'Better Call Saul' will be set in 2002, Michael McKean will play Saul’s brother

“Better Call Saul” will be set in 2002, Michael McKean will play Saul’s brother
Also, Saul Goodman’s name is not yet Saul Goodman, says Vince Gilligan, who adds that Walter White will only show up if it makes sense. "If it makes sense we’ll do it, if it doesn’t make sense we won’t,” he said. “I’d love to have him as a director … character wise, who knows? Maybe there’s a way to do it.”

AMC orders martial arts drama “Badlands” straight to series
The drama from the “Smallville” team tells the story of a great warrior and a young boy’s journey, based on the classic Chinese tale "Journey to the West.”

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Starz will split 'Outlander’s' 1st season in half and preview it early

Starz will split “Outlander’s” 1st season in half and preview it early
Ronald D. Moore’s new series will be available online one week before its Aug. 9 debut.

“Pawnography” is a hit for History channel
The “Pawn Stars” spinoff game show debuted to 2.82 million viewers.

Thomas Jane to star in Syfy’s “The Expanse”
The “Hung” alum will play the lead role in a space opera set 200 years in the future.

“Fifty Shades of Grey”: The Starz TV series?
Starz CEO Chris Albrecht revealed today he tried years ago to turn the EL James bestseller into a TV series, to no avail.

Showtime promoting “Masters of Sex” by having 20 strangers “Undress Me”
Watch the black and white video by the director of the viral “First Kiss” video.

DirecTV’s “Kingdom” adds “Queer Eye’s” Jai Rodriguez and “Lost’s” Zuleikha Robinson
They’ll appear in several episodes of the MMA gym series.

MTV “Happyland” star: “Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!”
The controversial MTV show featuring what appears to be an incestuous relationship has critics buzzing — watch the trailer.

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Fox halts production on its naked dating show pilot

Fox halts production on its naked dating show pilot
Unlike VH1’s “Dating Naked,” Fox’s naked dating reality show would’ve had its contestants going on dates in the buff in front of a studio audience.

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Report: Colin Farrell is 'deep in negotiations' to join 'True Detective'

Report: Colin Farrell is “deep in negotiations” to join “True Detective”
It looks likely that Farrell will be part of the Season 2 cast, according to Deadline. PLUS: Taylor Kitsch is also reportedly in consideration for Season 2.

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MTV renews 'Catfish'

MTV renews “Catfish”
The reality hit will be back for a 4th season.

"The Good Wife" is bringing Josh Charles back, as a director
Charles says he’s expected to direct his 4th episode of the CBS drama.

MTV greenlights fantasy series “Shannara”
The “high fantasy” show is based on Terry Books’ series of novels.

Watch VH1’s “Dating Naked” trailer
There’s a lot of blurring, except for the bottoms.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues her war with Rosie on Instagram

Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues her war with Rosie on Instagram
Read the Fox News star’s hand-written response to Rosie O’Donnell.

"HIMYM" co-creator: We're done with “How I Met Your Dad”
Carter Bays says a report of redeveloping the pilot for next year is untrue. "I don't know why I keep reading articles about this, but since nobody bothers asking us: We are really, truly not working on HIMYD anymore,” he tweeted, adding: "HIMYD was fun to work on, terrific cast, terrific writer, but it's over now and we have other stuff we want to do ... .Maybe in the future it could be something, but I think we need to try something new before we go back to it." Adds co-creator Craig Thomas: "Sadly, that project will not move forward."

Why the Emmy nominations process is “completely insane”
The entire process has become a “dungeon of traps” to ensure that the best shows don’t get through.

CNN’s S.E. Cupp could join “The View"
Cupp could end up becoming the conservative panelist on the ABC talk show.

Brian Williams makes a sex joke about screwing on “NBC Nightly News"
"How long until someone on television points out that during the shutdown the folks in Washington are apparently doing at home what Washington has been accused of doing to the American people?”

“Welcome to Sweden” debuts to 3.5 million
The Amy Poehler’s brother comedy had a soft debut, despite NBC calling it the 2nd highest-rated summer comedy launch in five years (after "Undateable").

A Ted Williams miniseries is in the works
The baseball legend’s life will be adapted from the book "The Kid: The Immortal Life Of Ted Williams.”

“Glee” star Becca Tobin's boyfriend found dead in a hotel room
Police are seeking to interview Tobin after her boyfriend was found face down in a hotel room in Philadelphia, reports TMZ.

“Homeland” Season 4 details, revealed
Carrie will be mentally stable next season, producers promise — at least when it comes to managing her mental illness.

Jimmy Fallon reflected on his 6 Emmy noms during his “Tonight Show” monologue
Fallon devoted 2 1/2 minutes to joking about being nominated.

Dana Carvey sings “Choppin’ Broccoli” with an orchestra on Fallon
Watch Carvey redo his classic “SNL” sketch.

Jerry Seinfeld is now a model
Seinfeld is making his modeling debut for Rag & Bone's Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.

Fred Armisen is doing bits for Seth Meyers from “Portlandia”
Watch the first installment of Armisen’s “FredEx” segment.

Joel McHale: My “True Detective” spoof Emmy nomination shows the power of Matthew McConaughey
"It just shows you how successful McConaughey has been the last couple years — even when you parody him, you get nominated,” says the first-time Emmy nominee. "He’s nominated, and the parody of him is nominated, so I’m sure they’ll be having us present together."

Claim: “Downton Abbey” stars told to lose weight and stop snacking on set
"Between takes and reshoots some actors were munching through a loaf’s worth of sarnies,” a source tells The Sun.

With an Emmy nomination, Jodie Foster is becoming known for her TV-directing skills
Foster earned her 2nd overall Emmy nomination yesterday for directing “Orange is the New Black.”

FX delivering exclusive “The Strain” content to Xbox users
The content includes a fan Q&A with Guillermo del Toro and behind-the-scenes videos.

James Gandolfini’s son attends a charity event with his dad’s “Sopranos” co-star
Check out Michael Gandolfini, 14, with Tony Sirico.

Janice Dickinson apologizes to Tyra Banks
“The one regret I've had is badmouthing Miss Tyra Banks when I was not speaking with a sober mindset,” Dickinson says of her former “America’s Next Top Model” co-star.

“American Idol” tour loses one of its singers
Seventh-place finisher Dexter Roberts has been too ill to participate.

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Emmy nominations were mostly right, but it’s fun to complain about 'snubs' anyway

Emmy nominations were mostly right, but it’s fun to complain about “snubs” anyway
"The simple fact is it’s no fun being reasonable about the Emmys,” says Willa Paskin. She adds: "The Emmys are now generally sophisticated enough that getting exercised about them feels worth it. And that, more than anything, is a reflection of just how much excellent television the Emmys has to choose from. The Emmys, even when not making boneheaded mistakes … couldn’t possibly acknowledge everyone deserving. And this is obviously great, if occasionally infuriating. But it’s infuriating in an invigorating way: Who wants to have exactly the same opinions as the Emmys?”
Snubs should be expected when there’s so much great TV
—How to fix the Emmys: Expand the major categories to 10 nominees
—Read a preview of Matthew McConaughey’s Emmy acceptance speech
Gaming the system proved beneficial to “True Detective” and “OITNB”
“OITNB” cast members instagrammed their celebration pics from the set
Tatiana Maslany should benefit from being snubbed
“The Good Wife” didn’t get snubbed — it got spurned!
Mindy Kaling kept it together while announcing her own Emmy snub
—It’s Jay Leno vs. Jerry Seinfeld in the same Emmy category
Steve Buscemi was nominated for AOL’s “Park Bench"
—“Silicon Valley,” “True Detective,” “Masters of Sex” among contenders for best opening sequence
Matt Bomer says “it’s great” to be up against 3 of his “Normal Heart” co-stars
The British continue to “invade” acting categories
Emmy trivia: Louis CK and Melissa McCarthy were nominated again for hosting "SNL"

Emmy nominee Kurt Sutter says “Sons of Anarchy” fans would lose viewers if his show got major Emmy recognition
An Emmy nominee for co-writing the song that ended Season 6, Sutter penned a piece for NikkiFinke.com explaining that "I still suffer the emotional and spiritual depletion every July when ‘Sons of Anarchy’ gets zero nominations in all major categories.” But he adds that if "SOA" was actually nominated in a major category, "My bombastic outlaw-a**hole reputation would be tarnished. Or rather,  untarnished. I’d be just another smiling douchebag in a new suit, pretending to give a shit on the red carpet. Actually…taking a sh*t on the red carpet, that’s something that might drop as a ‘real and honest moment.’”

“The Comeback” Season 2 will follow Valerie Cherish on her new HBO show
This time, she’ll be followed by a behind-the-scenes crew as she gets cast on an HBO dramedy. “The DNA that we liked about Valerie is her in front of a camera unedited,” says co-creator Michael Patrick King. However, “this time we found a different way to get her in front of the camera because we wanted to evolve the character.” PLUS: It isn’t certain if “The Comeback” will come back for Season 3.

Ryan Murphy's shows earned 34 Emmy nominations
Murphy’s “American Horror Story,” “The Normal Heart” and “Glee” had more nominations than Netflix, Showtime and AMC.

Frances McDormand has been too busy to watch FX’s “Fargo”
McDormand, the star of the “Fargo” movie and the wife of Joel Coen, was promoting her HBO miniseries “Oliver Kittredge” at the TV press tour today when she was asked about the FX “Fargo.” "I will take a (‘Fargo’) question but I will not do the accent,” she said. PLUS: McDormand says HBO was brave to make the 4-part “Traumedy” “Oliver Kittreddge."

The majority of Americans use a 2nd screen while watching TV
About 56% of American viewers watch TV while using a smartphone, a computer or tablet, but that’s far behind many Asian countries.

Dave Grohl slams reality TV “song contests"
“I don't want my kid to think that the only way you can be a musician is  to stand in line at a song contest audition, and then wind up having a bazillionaire tell you if you're not a good singer,” Grohl said at the TCA panel promoting his new HBO series. “Don't get me started. To me, that's not what music's about.”

Cinemax plans to show the final season of “Strike Back” sometime next year
Production was delayed after star Sullivan Stapleton was injured.

“Getting On” cast and crew were asked about HBO’s lack of promotion
We’re a … tiny show, unlike any other show on HBO,” said exec producer Mark V. Olsen. “We’re a guerrilla show. We were always going to come in under the radar.”

Why Fox should pull the plug on “Glee” now
"Even high schoolers know you're supposed to rip the Band-Aid off."

Leah Remini addresses the camera crews on her new TLC reality show
Remini turns out to be too self conscious of the cameras on “Leah Remini: It’s All Relative,” which premieres tonight.

Roger Ebert’s documentary poster was photoshopped to put a smile on his face
It looks like the marketing department for “Life Itself” tried to soften his image.

Sprout channel is having its new space animal characters “break in” to other kids’ shows
To promote “Astroblast!,” Sprout is having its characters invade other shows on the kiddie cable network for five to 10 seconds.

Dan Rather reacts to Robert Redford playing him on the big screen
The former CBS News anchor tells The Hollywood Reporter: "I at least know enough to recognize that having the Sundance Kid make a film about political and corporate interference of news can only help audiences understand why a truly independent press and strong investigative reporting are so important in a country such as ours."

“Elementary” casts a new protégé for Sherlock
British actress Ophelia Lovibond will play Lucy Liu’s rival.

An appreciation of Meshach Taylor
His “Designing Women” character, Anthony Bouvier, proved to be groundbreaking.

Watch a preview of truTV’s 1st sketch comedy show
The cable network devoted to reality shows is expanding to scripted programming with “Friends of the People.”

“Pawn Stars” spawns “Pawnography”
Rick Harrison says of the History channel game show, premiering tonight: "We were throwing so much stuff against the wall for a couple of years. Originally, they just wanted me to be in it, and I just thought it would just be so much funnier and so much fun with Corey and Chum in it.”

See what “Modern Family’s” Jesse Tyler Ferguson looked like in high school
Check out the Emmy nominee's yearbook photo.

El Rey Network renews “Matador” before its premiere
Season 2 will air next year.

Emilie de Ravin’s marriage is ending
The “Lost” and “Once Upon a Time” star actually filed for divorce in 2007, but her husband has recently filed papers to end their marriage.

NBC’s “Working the Engels” wants to be “Arrested Development”
The new comedy has assembled all the right ingredients, but without any of the right quirks.

Amy Poehler’s brother wrote “Welcome to Sweden” with the help of “How I Met Your Mother”
"I had a big, gigantic, clunky Dell computer in my attic,” says Greg Poehler, "and it’s kind of embarrassing, but I’m not even joking, I started by Googling 'How to write a script.’ That was step one. In quotes. 'How to write a script.’ And then I cut and pasted the 'How I Met Your Mother' pilot, which is available online when you type in 'How to write a script.' And then kind of just went from there. I had no idea what I was doing.” PLUS: Amy Poehler says her brother has always been funny, “Welcome to Sweden” is NBC’s best comedy in a long time, it’s actually funny with a story to tell, it requires active watching by going in and out of English, this could become an NBC utility player, and  “Sweden” is the terrible antithesis of “Parks and Rec."

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'Constantine' says goodbye to its female lead, Lucy Griffiths

“Constantine” says goodbye to its female lead, Lucy Griffiths
The NBC drama based on “Hellblazer” is moving in a different direction, one that won’t include Griffiths’ character Liv, who is teamed up with Constantine.

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'Boardwalk Empire' returns for a final, 8-episode season on Sept. 7

“Boardwalk Empire” returns for a final, 8-episode season on Sept. 7
HBO confirmed today that Season 5 will be set during the Depression in 1931. PLUS: "The Comeback" will come back in November, along with "Getting On."

“True Detective” creator: “There are four central roles” for the California-set Season 2
Nic Pizzolatto wouldn’t reveal much more, but HBO programming chief Michael Lombardo said today: “The two scripts we have are… I hate to jinx it, but are more exciting than the first season,” and casting announcements should come next week.

HBO isn’t concerned about the “Game of Thrones” books, says Larry David is still thinking about “Curb Your Enthusiasm”
HBO programming chief Michael Lombardo said he recently bumped into Larry David. “I said, ‘So Larry, should I emotionally get Curb out of my head?’ He says, ‘No, no, no.’ As long as he’s still thinking about it, we have a place for him.”

“Big Brother” will begin tracking housemates’ every move with wireless activity trackers
The Fitbit Flex trackers will generate information that will be posted on CBS.com.

Donald Trump calls Rosie’s “View” return “a good move” — but "Rosie always self-destructs”
Rosie O’Donnell’s longtime nemesis says: “I think it’s a good move on ABC’s part. It’ll have a short term positive effect. The show has really missed not having Barbara (Walters) on it. With that said, it’ll have a short term positive impact, but then you have the long term. Rosie always self-destructs.”

HBO will show Beyonce and Jay-Z’s “On the Run” tour
The “major musical event” will tape in Paris in September.

Cinemax renews Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick” before its premiere
The 1900-set NYC hospital drama won’t premiere for another two months.

Kate Mulgrew earned her very 1st Emmy nomination today
"This is my first Emmy nomination,” she says of her “Orange is the New Black” nod. "Can you believe it, after 40 years in this business?"

Ali Larter: I’m not reprising my “Heroes” role
Larter says she’s too committed to TNT’s “Legends” to return for “Heroes: Reborn.”

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Fox reveals fall premiere dates

Fox reveals fall premiere dates
Fox’s fall season kicks off on Sept. 7 with “Utopia,” “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project” return Sept. 16, “Gotham” debuts on Sept. 22 and “Mulaney” won’t premiere until Oct. 5.

“How I Met Your Dad” may be revived next year with a brand-new cast
The pilot starring Greta Gerwig is officially dead since the casts’ contracts expired last month. But according to TV Line, “How I Met Your Mother” creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are planning to redevelop “HIMYD” for the 2015-16 season.

11 black actors received Emmy nominations this year
That’s the most since “Roots” was up for consideration in 1977.

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