy about four hard-charging couples in Chicago.

“Royal Pains” books Cheyenne Jackson
He’ll play the owner of a perfumery in the Hamptons.

Could “Enlisted” survive elsewhere?
Why the Fox military sitcom’s final episode, airing Sunday, may not be the last we see of it.

“Rookie Blue” returns down, about 1 million watched the Critics’ Choice TV Awards
Season 5 of “Rookie Blue” was down slightly from its Season 4 premiere.

“Looking” is set to get 2 extra episodes in Season 2
According to TV Line, Season 2 will consist of 10 episodes, up from Season 1’s eight episodes.

“Storage Wars” auctioneer Dan Dotson suffered a double brain aneurysm
Dotson underwent a successful surgery on Tuesday after behaving bizarrely on Monday.

J. August Richards joins “The Lottery” on Lifetime
The former “Angel” star will play the deputy secretary of state on the post-apocalyptic drama.

Jimmy Kimmel gets a 6-year-old girl to give him parenting advice
“I suggest you start changing the diaper” was her biggest piece of advice.

Matt Lauer wore a shorts suit on “Today”
Lauer was just demonstrating the latest in guy’s style this morning.

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