Appreciating Robin Williams: Mork from Ork taught kids that weirdness was OK
Credit: ABC

Appreciating Robin Williams: Mork from Ork taught kids that weirdness was OK

Appreciating Robin Williams: Mork from Ork taught kids that weirdness was OK
“Like any American child, I loved the Fonz,” says James Poniewozik, a child of the ‘70s. "But the Fonz was a grownup, with his motorcycles and dates with triplets. Mork, who soon got his spinoff in 1978, was something else: an adult, and a kid, and a magical being. He was a grown man who looked at our world with the delighted surprise of a baby. The Fonz was cool. Mork was weird — popping-out-of-an-egg, rainbow-suspenders, scat-riffing-about-the Shah of Iran weird. And he communicated an idea that I hadn’t seen in non-cartoon pop culture before then: that weirdness was OK. No, it was great. It was energy. It opened up worlds."
Henry Winkler recalls Williams’ “Happy Days” debut
Williams changed TV forever: "I have always believed that television didn't create Robin Williams as much as Williams recreated television comedy"
Here is Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tribute to her “Crazy Ones” co-star
Williams’ most memorable TV moments, from “The Richard Pryor Show” to “Mork and Mindy”
Listen to Marc Maron’s emotional tribute -- and his revealing 2010 interview with Williams
Read the 1978 TV Guide profile that introduced America to Williams
Pam Dawber is "completely and totally devastated”
Mindy Kaling, named after “Mork and Mindy,” says: He meant so much, to so many, so far away"
“Chaos in Television”: See some of Robin Williams’ magazine covers
Relive Robin Williams on “Sesame Street” from 2012
Read Williams’ Reddit Ask Me Anything from Sept. 25, 2013
Read The NY Times’ full obituary on Williams
"Robin Williams' scene on 'Louie' was an incredible joke of the darkest kind"
Jay Leno has known Williams from their early days in standup: "It's a very sad day"
Read President Obama’s tribute: “He arrived in our lives as an alien…"
3 hilarious Robin Williams standup specials that showcase his genius
Watch his 1st appearance on Johnny Carson
I was lucky enough to spend a few moments with Robin Williams 2 days after he won his Oscar

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'Nashville' to write Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy into the show

“Nashville” to write Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy into the show
Now the big question: Who's the father?

George R.R. Martin: Females have asked me to write more explicit sex scenes — fans have guessed the ending
Speaking at the Edinburgh International Literary Festival, Martin admits he considered changing his planned ending after some fans pieced it together.

Craig Ferguson: I have no idea who James Corden is
“The Late Late Show” host was asked about his rumored replacement by “Entertainment Tonight."

“Outlander” does great for Starz
Across all platforms, about 3.7 million tuned in to the Ron Moore series. PLUS: About that “Outlander” sex scene.

Why did Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic cast a light-skinned skinny Missy Elliott and Timbaland?
The actors look nothing like their real-life counterparts.

Jon Favreau’s “Chef” food truck-owning collaborator Roy Choi lands his own CNN show
Choi will star in “Street Food."

The Catholic League is OK with Adult Swim's “Black Jesus”
Says the group’s president: “We have long taken the position that portraying Jesus as black is fine with the Catholic League, and indeed we find it silly that anyone would object. The Jesus character in this show is a mixed bag: He is irreverent, and can be downright crude, but he also has many redeeming qualities.”

“The Daily Show” launches a serious behind-the-scenes podcast
In Episode 1 of "The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart,” producers and writers recall a time when the staff felt uncomfortable doing segments on women’s issues.

Will Rosie O’Donnell espouse her 9/11 Truther views on “The View”?
Rosie reiterated over the weekend that she feels the government had some involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks.

BBC’s “Inside Man” is getting an American remake
The UK miniseries that show’s a robbery from multiple angles is set to become a full-blown series from Richard Price and Howard Gordon.

Corey Stoll talks about his awful “The Strain” wig
"For somebody who is follicle-ly challenged, I spent a lot of time talking about hair,” he says. "At first, when I heard he wanted me to have a wig, I was resistant. I didn't want the reason to be so I could look like a standard TV guy or a hero.”

“Chappelle’s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan steps in front of the camera for “The Approval Matrix”
Brennan says of his new Sundance show: "I did a show in Dave Chappelle and that ended chaotically, so I thought, 'how can I avoid that?’”

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Robin Williams dies at 63, possibly of suicide

Robin Williams dies at 63, possibly of suicide
Williams was pronounced dead at 12:02 pm at his Marin County home, and the Marin County Sheriffs Office’s coroner division “suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia.” According to KTVU, Williams hanged himself. Williams' death comes six weeks after he returned to rehab. PLUS: Williams' wife is "utterly heartbroken," Williams' last tweet was 11 days ago, and Steve Martin, Ellen, more stars pay tribute.

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Patti LaBelle to visit 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

Patti LaBelle to visit “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
The legendary singer will play Gabourey Sidibe’s mom in four episodes.

Shark Week kicks off to its highest-ever ratings
"Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine,” “Air Jaws: Fin of Fury” and “Shark After Dark” helped deliver the biggest ratings in Shark Week’s 27-year history.

A&E announces “Love Prison" reality show
"Love Prison" will strand online couples in an island house where they'll be forced to live together with no technology. “The couples are forced to get to know each other the hard way,” A&E says in a press release. “This social experiment will test the validity of online compatibility versus real-life chemistry."

“The Knick” has an OK debut
Steven Soderbergh’s Cinemax series attracted about 354,000 viewers on Friday night.

Pauly D loses his signature hairstyle
The former “Jersey Shore” star now has much shorter hair.

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Ed Harris is the latest big name to join HBO’s 'Westworld'

Ed Harris is the latest big name to join HBO’s “Westworld”
The four-time Oscar nominee wll play The Man in Black in the series from J.J. Abrams and Jerry Weintraub, based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 film.

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'Homeland' gets a 2-hour season premiere, delaying 'The Affair' by 1 week

“Homeland” gets a 2-hour season premiere, delaying “The Affair” by 1 week
Instead of premiering Season 4 of “Homeland” and Season 1 of “The Affair” on Oct. 5, Showtime has opted to delay the premiere of “The Affair.” “In the aftermath of Homeland’s stunning finale last season, there is such strong anticipation for the start of season four that we wanted to give Homeland fans an extra generous helping of Carrie and company,” a Showtime exec says of the scheduling move.

“Suits” renewed for Season 5
USA today picked up the long-running series for a 16-episode 5th season.

“Game of Thrones” will not recast the actor who died on Friday
"We will not be recasting J.J. Murphy,” D.B Weiss and David Benioff said in a statement. "He was a lovely man, and the best Denys Mallister we could have hoped for. And now his watch is ended."

Julia Roberts, Matthew McConaughey and Gwen Stefani to present at Emmys
Also presenting will be traditional TV stars like Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Sherri Shepherd exited “The View” after 7 years with tears streaming down her face
Shepherd said she was “profoundly grateful” for “the best seven years of her life.”

“Spy Kid” Alexa Vega joins “Nashville”
She’ll play Gunnar’s high school sweetheart in a multi-episode arc. PLUS: “Gotham” mom also joining “Nashville."

“Screech” says his Lifetime “Unauthorized Saved by the Bell” movie will show the cast in a “positive light”
Dustin Diamond, who is executive producing the film based on his tell-all — which he claims was mostly fabricated by a ghostwriter — is "not out to trash anybody or put anybody down or make anybody look in a negative way. That was never the intent, so it’s definitely not the way it’s going to end up.”

“Sons of Guns” star arrested on child molestation charges
Will Hayden claims his arrest was his ex-girlfriend’s retaliation for their breakup.

Did the creators of “Everwood,” “Parks and Rec” and “The O.C.” see Chris Pratt’s movie success coming?
“Everwood” creator Greg Berlanti says upon meeting Pratt for the first time, "he was the kind of actor you could have built a whole show around.”

“Once Upon a Time’s” Colin O’Donoghue: I was rejected for “Peter Pan Live!”
"I auditioned and did my best Christopher Walken impression," Colin tells E!, "but it didn't work. They went for the real thing."

“Sharknado” inspires Funny or Die's “Sharklumbo”
“He’s a shark. And he’s also Columbo” — watch the video starring Kevin Pollak and Gina Gershon.

Coming to cable: Grit Network and Escape Network
One will be geared toward males, the other for females.

Peyton and Eli Manning make a 2nd rap video for DirecTV
Check out their "Fantasy Football Fantasy."

“Home Improvement” meets Ginuine
Watch this “Pony Time” mashup.

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Report: Pussy Riot to appear on 'House of Cards'

Report: Pussy Riot to appear on “House of Cards”
Two members of the anti-Putin Russian punk band were on set last week, according to Washington’s City Paper, to film scenes for Season 3.

New “Game of Thrones” actor dies 4 days after filming his first scenes
JJ Murphy, 86, had been cast just a few weeks ago as Ser Denys Mallister, the oldest member of the Night’s Watch.

Watch Adrien Brody as “Houdini”
Here’s the first look at History channel’s four-hour Harry Houdini miniseries.

Nelly and Keyshia Cole are each getting new BET reality shows
Cole will star in her 3rd BET reality show, while BET has also ordered “Meet the Browns” starring David and Tamela Mann.

Amazon’s new batch of pilots will debut on Aug. 28
The new pilots include “Hand of God” starring Ron Perlman, Whit Stillman’s “The Cosmopolitans” and Paul Reiser and Jennifer Grey in “Red Oaks.”

Tracy Morgan’s attorney: “He’s still struggling”
"But he's a fighter,” attorney Benedict P. Morelli said on “Today." "He's had issues before that he's fought through, and he's fighting hard.”

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Conan O’Brien filmed 6 PSAs to combat California’s drought

Conan O’Brien filmed 6 PSAs to combat California’s drought
Conan and Andy Richter filmed “Team Coco Water Saving Tips” for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

“Better Call Saul” teaser promises a February premiere
See AMC's “Breaking Bad” spinoff preview featuring a younger Saul Goodman.

Sarah Silverman popped up Sunday night on Showtime and HBO
Silverman made her “Masters of Sex” debut, then appeared in a “Last Week Tonight” anti-payday loans ad.

Oprah Winfrey Network's “Deion’s family Playbook” school under scrutiny
Former NFL star Deion Sanders' prep academy that was prominently featured on his OWN reality show lost its charter amid reports of academics problems.

Teen Choice Awards accused of being rigged
Were winners picked before voting ended? PLUS: Mindy Kaling & Andy Samberg offer Teen Choice Awards advice.

The Rock pays a Shark Week tribute to Paul Walker
Walker, a former marine biology student, had been involved in Shark Week before his death last year.

“Family Guy” toilet paper spotted in Italy
Seth MacFarlane’s reaction: "Had no idea this existed. Delightful.”

“Game of Thrones’” Maisie Williams freaks out over “Saved by the Bell”
Williams, 17, took part in the web video “Teens React to Saved by the Bell."

Huge “Sharknado” fan Daniel Radcliffe would like to appear on “Sharknado 3”
During a visit with Ryan Seacrest recently, Radcliffe was surprised by Tara Reid.

Taylor Swift wears braces and glasses for Jimmy Fallon
Watch her preview an upcoming “Ew!” skit.

Judge Joe Brown loses DA bid
The TV judge had campaigned to become district attorney of Shelby County, Tennessee.

Watch “The Knick” premiere
Cinemax has posted the first episode of Steven Soderbergh’s new show on YouTube.

“The Walking Dead” gets an “uncensored” ending
Watch Season 3’s finale with Rick saying the F word.

Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic casts its Missy Elliott and Timbaland
Chattrisse Dolabaille and Izaak Smith will play the respective roles in "Aaliyah: Princess of R&B."

“The Lottery” books “Lost’s” William Mapother
He’ll guest as an "engaging, messianic tech visionary."

“Downton Abbey” kids are growing
Meet the new Miss Sybbie Branson and Master George Crawley.

“Big Brother” contestant reveals he’s Ariana Grande’s brother to his fellow housemates
Frankie Grande made the disclosure on Friday night.

New Orleans reunites 2 stars of “The Shield”
Michael Chiklis is filming “American Horror Story” in NOLA, while CCH Pounder is shooting “NCIS: New Orleans."

“Doctor Who’s” Jenna-Louise Coleman joins Twitter and Instagram
Check out the “Who” cake she photographed while on a world tour.

Compare and contrast “Friends” stars on Episode 1 vs. the last episode
Buzzfeed has used its “slidey thing” technology to easily compare the “Friends” in 1994 vs. 2004.

David Duchovny and Tea Leoni are officially divorced
The couple married in 1997 and separated twice, in 2008 and 2011. They’ll split their two kids.

Soap opera violin Charles Keating dies
Emmy winner Keating, 72, played villainous Carl Hutchins on “Another World."

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Geena Davis to recur as a surgeon on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Geena Davis to recur as a surgeon on "Grey's Anatomy"
She'll be part of a major arc in Season 11.

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CBS Sports is launching the 1st-ever all-female sports talk show

CBS Sports is launching the 1st-ever all-female sports talk show
CBS Sports wouldn’t divulge any details, including the female personalities, but CBS Sports president David Berson says: “We have been discussing and developing the show for well over a year. Internally and externally, there’s been universal enthusiasm and across-the-board support.”

Terrell Owens to guest on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
The former NFL wide receiver tweeted a pic of himself on set today with Terry Crews.

Elisabeth Moss smiles amid a grilling on “True Detective” rumors
USA Today tried to get the “Mad Men” star to say something about the rumors, but all she would say was that she was out of the loop.

Naturally blonde Pauley Perrette has stopped dying her hair black for “NCIS”
After developing a severe allergic reaction to hair dye, Perrette has started using black hair spray to darken her hair.

“Boardwalk Empire” to travel back to 1897
The HBO series this week filmed scenes featuring a young Nucky Thompson.

“The Following” adds Zuleikha Robinson
The "Lost" and “Homeland” alum will play the love of Kevin Bacon’s character’s life.

Daniel Radcliffe: Why the American “Office” is better than the British version
"I was sort of horrified by the idea,” he says of the NBC version. "And now, I actually think it’s an even better show than was made in Britain. It’s a very different show—but it is... being able to follow that relationship for eight years, and it’s such a wonderful privilege to get the chance to do that for all those writers and those actors.”

Syfy announces fall premiere dates
Check out when premiere dates for “Haven,” “Ascension,” “Ghost Hunters,” “Z Nation” and more.

John Larroquette joins HBO’s “The Brink”
He’ll play the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan on the geopolitical crisis comedy.

Why is Jane Fonda carrying a Ryan Gosling chair on the set of her Netflix series?
Is there a Gosling connection on "Grace and Frankie”?

“Devious Maid” Ana Ortiz lands on “How to Get Away with Murder”
The “Ugly Betty” alum is expected to play one of Viola Davis’ clients.

“The Bachelorette’s” Nick Viall could become the next “Bachelor”
Us Weekly says the Andi Dorfman runner-up is being strongly considered.

Accused robber committed 2 crimes at the same bank wearing the same “Sons of Anarchy” T-shirt
Introducing the "Sons of Anarchy robber."

“Backstrom” books Lolita Davidovich
She’ll play a hooker turned dental hygienist.

“Halt and Catch Fire’s” finale ratings are still disappointing, even with DVR viewers
The ‘80s computer industry drama averaged 1.2 million, compared to 1.8 million for “Low Winter Sun.”

Spike TV developing a modern "The Count Of Monte Cristo”
The revamped version would contain a "contemporary and high-octane action and political twist.”

Shark researcher: Shark Week has become a “double-edged sword”
"I'm kind of disappointed, and I think most researchers are, too,” says George Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research. "It obviously is a big draw, but I'm afraid that the programs have gone more to entertainment and less to documentary over the years. It's kind of a shame, because they have the opportunity to teach good stuff in what's going on with science."

Aubrey Plaza on Chris Pratt: "I’m so proud of my TV husband”
"From the moment I met him, I knew he was going to be, like, the next Brad Pitt,” the “Parks and Rec” star tells Vanity Fair. "He’s so handsome, so kind, and such a talented actor. There’s just nowhere for him to go except straight to the top. I’m only shocked that it hasn’t happened already. I’m just so excited for the world to see him if they haven’t already. Because he’s brilliant and I love him and now he has rock-hard abs. Which is just a bonus.” PLUS: Plaza has a sarcasm problem: "I don’t even know when I’m being serious or not. I can’t tell how I truly feel about anything."

The cool, edgy MTV lives on in “MTV Other”
MTV Other is an online laboratory with the tagline "short shows, random weirdness.”

“American Horror Story’s” makeup artist sometimes gets scripts 1 week in advance
“We were extremely restricted by the schedule,” says Christien Tinsley, who’s responsible for the FX series’ creepiest looks.

“Downton Abbey” is filming in snow in the middle of summer
See pics of the British series filming its Christmas special.

Ricky Gervais: "Netflix is amazing isn’t it? I think Netflix was invented for me”
"I’ve always wanted final edit,” says the “Derek” star, "and to get that sort of freedom I have to go to more fringe channels, premium cable or HBO or BBC 2 or Channel 4. Then Netflix comes along and it’s the best of both worlds; zero interference, the sky’s the limit. It’s like network ratings with no interference at all. They’re cash rich, but that’s not important.”

VH1’s biggest breakout stars include Emma Stone, Rosie O’Donnell, Laverne Cox, Zach Galifianakis
VH1 is looking back at its success stories, including reality star Stone and VJ Rosie.

“Fargo” composer: Why we waited so long to use the theme from the movie
"We wanted to illustrate the show and the movie end up in the same place emotionally,” says Jeff Russo, "and it really does tie the two worlds together. But we also wanted to be in that world and create a new identity. The only way to do that was to write new, original music for the show.”

How “I Love Lucy” influences “Scandal”
Check out an infographic on “Lucy’s" legacy.

Pivot gets into recycling with “Human Resources”
The reality show premiering tonight follows the goings-on at TerraCycle, a recycling company in Trenton, New Jersey.

Iggy Azalea’s playful personality doesn’t translate to her MTV “House of Style” reboot
“House of Style” had a very slow start when it returned Thursday via MTV’s web site.

Showtime’s “L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin” is a fantastic documentary with a terrible title
The women in this documentary about lesbians in the South have nothing in common with the women of “The L Word” or “The Real L Word.”

Don’t call “Outlander” the feminist answer to “Game of Thrones”
As Matt Zoller Seitz notes, "This new Starz drama from Ronald D. Moore is, like his brilliant and sometimes infuriating reimagining of 'Battlestar Galactica,' defiantly its own thing: part romance-novel fantasy, part time-travel story, and part wartime drama (set across two time periods). But its core is about the emotional and cultural differences between men and women, and how their relationships have and have not changed over the centuries.” PLUS: “Outlander” lacks the moral complexity of “GoT,” this could be a Starz game-changer especially with its portrayal of sex, and it’s the most novelistic show on TV — it's really, really slow.

Steven Soderbergh’s “The Knick” is awfully satisfying, yet it doesn’t arrive as a classic TV show
As Alan Sepinwall notes, “where 'The Knick' might have seemed an indescribable wonder even a few years ago — with Soderbergh's extended hands-on involvement such a contrast to, say, Martin Scorsese directing the 'Boardwalk Empire' pilot and then disappearing back to the movie biz — it's now more notable for signaling a change in direction for Cinemax (which until now has focused on well-crafted pulp fiction like 'Strike Back' and ‘Banshee') than it is for the medium as a whole. In a time of abundant greatness, it is very good — and gorgeously shot — but it's not as revolutionary as the men and women whose work it depicts.” PLUS: “The Knick” is the rare TV show that will make you see the world in a different way, it takes advantage of all the things you can do on premium cable, it sets a new record for cable nudity, viewers finally have a reason to watch Cinemax, it’s brain food that also quickens the pulse, how accurate is “The Knick”?, and Soderbergh talks about his approach to “The Knick.”

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