'True Detective’s' 3 new leads: 2 males, 1 female?

“True Detective’s” 3 new leads: 2 males, 1 female?
Season 2 of the HBO series will feature a 40-something male detective, a 30-something female detective and a 20-something male cop, according to Deadline. Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale and Josh Brolin are prototypes for the 40-something male detective, while Jessica Chastain is a “potential prototype” for the female detective character.

“Breaking Bad," "The Good Wife" and “True Detective” among the top TCA Award nominees
Unlike the Emmys, “True Detective” will compete in the "Outstanding Achievement in Movies, Miniseries and Specials” category at this year's Television Critics Association Awards.

“Mad Men’s” midseason finale nabs just 1.9 million viewers
That’s down from the 2.7 million who watched the Season 6 finale on the same day, but this was the first time “Mad Men” had a finale during Memorial Day Weekend.

Showtime to re-air all seasons of “Queer as Folk” and “The L Word”
To celebrate Gay Pride Month, both LGBT shows will be back next month, airing every episode through November.

BBC nearly axed “Doctor Who” after David Tennant’s exit
Steven Moffat reveals that BBC bosses didn’t think Tennant was replaceable in The Doctor role. "David owned that role in a spectacular way, gave it an all-new cheeky sexy performance and became a national treasure,” he says. "So the idea that Doctor Who could go on at all in the absence of David was a huge question.”

“The World Wars” watched by 3.4 million
The three-day History channel miniseries went up against traditional Memorial Day programming.

'The Bachelorette' couldn’t watch her one-on-one date with the late Eric Hill

“The Bachelorette” couldn’t watch her one-on-one date with the late Eric Hill
"I remember that first date so vividly, and to be honest, I cannot bring myself to watch it back,” Andi Dorfman writes on her “Bachelorette” blog. PLUS: “Bachelorette” hits a series low on Memorial Day, and last night’s episode featured man-thongs.

Letterman to moderate a discussion on Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars”
“The Late Show” host will make a rare appearance outside the Ed Sullivan Theater on June 9 to discuss the web series with Seinfeld at the Paley Center for Media.

ESPN may sell soccer games to non-cable subscribers
The proposed plan would be the first time ESPN is selling an a la carte plan.

“Mad Men” creator wanted this year’s episodes to have the "sensation of a full season”
The last two episodes could’ve served as a series finale, and Matthew Weiner says that was intentional. — he didn’t want to leave any questions unanswered like he did at the end of Season 3. "The challenge for splitting the season up is that this is the half of something, but we also wanted it to feel like all of something,” he says. "Turning these seven episodes into the sensation of a full season was a challenge, but we just concentrated on the main characters, and that's the way it worked out, even though we had a lot of ground to cover.” PLUS: John Slattery weighs in on Roger Sterling's actions, Weiner is almost done writing the finale, “Mad Men” doesn’t work when it splits the seasons, could there be a happy ending?, a great show will gobsmack you with an out-of-nowhere plot twist or style choice, how much did each partner make?, this was one of the most remarkable and funniest episodes of “Mad Men,” one of “Mad Men’s” great tricks is making you nostalgic for old “Mad Men” episodes, and “Mad Men” finally embraced happiness.

Judge Judy earns $47 million for 52 days of work a year
“People take comfort in order,” Judy Sheindlin, now 71, says of her popularity. “I also move swiftly, as opposed to a justice system and a government that is slow and meandering.”

“24: Live Another Day” premiere gets a huge DVR boost
The two-hour premiere was up 42% with Live+7 numbers accounted for.

“Justified”/“The Americans” boss to develop a WWII drama set in Nazi-occupied Paris
Graham Yost is developing the Alex Kershaw novel, "Avenue of Spies," for WGN America. It tells the true story of how an American-born doctor and his family helped the French Resistance.

Chelsea Handler asks Joel McHale about the “Late Late” rumors
“Boy, did it cause a stir in the entertainment community,” he says of his photo with Les Moonves.

Will Ferrell, Clint Eastwood, “Scandal” president Tony Goldwyn will be among the Tony presenters
Also presenting: Wayne Brady, Zach Braff and Bradley Cooper.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ billionaire dad: “I couldn't tell she was going to be a star”
The “Veep” star and her father, William Louis-Dreyfus, went on “Today” this morning to talk about selling his private art collection to benefit the nonprofit Harlem Children’s Zone.

George Clooney’s wedding may take place at the “Downton Abbey” castle
“Downton” star Hugh Bonneville, who was part of Clooney’s” Monuments Men,” helped arrange a private visit for the actor.

“48 Hours” to get an extra Monday airing
CBS has ordered new episodes for several Mondays this summer.

Happy 50th birthday, Adam Carolla!
Jimmy Kimmel’s former “Man Show” sidekick and “Catch a Contractor” star today enters his 50s.

President Obama to make his debut on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'

President Obama to make his debut on “Live with Kelly and Michael"
The president won’t actually visit the ABC morning show. Instead, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan will visit him in the White House Blue Room.

“Mad Men” creator defends, explains the midseason finale: "I never thought it would happen, actually”
"I don't want to do it all the time," says Matthew Weiner says of using dream sequences and hallucinations, "but it is the language of the show. It's as old as the flashback." PLUS: The series finale is “set in stone."

“True Detective” Season 2 will be set in California with 3 leads
“Right now, we're working with three leads,” says creator Nic Pizzolatto. "It takes place in California. Not Los Angeles, but some of the much lesser-known venues of California and we're going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambience of the place, much like we did in season one.”

Whitney Houston’s family may sue over Lifetime’s biopic
The Houston family wants to make its own movie, and reportedly feels Whitney is too big for a TV movie.

Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg recap “Game of Thrones” while stoned
Watch them smoke out while recapping the HBO series.

David Schwimmer helps NYPD officers solve a stabbing case
The “Friends” star’s surveillance video captured the aftermath of a three-person brawl.

'Mad Men’s' midseason finale counters TV’s shock addiction

“Mad Men’s” midseason finale counters TV’s shock addiction
Addressing the gentle nature of “Waterloo,” Joanna Robinson says: "I, for one, think it was a particularly fitting commentary on us, the audience, given the ghoulish way we have been predicting a bloody Manson Family end for Megan Draper for over a year. When put in the context of Peggy’s Burger Chef pitch, this episode very much held a mirror up to our modern TV watching practices and general disconnectedness.” PLUS: “Mad Men’s” humanism was all over this episode, that ending was perfect for this episode, that final scene was stagey and indulgent in an otherwise terrific episode, it was a campy moment that didn’t belong, and it was delightfully bizarre, that was Kellie Martin, and this video is a refresher on Robert Morse's past.

“Sons of Anarchy” gives Jax Teller a new look for the final season
Charlie Hunnam will be clean-shaven next year.

Norm Macdonald is hoping CBS once again does an open “Late Late Show” tryout — "I feel like I could beat out anyone else”
“I’m obviously not flavor of the month,” says the 50-year-old former Weekend Update host. “But I feel like I could beat out anyone else. I feel like I’m at my prime fighting age. I feel like a boxer sitting in my hotel room watching some flabby white guys on TV.”

Barbara Walters gives her archives to Sarah Lawrence College
The collection includes tapes, papers and photos from her five-decade career.

Casey Wilson marries her “Marry Me” boyfriend David Caspe
The two began dating while working together on Happy Endings” in 2011.

Arby’s airs a 13-hour commercial
The Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich ad, airing only in Duluth, Minnesota, targeted the Guinness World Record for ad length.

Watch Ed Helms speak to Cornell grads
"The Office" alum said at Cornell's commencement: "Andy Bernard's zealous embrace of Cornell is well-documented, but I can't tell you how meaningful and just plain cool it is to see Cornell embrace him right back."

Sofia Vergara breaks up with her fiancé
The “Modern Family” star used social media to explain why she and longtime boyfriend Nick Loeb have split.

Lisa Edelstein weds
The “House” alum and "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce” star married artist Robert Russell on Sunday.

“Hannibal” season finale, explained
Producers plan to stay true to the novel.

“All My Children’s” Matthew Cowles, husband of Christine Baranski, dies
Cowles, who played villain Billy Clyde Tuggle, died Thursday at age 69.

Meet the new 'Game of Thrones' characters for Season 5

Meet the new “Game of Thrones” characters for Season 5
A casting list for next season has been revealed. PLUS: The costume designers reveal their secrets, here are “Tyrion’s Angels,” and George R.R. Martin has remained loyal to LiveJournal.

Fox finally releases its “Red Band Society” trailer
The children’s hospital drama starring Octavia Spencer is from Steven Spielberg.

Ellen now backing “Britain’s Got Talent” stars
Can Ellen DeGeneres make American TV stars out of two British boys, ages 13 and 15, who impressed as a rap duo on UK TV?

ABC’s “The Whispers” cast is being uprooted from L.A. to Vancouver
The alien drama shot its pilot in Los Angeles, and its cast expected to film there. Now cast members will have to move to Canada to take advantage of tax breaks.

Michael C. Hall on the “Dexter” finale: "I don’t think I even watched it”
“I thought it was narratively satisfying—but it was not so savory,” he says of the final episode, adding: “I think the show had lost a certain amount of torque.”

“Mad Men” has been excellent heading into its Season 7A finale
The 7th season, so far, "has done some of its best work so far by leaning on its own weighty past,” says Genevieve Valentine. PLUS: John Slattery says "Nudity alone is easy,” the 15 best recurring characters, what inspired “Amy from Delaware"? watch before they were on “Mad Men,” and why “Mad Men” fans want Megan Draper dead.

Maksim: I definitely want to be a “Dancing with the Stars” judge
Maksim Chmerkovskiy says he’s willing to return in a judging capacity. PLUS: "My goal was always to win and walk away, but I never won, so I could never walk away,” says Maksim.

Michael Jace’s in-laws start a campaign to help his kids
“The Shield” alum’s in-laws are also trying to raise $20,000 to help pay for Jace’s wife’s funeral.

Pete Holmes thanks "Consies O’Breezies,” says this is not the end
Holmes addressed his TBS show cancelation in a Facebook post, writing: "I feel like we've been given a calling card, a body of work that survives past this show being on the air. I feel a little silly, like Braveheart or something, screaming, 'THIS IS NOT THE END!' But it's not. We are going out to see where our style fits and makes the most sense and in what way. I feel like we lost our bowl, but we're still some pretty f*cking delicious soup.” PLUS: Why Holmes was refreshing for late-night.

What does “WWE Smackdown” sound like with unedited crowd noise
A pre-production broadcast of tonight’s episode has leaked online, complete with announcer flubs and the unsweetened crowd noise.

On Hulu, low-rated network shows are considered hits
“Parks and Recreation,” for instance, was the No. 1 show on Hulu in April.

“Boy Meets World” fans may be devastated by “Girl Meets World”
The spinoff is exactly like every other current Disney Channel sitcom.

“Star-Crossed” creator reveals what would’ve happened if the show wasn’t canceled
Season 2 would’ve opened three months later.

HGTV has canceled “Design Star”
Vern Yip says he’s “disappointed" the design competition won’t be back after seven seasons.

Woman ordered to spend 1 year in prison for going on “Dr. Phil”
Mandi Jackson was on probation for check forgery and was forbidden from leaving Rapid City, Iowa.

VH1’s “Hit the Floor” is spinning off a web series
“Inside the Arena” will feature the stars of “Hit the Floor” in character as they discuss the storylines that are unfolding on the TV series.

In defense of the ladies of “The Big Bang Theory”
So what if they aren’t representative of real women?

Sarah Silverman finally comments on “Masters of Sex” boyfriend Michael Sheen
Silverman addressed her relationship on “The View”: "Look, this is so awkward. Listen, I love his body, but I also love what's on the inside."

Tina Fey’s college photo is not far off from “30 Rock's" young Liz Lemon
Check out Fey with short poofy hair.

“World Wars” uses 2 actors, young and old, for Hitler, FDR, Churchill
The six-hour History channel event, premiering Memorial Day, tracks the world leaders, also including Mussolini, Patton and FDR, from WWI to WWII.

“The Simpsons” inspires an economics book
"Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics” is the successor to “The Simpsons and Philosophy,” "The Psychology of the Simpsons” and "The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets.”

Why have viewers been averse to NBC’s “Hannibal”?
Is it because the show goes all-in in portraying Hannibal as a villain?

Happy 40th birthday, Ken Jennings!
The “Jeopardy!” champ was born on the same day as Jewel.

Why “Silicon Valley’s” T.J. Miller was at a D.C. murder scene this week
Turns out he was doing a police ride-along as research for a role.

Check out Lena Dunham’s “Girls” stunt double
"Any time I need to crash a car of fly off a bike, this bad bitch appears,” Dunham wrote on her Instagram.

Disney Channel casts “Descendants”
Here’s who’s playing the Evil Queen, the Fairy Godmother, Jafar and Cruella.

Why “Idol” runner-up Jenna Asciutto was known as “Jena Irene”
Producers kept getting her name wrong, and the new one stuck.

See a preview of “Ray Donovan” Season 2
The Showtime series returns July 13.

What it’s like to compete on “American Ninja Warrior”
The NBC series returns on Monday.

Amazon unveils its 1st kid's show, a stop-motion animated series called “Tumble Life”
The show follows a blue fox named Fig and his animal friends.

Animal Planet drenches Shannen Doherty in blood this weekend
"Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys” premieres Sunday, co-starring Doherty and Christopher Lloyd.

All-star cast helps “The Normal Heart” rise above Ryan Murphy’s many directorial flaws
If you do watch the film,” says Maureen Ryan, "just be aware that every few minutes you may wish that someone -- anyone -- other than Murphy had directed it. Murphy is a self-indulgent director and not particularly rigorous or disciplined. He serves his own muse, not necessarily the needs of the material, and though it's a classic, Kramer's play is also unwieldy and outright clumsy at time. To say that the collision between the material and the director is often awkward and ungainly is putting it mildly.” PLUS: Murphy gets in the way of his powerful story, a heavy sense of obligation runs through Murphy’s direction, the film will rock you to your emotional roots, it will drive any viewer with a heart to tears, Julia Roberts is miscast but essential for the film’s making, the film retains Larry Kramer’s furious soul, and Matt Bomer talks about dropping 30 pounds and being considered too beautiful for the role.

Netflix interested in a 'Wet Hot American Summer' TV series — with the original cast

Netflix interested in a “Wet Hot American Summer” TV prequel — with the original cast
The 2001 cult comedy film about a summer camp had a slew of now-big names, from Amy Poehler to Paul Rudd to Bradley Cooper, plus Janeane Garofalo, Michael Ian Black, Molly Shannon, Judah Friedlander, Ken Marino, David Hyde Pierce, Elizabeth Banks and Christopher Meloni. The proposed series would follow the “Arrested Development” model of each cast member shooting their scenes separately over the course of a few days.

“The Shield’s” Catherine Dent joins AMC’s “Galyntine” pilot
Dent, who can currently be seen on “Gang Related” on Fox, will co-star in the drama about a technology-less post-apocalyptic future.

BBC teases the Peter Capaldi's 'Doctor Who' — landing in August

BBC teases the Peter Capaldi's “Doctor Who” — landing in August
Here’s a 15-second glimpse of the newly regenerated Doctor.

Justin Bieber will appear on 'SYTYCD' this season

Justin Bieber will appear on “SYTYCD” this season
Starting next week, when "So You Think You Can Dance" returns, Bieber will appear in a new segment introducing two top dance crews with choreographer Nick DeMoura.


TBS cancels the Conan O’Brien-produced “The Pete Holmes Show”
The talk show that premiered after “Conan” on Oct. 28 starring comedian Pete Holmes is finished after just two seasons.

Will Smith shopping a Miami-set New Year’s Eve TV special

Will Smith shopping a Miami-set New Year’s Eve TV special
The proposed countdown special could feature Smith performing, and an appearance by David Beckham.

“Supernatural” promotes Mark Sheppard
He’ll become a series regular next season.

Analyzing the “SNL” newbies: Which had the most and least impact?
Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett, both from the Good Neighbor sketch comedy group, were clearly the breakout stars of the new bunch. They might be, respectively, the new Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis. PLUS: Breaking down each “SNL” cast member’s contribution to Season 39.

“Last Comic Standing” has a solid return, “Gang Related” disappoints
Meanwhile, a “Big Bang Theory” rerun was the highest-rated show on the first night after the end of the TV season.

Watch Howard Stern and Howie Mandel dancing on “America’s Got Talent”
Watch the two “AGT” judges take dance lessons on the new season.

Quentin Tarantino planning a 'Django Unchained' miniseries, featuring 90 minutes of unused footage

Quentin Tarantino planning a “Django Unchained” miniseries, featuring 90 minutes of unused footage
Tarantino said at the Cannes Film Festival he plans to turn those 90 minutes into four one-hour episodes. "It wouldn't be an endurance test,” he says. "It would be a mini-series and people love those. You show people a four-hour movie and they roll their eyes. Show people a four-part mini-series and they'll sit and watch it all in one sitting."

President Obama will introduce History channel's “The World Wars” on Memorial Day
The six-hour, three-night event kicks off on Monday, including interviews with Colin Powell and Sen. John McCain.

Meet “The Bachelorette's” Julliard-educated composer
Brad Segal, who’s worked on "The Bachelor" franchise for more than a decade, is responsible for creating “sad music,” “tense music” and “goofy guy” music.

“Dr. Drew” co-host sues Johnny Manziel, claiming sexual harassment
HLN’s Samantha Schacher claims the Cleveland Browns QB repeatedly sent nude selfies to her. UPDATE: Samantha Schacher denies filing lawsuit, says she's the victim of a hoax.

Watch nudists on TLC’s “Buying Naked”
The nudity realty show debuts on June 28.