Jimmy Kimmel takes shots at ABC, Fox’s 'Gotham,' NBC musicals

Jimmy Kimmel takes shots at ABC, Fox’s “Gotham,” NBC musicals
During his annual upfront standup routine, Kimmel also offered advertisers the chance to pay $25 million for naming rights for his baby — a “cervical integration.” Kimmel also called Fox’s “Gotham” “the show for people who love everything about Batman except Batman” Kimmel also proposed a show called “Kittens with Cancer” while questioning NBC’s strategy: “You know what you do when you’re No. 1? You double down and hit ‘em with Peter mother#$%^ing Pan. Is (NBC Entertainment chief) Bob (Greenblatt) running a network or a high school theater camp?”

ABC posts full trailers for its new shows
Here’s a full look at “Fresh Off the Boat,” "Forever," "Galavant," "The Whispers," “Cristela” and “Secrets and Lies."

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Anderson Cooper gets a huge boost from interviewing Donald Sterling

Anderson Cooper gets a huge boost from interviewing Donald Sterling
Cooper’s CNN show was up 73% in the key news demo last night.

“Girls” adds a former “Homeland” terrorist as Hannah's classmate
Actress Marin Ireland is joining the cast next season as Hannah’s “rich, sexual, beautiful but cold” classmate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

ABC boss calls Shonda Rhimes “the Charles Dickens of the 21st Century”
"I call her the Charles Dickens of the 21st Century if Charles Dickens had been black and a woman,” said ABC Entertainment president Paul Lee at the network’s up fronts.

Here are 8 ways “Mulaney” resembles “Seinfeld”
Is “SNL’s” Nasim Pedrad the new Elaine?

“Mad Men’s” Ginsberg might be schizophrenic, says a psychiatrist
Dr. Paul Puri says of this week’s episode: "Through the contemporary psychiatric lens, which is very biology-based, the show has really dropped hints all along that Ginsberg is an odd guy and possibly on the schizophrenia spectrum.”

Watch the trailer for ABC’s new fantasy reality show “The Quest”
“The Quest” mixes geek fantasy with a reality competition.

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'The Walking Dead' offers the 1st glimpse of Andrew Lincoln in Season 5

“The Walking Dead” offers the 1st glimpse of Andrew Lincoln in Season 5
What is Rick Grimes looking at?

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ABC defends putting racy 'Grey’s Anatomy' on during the 8 pm family hour

ABC defends putting racy “Grey’s Anatomy” on during the 8 pm family hour
“I think it’s much less relevant than it was than five years ago,” ABC Entertainment boss Paul Lee said of the network family hour, adding: “We will make sure whatever we air is appropriate.” PLUS: Lee is sorry to see “Trophy Wife” go.

Simon Cowell launching “La Banda” on Univision
Cowell is teaming with the Spanish-language network to find a Latino boy band.

Clay Aiken officially wins his Democratic Congressional primary 1 day after his opponent’s death
The “Idol” alum, who was declared winner today, said his opponent Keith Crisco was “a gentleman, a good and honorable man and an extraordinary public servant. I was honored to know him.”

Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon last night told the exact same Donald Sterling joke
“The Tonight Show” and “Late Night” tape 90 minutes apart. Doesn’t NBC have somebody monitoring their monologues?

Anna Gunn hints at a “Better Call Saul” cameo
“I just heard a little rumor about that,” says the “Gracepoint” star and “Breaking Bad” alum.

University of Iowa reveals the “Girls” scenes it rejected — Hannah’s bungles with bikes
The writers sent the university descriptions of the scenes it wanted to shoot on campus, and the university released those e-mails to the local Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper.

MSNBC sued for mistaking a man named Keith Todd for a criminal named Todd Keith
Keith Todd was featured on the reality show “Caught on Camera.”

CBS still hasn’t picked up “How I Met Your Dad”
If the “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff isn’t picked up by Wednesday, it could end up on another network.

Alec Baldwin goes on Twitter rant after his wrong-way bike arrest
"New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign,” he tweeted.

“Game of Thrones’” Shae speaks
"I wouldn't call it shrewd,” Sibel Kekilli says of this week’s episode. "I would rather call it straight and fearless.”

Larry King finds Andy Cohen a date on Tinder
“You mean, it's only for gays?” King asked.

“NCIS” boss: How we’re sending off Ralph Waite tonight
"Every character has their moment to say goodbye” on tonight’s season finale, says Gary Glasberg. "Tremendous thought went into the funeral scene.”

“The Blacklist”: Here are the highs and lows from Season 1
James Spader was of course a high, Megan Boone’s wig was a low. PLUS: The season finale delivered, and the show ended up owning its clichéd lameness.

Introducing John Krasinski’s daughter
The former “Office” star tweeted a photo of his And Emily Blunt’s first child, Hazel.

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Watch ABC’s new show trailers

Watch ABC’s new show trailers
Check out Anthony Anderson in “Black-ish,” Karen Gillan in “Selfie” and Viola Davis in “How to Get Away with Murder.”

“24” tumbles
The 2nd week of “Live Another Day” was down 24% in the demo. Meanwhile, the season finales of “Castle” and “The Blacklist” did well, while the final episode of “Star-Crossed” was up 33%.

“Castle” creator: "It's not like we're playing a love triangle or anything”
Andrew W. Marlowe explains last night’s season finale.

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ABC unveils its fall schedule: 'Scandal' moves to 9 pm as part of a 3-hour Shonda Rhimes Thursday block

ABC unveils its fall schedule: “Scandal” moves to 9 pm as part of a 3-hour Shonda Rhimes Thursday block
Shonda Rhimes’ "How to Get Away with Murder” will follow “Scandal” while her “Grey’s Anatomy” will precede it on the Thursday lineup. Meanwhile,” “Black-ish” will air after “Modern Family” while “Selfie” will kick off the Tuesday lineup. PLUS: Shonda Rhimes inks new 4-year deal with ABC Studios

Happy 50th birthday, Stephen Colbert!
“The Colbert Report” and future “Late Show” star turns 50 today, so listen to his royalty-free birthday song.

Meet Sarah Baker, the star of last night’s “Louie” “Fat Lady” episode
“The only description that I had (of the role) was that she was a waitress at the Comedy Cellar,” says Baker. "I think it said she was 'friendly, funny and comfortable in her own skin.' But that’s all I knew until I got there.” PLUS: This was one of the most thought-provoking episodes of TV this season, Louis CK gives parenting advice to Jimmy Fallon, and "Louie's" daughter talks about her subway role last night.

Alec Baldwin arrested for a bike-riding crime
The former “30 Rock” star was caught riding the wrong way down a one-way street.

Read an oral history of “The West Wing": Sidney Poitier was originally eyed for president
The cast is looking back exactly 15 years after the NBC drama was picked up to series.

Maya Rudolph joins Twitter
The former “SNL” star is now tweeting days before her “Maya Rudolph Show” debut.

“The Odd Couple” loses 2, including Sarah Baker from last night’s “Louie”
Baker, who had reunited with Matthew Perry after co-starring with him on “Go On,” is exiting the CBS series along with Georgia King.

Watch Will Forte in Fox’s “The Last Man On Earth” trailer
The “SNL” alum stars in the Fox comedy this midseason.

Writer sues claiming he was owed “The Arsenio Hall Show” head writer job
Paul Raff claims he had an agreement with Hall to head up his writing staff. He’s seeking $2 million.

“Dancing” called “contrived" by Olympic champion Charlie Davis
Davis didn’t like being in the Bottom 2 with his Olympic partner Meryl Davis.

See a sneak peek at “The Simpsons”-“Family Guy” crossover episode
A photo was leaked from yesterday’s Fox upfront presentation.

Sherri Shepherd files for divorce after her husband files for separation
“The View” star responded Monday to her husband’s separation filing.

Watch Jimmy Fallon, Neil Young and Jack White make late-night history by pressing a record on stage
Young performed in a Jack White recording booth on “The Tonight Show” stage.

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Donald Sterling melts down in Anderson Cooper interview

Donald Sterling melts down in Anderson Cooper interview
The CNN host’s "went worst that you thought it could" interview with the embattled L.A. Clippers owner will be studied in crisis public-relations classes for years to come. PLUS: How Cooper landed the interview.

Judging Fox’s fall trailers: “Gracepoint” may have fall TV’s best new cast
Also, is “Mulaney” desperately trying to be the next “Seinfeld”?

“Sharknado” is headed to theaters with a “Mystery Science Theater 3000” twist
Audiences in 650 theaters this July will get to hear live commentary from “MST3K” vets Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett.

NBC expects original “Heroes” characters to “drop in” on “Heroes Reborn”
"Some familiar faces from the show are bound to drop in,” NBC Entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt said at the NBC Upfronts.

Blair Waldorf’s “Gossip Girl” penthouse is for sale for $30 million
Only the exterior of the penthouse has appeared on the CW series.

Meet “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman’s suitors
They include a “pantsapreneur” and an opera singer. PLUS: Juan Pablo “Bachelor” alum Cassandra Ferguson gets engaged to her son’s dad.

“Hawaii Five-0’s” Daniel Dae Kim to address University of Hawaii graduates
The former “Lost” star will be among several commencement speakers for this year’s class.

"Game of Thrones’” Reek on his "heartbreaking and heart-wrenching” circumstance
"In terms of physically being Reek, it's quite exhausting,” says actor Alfie Allen.

“Futurama” fans create a Zoidberg costume
Watch the creation of a real-life version of the lobster-esque alien.

Michelle Fairley talks about her “challenging part” on “24: Live Another Day"
The “Game of Thrones” alum says: "She's a passionate woman, and she's driven not only by her belief, but also by revenge. And I did a lot of research about people who are not born into a certain belief, but take it on. The love, passion, commitment, and just sheer bloody-mindedness, when it comes to achieving your goals.”

Chris Colfer says of the negative “Glee” media gossip: “It’s really sad”
"I've seen some of my closest friends on ‘Glee' go through where these horrible things are written about them and none of it is true,” he says, "but some reporter wants to get a hit, they say so-and-so is a raging bitch.”

Kevin Bacon’s brother starring in Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon ads
Michael Bacon is the other less famous Bacon.

Is Noah Wyle responsible for making “Noah” the most popular baby name in America?
Are there still that many diehard “ER” fans?

Count down the Top 50 sci-fi shows
From “Land of the Lost” to “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century."

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Watch Fox’s new show trailers

Watch Fox’s new show trailers
Fox has officially released the trailers for “Gotham,” “Empire,” Rainn Wilson in “Backstrom,” reality show “Utopia,” “Waywad Pines,” “Hieroglyph,” “Mulaney” and check out David Tennant's American accent on “Gracepoint."

“Penny Dreadful” debuts to 1.4 million
The Showtime series’ premiere topped the launches of “Masters of Sex” and “Homeland.”

Fox boss: “We're eventizing our entertainment slate”
With “American Idol” falling, Fox’s new goal is to give viewers an “urgency to view.” PLUS: Fox’s Upfronts promotes “Sober Companion,” even though the Justin Long comedy has yet to be picked up.

Jon Stewart’s movie will premiere in the U.S. this fall
"Rosewater,” the film Stewart took a leave of absence for last summer, has landed a U.S. distribution deal.

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Clay Aiken’s Democratic Congressional primary opponent dies

Clay Aiken’s Democratic Congressional primary opponent dies
It looks like the former “Idol” has won the Democratic primary for a North Carolina Congressional seat after his opponent, 71-year-old Keith Crisco, died in a fall this afternoon. Aiken's race vs. Crisco had been too close to call, with Aiken leading by 369 votes.

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'Once Upon a Time' boss: 'We’re dealing with the world of ‘Frozen’'

“Once Upon a Time” boss: “We’re dealing with the world of ‘Frozen’”
“That was Elsa,” exec producer Adam Horowitz says, adding: "We are honored to be allowed to do it. We loved the movie. We fell in love with it when it came out last year like everyone did, and we want to do our best to do it justice.” PLUS: Producers were surprised the big reveal was a surprise.

NBC banking on “The Blacklist” and its late-night dominance
At this morning’s upfronts, NBC said it is counting on the James Spader drama to help rebuild its Thursday lineup. PLUS: Rating NBC’s new show trailers.

“Mad Men” could be taken down by history
SC&P doesn’t look so good, based on historical events. PLUS: What that nipple crisis really means, and Megan is now the most compelling character on “Mad Men."

Michael J. Fox: "If you want to hide from the FBI, go on NBC on Thursday nights”
Fox made the crack about his failed NBC sitcom this morning on “The View.”

Jimmy Fallon tonight presents late-night’s 1st vinyl-pressing
Fallon tweets: "Making history tonight - Neil Young is going to perform and press a vinyl with the help of Jack White live on the show. One take. Fun.”

“Orange is the New Black” releases posters of its characters in action
Check out moving images of Nicky and Sophia.

Tonight’s David Boreanaz-directed “Bones” season finale is “literally explosive,” like “24"
So says John Francis Daley: “The way David directed it was with a focus on people being very intense because we’re dealing with some heavy stuff. So it was fun to play it as the stakes were higher than ever. It was almost like filming an episode of 24 in that sense. Every scene is high-stakes.”

Megan Boone promises “a very epic finale” for “The Blacklist”
"You will get a lot of answers,” she says. "It’s a very, very involved episode. We reach a lot of conclusions, and just as we’ve been doing throughout the series, we open new questions."

Putting last night’s “Game of Thrones” in context
The books give more details on Tyrion’s trial. PLUS: Tywin is terrible with money, and “GoT’ is really a game of reputation management.

Are music shows dying?
“American Idol” is “now your grandmother’s ‘Idol’” as music competition shows, with the exception of “The Voice,” are beginning to fade.

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