President Obama cracks 'Orange is the New Black' and 'Game of Thrones' jokes at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama cracks “Orange is the New Black” and “Game of Thrones” jokes at White House Correspondents’ Dinner
The president was shown sitting on an Iron Throne, and his joke that Speaker John Boehner was getting more grief from Republicans than him — "That means orange really is the new black” — got the biggest laugh of the night. PLUS: Watch History channel’s video on the White House Correspondents’ Association.

Vice President Biden picks up fellow "Veep" Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a yellow Corvette
Watch their video made for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Watch Joel McHale roast the president White House Correspondents’ Dinner
McHale targeted everybody, including NBC and the stars "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

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Embattled L.A. Clippers owner is talking to Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper

Embattled L.A. Clippers owner is talking to Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper
Donald Sterling has set up interviews with both news stars this evening, according to TMZ. UPDATE: Sterling bailed on the interviews, but Walters did speak with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano.

“Green Acres” is getting the movie and possible Broadway treatment
The classic ‘60s sitcom starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor is being made into a feature film and is being shopped as a potential stage play on Broadway.

What will the White House Correspondents’ Dinner do to Joel McHale’s career?
Will it lead to his own late-night show or more “Community”?

HBO’s “Vice” renewed for a 3rd season
The CEO of Vice revealed the renewal, saying: ""HBO is going to give me sh*t” for announcing it.

“Everybody Loves Raymond” stars reunite
Ray Romano’s CBS sitcom is being inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Don Rickles: I can’t go on Jimmy Fallon because I don’t play ping-pong
Watch Rickles joke with Letterman about the late-night wars.

Why are TV’s strongest women living in and around Washington, D.C.?
From Olivia Pope to Selina Meyer to Claire Underwood, "there is apparently nothing sexist or old school about painting women as venal, self-serving and manipulative” in the nation’s capital, says Alessandra Stanley.

Showtime's posting of the unedited “Penny Dreadful” pilot online was unusual
Usually, Showtime posts an edited version of season/series premieres on YouTube. But the show wouldn’t work with edits, so YouTube users have had to confirm they are over age 18 to watch the series premiere.

Lego episode shows that “The Simpsons” still has it, at least sometimes
"Brick Like Me,” says James Poniewozik, "shows that 'The Simpsons' can still be inspired, weird, and sincere, when all the pieces fall into place.” PLUS: How “The Simpsons” predicted the Ukraine crisis in 1998.

“True Blood” adds Will  Yun Lee
The “Hawaii Five-0” veteran will play a Japanese businessman living in Texas who’s out for revenge. PLU: See Season 7 “True Blood” pics, and Anna Paquin joins Twitter.

How to explain Mister Rogers to kids
Are tech-savvy modern kids missing out on Mister Rogers?

Here are 15 women who could replace Craig Ferguson
From Amy Sedaris to Samantha Bee to Aisha Tyler. PLUS: 5 authors relive their fave Ferguson moments.

Marc Maron: I should take over “The Late Late Show” spot
Here’s Maron’s proposed pitch to Les Moonves: "Let's not focus on broad comedy bits and see if we can engage performers and celebrities in intimate and resonant conversation. There wouldn't be a premium on laughs per minute or ridiculous sketches but more on naturally funny moments that can occur in real conversation. And Les would say, 'So wait -- no comedy?’"

Louis CK: “I don’t have a trailer, I just sit in my car”
"I change in my car and I sit in my car,” he says of filming “Louie." "It just seems so absurd to me, living in New York, to have a trailer with a chair and a TV. It’s ridiculous.”

Cristina Yang deserves a better “Grey’s Anatomy” ending
Such a complicated character shouldn’t get an arbitrary fairy-tale ending. PLUS: “Grey’s” stars say goodbye to Cristina Yang.

Maya Rudolph wants her variety show to capture the spirit of “The Muppet Show”
She’s hoping to capture The Muppets’ playful quality on her own variety show.

Here are 5 web series that could become the next “Broad City”
From “Little Horribles” to “Ghost Ghirls.”

Adam West recalls how “Batman” was good for color TV sales, but DC Comics wasn’t initially sold on the show
"At first, DC Comics didn't much like the fact that we were not serious enough for adults,”
West writes in a column about his “Batman” experience. "However, when they saw their book sales dramatically increase, they began to love us, as did the Japanese color TV manufacturers. They became big fans, of course.”

“Vikings” creator talks Season 3
How many changes will the History series see next season?

Watch the official 50 Cent “Power” trailer
The Starz series follows a nightclub owner who’s also a drug dealer.

Presenting the 40 best cult TV comedies
From “Portlandia” to “Upright Citizens Brigade” to “Not Necessarily the News.”

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'Grey’s Anatomy' extends 4 longtime cast members

“Grey’s Anatomy” extends 4 longtime cast members
Sara Ramirez, Chandra Wilson, Justin Chambers and James Pickens Jr. have all signed on for Seasons 11 and 12.

Xbox is exploring a possible "Halo" drama series partnership with Showtime
The Steven Spielberg-produced series could end up airing on both Showtime and Xbox, with enhanced interactivity built into the latter platform.

Nat Geo plans a special tribute to fallen “Alaska State Troopers” stars
Next week’s season premiere will feature a tribute to Trooper Gabriel “Gabe” Rich and Sgt. Patrick “Scott” Johnson. "Trooper Gabriel “Gabe” Rich and Sgt. Patrick “Scott” Johnson. "“We are definitely going to do something in our premiere next Thursday to honor their memory,” said a network spokesperson.

Watch the trailer for Starz’s “Outlander”
The time-traveling drama is from "Battlestar Galactica’s" Ronald D. Moore.

Twitter campaign urges CBS to hire Norm Macdonald to replace Craig Ferguson
Macdonald’s Weekend Update successor Colin Quinn is among those tweeting on behalf of Norm: "@cbs If u hire @normmacdonald I promise to be regular guest! #latelatenormnorm.”

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Kerry Washington welcomes a daughter

Kerry Washington welcomes a daughter
The “Scandal” star and her husband, former NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, gave birth to Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha on April 21, just four days after the season finale.

Lifetime orders “Child Genius”
The reality show, based on a British series, will go behind the scenes of a national intelligence competition featuring the smartest kids in America.

George R.R. Martin: How do you define a spoiler?
"If something happens on the show before it happens in the book, I suppose one could call that a spoiler,” the “Game of Thrones” honcho wrote on his blog. "If something happens on the show, but happens very differently in the books, is that still a spoiler? If something happens on the show, but never happens in books, what precisely was spoiled?"

Every “Louie” episode, ranked
Season 2’s “Niece” was the worst. Which was the best?

“Drop Dead Diva” bringing back Ben Feldman
The “Mad Men” star will make a cameo in the final season.

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2 'Alaska State Troopers' stars were killed in the line of duty

2 "Alaska State Troopers” stars were killed in the line of duty
Sgt. Patrick "Scott" Johnson and Trooper Gabriel Rich, who were featured on the Nat Geo reality show, were shot and killed Thursday after being called out to a remote village to provide backup for a standoff. UPDATE: Nat Geo pulls repeats of episodes featuring the two troopers.

Matthew Weiner feels like 14 episodes isn’t enough for the final “Mad Men” season
The structure of this season forced Weiner to come up with two season premieres and two season finales, which "allowed for less digression” into other characters, he tells Fresh Air. “This just made us really concentrate on the main characters,” he says, adding of the episode count: “It actually didn’t seem like enough episodes for what we had to do.” PLUS: Jared Harris returning to “Mad Men” — as a director.

“The Good Wife” would love to spin off Carrie Preston’s character, but…
"We've discussed it internally,” co-creator Robert King tells E!. "It always comes down to where you can put your energy. Our worry is that—we're not the kind of showrunners, unfortunately, who can take our eyes off this and do two things at once. I wish we could because there's no one more fun to work with and better comedian than Carrie Preston. There's such a cool show there."

“Game of Thrones” director was “blown away” by this week’s episode
Michelle MacLaren, who directed this week’s and next week’s episode, says with a laugh: "I had thought they ate the babies – isn't that horrible?” PLUS: Feast on The Khaleesi Burger.

Arsenio Hall launches a crowdfunding campaign to buy the L.A. Clippers
Introducing “#ArsenioClipStarter.”

“Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson says sorry for using the N-word during taping of his show
Clarkson says he’s "begging for forgiveness” after unaired footage shoed him saying the N-word while reciting the children's nursery rhyme "eeny, meeny, miny, moe."

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Ray Romano joins HBO’s rock drama from Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese

Ray Romano joins HBO’s rock drama from Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese
He’ll play the right-hand man of Bobby Cannavale’s head of promotions character in the ‘70s-set drama about the music industry.

Oregon ad agency: "Yes, John Oliver, We Are Stupid F*cking Idiots”
The Oregon ad agency North has responded to Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” slam of its healthcare exchange ad campaign.

Chinese censors did edit down “Game of Thrones” fighting and nudity
The pilot episode shown on state-owned China Central Television was about 11 minutes shorter than the original, and dubbed in Mandarin.

“SVU” taps “Scandal’s” Joshua Malina to play a Terry Richardson-esque photographer
Malina will play “a well-regarded photographer with a secret life.”

Kevin Spacey channels Frank Underwood in new “Call of Duty” ad
Spacey sounds just like his “House of Cards” character.

Watch The Weather Channel’s “GMA” reunion
Josh Elliott made his debut on an NBC property this morning, reuniting with Sam Champion.

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'Girl Meets World' gets a premiere date — and a full trailer

“Girl Meets World” gets a premiere date — and a full trailer
The Disney Channel series will debut on Friday, June 27, after the movie “Zapped” starring Zendaya.

“Scandal” President Fitz visits the real Oval Office
“What’s wrong with this picture?” tweeted Tony Goldwyn, who’s in Washington, D.C., to attend Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Not everybody was happy to see Isaiah Washington return to “Grey’s Anatomy”
Burke's return after seven years sharply divided “Grey’s” fans. PLUS: Last night’s “Grey’s” was up 13%.

Sandra Oh: I’m only allowed to keep 1 souvenir from the “Grey’s Anatomy” set
Oh tells Jimmy Kimmel that she wants to take home a whole bunch of stuff.

Family of “Tosh.0” production assistant who was killed by sheriff’s deputies seeking $25 million
John Winkler filed the claim this week, blaming the sheriff’s department for her son’s death.

Kevin Connolly splits from Patty Hearst’s daughter
The “Entourage” and “Friends with Better Lives” star had been dating Lydia Hearst for a year.

Amy Poehler went on a shopping spree with Seth Meyers’ credit card
The former Weekend Update pals accidentally mixed up their credit cards after dining out recently. PLUS: Chris Kattan reunites with Meyers, playing a “Legendary Chris Kattan impersonator."

Jimmy Kimmel upset with Matt Damon’s plan to buy the L.A. Clippers
“Look who decided to throw his stupid hat in the ring.”

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Louis CK tells Letterman: 'The fact that you’re leaving really sucks balls'

Louis CK tells Letterman: “The fact that you’re leaving really sucks balls”
Letterman then noted that Louis CK just made history: “Louis, no one on this program, either over at NBC or here, has ever used the expression ‘sucks balls,'" said Dave.

“Glee’s” Naya Rivera dropped by her record label
Columbia Records has dumped the “Glee” star amid reports that she has been let go from the Fox drama. UPDATE: Rivera's rep denies she was dropped by her record label.

“The Big Bang Theory” shocker, explained
For tonight’s episode, producers had to give a "quick primer" on "Star Wars."

Study: Most “HIMYM” viewers had a positive reaction to the series finale
Data analysis of Twitter users found that the negative reaction to the finale was overblown.

Jon Hamm has trouble with the "weird names" on “Game of Thrones,” says he’s watching “Mad Men” alone on DVR
Hamm tells Bill Simmons he sometimes struggles to keep up with his HBO timeslot competitor because of all the “weird names.” Hamm also says he gets to watch the "Mad Men" episodes when everybody else does. But since his longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt is in New York, he’s watching this season alone. Hamm also says “it makes sense” that “Mad Men’s” viewership has dwindled down to its “hardcore” fans, saying it’s like the reverse of what happened to “Breaking Bad.”

Netflix’s lack of viewership data throws a wrench into negotiations
How do cast members negotiate for a raise if they don’t know how many people are actually watching?

“Vikings” creator likens “Game of Thrones” to "soft porn”
"'Game of Thrones' is a very, very different show,” says Michael Hirst. "It is a fantasy show, and it has a lot of things which are very appealing to an audience. It is soft porn, and it has a lot of gratuitous stuff in it, but it’s still very well-written and I don’t — you know, I don’t watch it because I don’t ever want to be accused of being influenced by it.”

Why not pick Anna Kendrick to replace Anna Kendrick?
CBS could really shake up late-night with somebody as multi-talented as Kendrick.

“House of Cards” is a good show to binge on while folding laundry, but don’t give it your full attention
Because the Netflix series reveals its flaws when you approach it as a critical viewer. PLUS: Watch a preview of “House of Cards” on “The Writers’ Room."

MTV launching a PSA to address race, gender, LGBT issues
Check out the new “Look Different” campaign.

David Spade credits “Just Shoot Me” for much of his success
"If I didn't have 'Just Shoot Me,' I wouldn't have had a lot of stuff,” Spade writes in a Reddit AMA. "I would have never gotten a cover of Rolling Stone, I never would have gotten the house I had, and I got to work with fun people and do a show that I was proud of.” PLUS: Spade questions Stephen Colbert’s move to CBS, and Jimmy Fallon gets Spade to talk about his first appearance with Johnny Carson.

Edward James Olmos criticizes Jennifer Lopez for not dedicating herself to her culture
“She’s done a lot of things but she hasn’t dedicated herself to her culture, and that’s very important to me,” says Olmos, who worked with J.Lo on the 1997 Selena movie.

“Downton Abbey” star to record an album of poetry devoted to World War I
Jim Carter and his wife are working on "Centenary: Words & Music Of The Great War.”

“Chrisley Knows Best” star wanted for allegedly attacking his baby mama
Police say Kyle Chrisley assaulted his baby mama and threatened her sister with a knife.

VH1 will live-stream 24 bands competing in a 25-hour battle of the bands competition
“Make a Band Famous” will give the last band standing a recording contract.

Tia Mowry files lawsuit involving her $108,000 Twitter deal
The “Instant Mom” star claims her agent took most of the money she was set to receive for tweeting sponsored tweets.

TV writers tell how “Hill Street Blues” influenced them
"'Hill Street Blues' was the first TV show that I perceived as being 'good' in terms of quality, not just entertainment,” says “Bones” creator Hart Hanson.

Donald Sterling yells at George Costanza
Check out this “Seinfeld” mashup created by Adult Swim.

“SNL’s” Stefon is seemingly inspiring writers of NYC nightlife
Recent reviews have been “curiously Stefon-y."

It’s “The Mindy Project” drinking game
Take a sip if someone mentions a rom-com.

Andy Daly: Every “Review” assignment Forrest MacNeil gets is full of hope
"There’s always reason to think that something might finally break his way,” he says.

Check out AMC’s ‘80s-themed “Halt and Catch Fire” poster
“The Battle for CTRL Begins."

The Oregonian critiques “Portlandia”
The Portland-based newspaper didn’t love the “gutter-punk” sketch, but did approve the “Celery” episode.

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TV Land renews 'Hot in Cleveland'

TV Land renews “Hot in Cleveland”
“Cleveland” will return with a 24-episode 6th season.

“Scandal’s” president will be among the attendees at the White House Correspondents Dinner
Among the guests at this year’s dinner: Tony Goldwyn, Connie Britton, Dean Norris, Mae Whitman, AnnaSophia Robb, Michael Shannon and Jeffrey Tambor.

Brian Williams’ wish of rapping “Rollout” comes true
PorterHouse Media, not Jimmy Fallon’s people, created the NBC Newsman’s latest rapping video.

Check out a "WWE Raw" script
WWE wrestling matches are scripted like a TV show.

Sandra Oh: “Yes indeedy, Burke is back”
Oh tweeted a pic of herself and Isaiah Washington from tonight’s “Grey’s Anatomy” episode table read. PLUS: The best Cristina & Burke moments.

“Little People, Big World” star gets engaged
Zach Roloff, 23, may get a TLC special out of his engagement.

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Weather Channel to host a 'GMA' reunion on Friday

Weather Channel to host a “GMA” reunion on Friday
Josh Elliott and Sam Champion will appear together fort the first time since their “Good Morning America” days.

HBO taps Queen Latifah to play iconic blues singer Bessie Smith
She’ll star in and exec produce a biopic on the “Empress of the Blues.”

David Chase would be interested in a "Sopranos” prequel, still flirts with the idea of doing a movie
“A lot of people have talked to me about it, and frankly I still flirt with the idea sometimes,” Chase said when asked about a "Sopranos" movie last night at a Museum of the Moving Image panel in NYC. "But if I had a really great way to do it, I would do maybe a prequel. Somebody gave me a book about Newark in the 1920s about gangsters in Newark. That kind of interests me but not enough that I would have done it.”

Golf Digest puts Jimmy Fallon on its cover to attract younger readers
“Golf is my meditation,” says “The Tonight Show” host, who doesn’t consider himself a golfer. See Fallon's photo shoot.

“Bates Motel” talk show is coming back for the Season 2 finale
"Bates Motel: After Hours” last aired after the season premiere.

Watch the trailer for USA’s “Satisfaction”
“The Glades” alum Matt Passmore stars in a “modern love story."

Watch Andi Dorfman as “The Bachelorette”
Here’s the first look at Dorfman’s season, premiering May 19.

“One Tree Hill” vet Tyler Hilton joins “Extant”
He’ll play the chief coder on the CBS drama from Steven Spielberg.

Here’s how much time it takes to binge-watch your favorite shows
Nielsen has released a chart, titled: “Just How Long is a TV Marathon?"

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