Michael Chiklis joins 'American Horror Story'

Michael Chiklis joins “American Horror Story”
He’s joining “Freak Show” as Kathy Bates’ ex-husband and Evan Peters’ father.

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'How I Met Your Mother' exits as the “old soul” of network sitcoms
Credit: CBS

'How I Met Your Mother' exits as the “old soul” of network sitcoms

“How I Met Your Mother” exits as the “old soul” of network sitcoms
Compared to more recent comedies like “Modern Family,” “Girls” and “Louie,” "the multi-camera, laugh-tracked comedy of HIMYM often seemed like a throwback to the ‘Cheers’ era,” says Kevin Craft. "Or, even more specifically, it often seemed like a faster-paced version of ‘Friends.' The premise, after all, is awfully similar: Five young New Yorkers spend an inordinate amount of time in a neighborhood bar (rather than a neighborhood coffeehouse), enjoy sleeping with one another, and engage in various shenanigans as they navigate the space between adolescence and adulthood. The primary difference between the two shows is that while ‘Friends' usually attempted to suppress the cheesier aspects of its plot, ‘HIMYM' has always been unapologetically sentimental. From its title to its overarching narrative, ‘HIMYM' offered a schmaltzy celebration of a hapless romantic and the four friends who endlessly support him in his quest to find Mrs. Right.” PLUS: Ranking the Top 50 episodes, ranking the 10 best episodes, “HIMYM” was a sitcom based on a philosophical principal, the 10 most important things we learned from “HIMYM,” Josh Radnor on why “HIMYM” connected with younger generations, director Pamela Fryman is the “real mother” after directing nearly every episode, the cast reveals their favorite swear words, and Ashley Williams was The Mother backup plan.

Happy 50th anniversary, “Jeopardy!” — it's the game show requiring the highest degree of Pure Skill
Sunday marks the 50th birthday of the long-running game show created by Merv Griffin with help from his wife Julann. Why has “Jeopardy!” endured? As Chris Jones explains, 'Jeopardy!' remains the closest we've come to the javelin throw of game shows. It is, in short, the game show that requires the highest degree of Pure Skill — both a vast knowledge base and very quick access to the brain's darkest reaches. (I made it through the early qualification rounds of ‘Jeopardy!' to play in a simulated game, and that's when I really understood how much speed factors into the final result. It is a massive determinant.) Any idiot can win the slots. A very small percentage of the population could conceivably win a game of 'Jeopardy!’” PLUS: Read a brief history of “Jeopardy!,” Ken Jennings stars in the Ultimate “Jeopardy!” quiz, and why doesn’t “Jeopardy!” care about its 50th birthday?

How “Scandal” is hiding Kerry Washington’s baby bump
Everything from Fitz’s knee to Fitz’s arm has been used to cover Olivia Pope’s belly.

Isaiah Washington’s return to “Grey’s Anatomy”: Here’s his 1st pic on set
Ellen Pompeo Instagrammed a pic of Washington on set.

Study: Only 44% of millennials ages 14 to 24 watch TV on TV
That's compared to the 53% of millennials ages 25 to 30 who watch TV, while Generation Xers (ages 31 to 47) spend 70% of their time consuming television.

Nat Geo’s “Nazi War Diggers” under fire for its handling of human remains
“I have never seen such a casual and improper attitude toward the treatment of human remains,” one archaeologist reacted after seeing a clip of the four-part series, which has drawn widespread condemnation. “It makes me shiver.”

Ranking every “Game of Thrones” death
Which Starks death was the worst? PLUS: A “Game of Thrones”-inspired necklace is for sale for $25K, Maisie Williams on growing up on “Game,” behind the scenes of the costuming, why Peter Dinklage avoids the books, Jon Snow will talk a lot more this season, “GoT” hits the beach, and how the characters are trained to use their weapons.

ABC has canceled 3 shows in the Tuesday at 10 pm slot this season
That timeslot has become a “dead zone” after the failures of “Lucky 7,” “Killer Women” and “Mind Games.”

“Growing Pains” star Jeremy Miller: I’m a recovering alcoholic
Miller, now 37, who played Ben Seaver, says of his alcohol addiction, which he kicked two years ago: ""I’m not your classic child star gone bad. My problems didn't begin until well after the show, when I was dealing with family stuff and alcohol became a way to suppress painful emotions."

“Broad City” proved to be the anti-“Girls” in its treatment of being young
"Life is short,” says Alison Willmore, "and 'Broad City’ makes as compelling an argument for not rushing toward adulthood as ‘Girls' does that youth can be excruciating.” PLUS: Has “Girls” sparked a men in shorts trend?

Has a Leno-less late-night made Letterman happier?
After watching “The Late Show” this week, Bruce Handy says he found Letterman "acting as if he once again, maybe-sorta-kinda enjoys being in front of an audience. His smiles and laughs, at times, seem genuine, believe it or not, and he’s got a crazy-grandpa aspect now, as if at any moment he might say something outrageous or embarrassing. It’s almost sweet, even if what actually comes out of his mouth are lame monologue jokes about  John Boehner having orange skin or husbands not knowing how to load dishwashers properly.” PLUS: “CBS Sunday Morning” visits Letterman’s writers’ room this weekend.

In defense of “Parenthood’s” Joel
Why is everybody hating on him this season?

“No show ever killed people like ’24' killed people”
With all the recent TV deaths, let’s not forget how terrific “24” was at dispatching characters.

Ricky Gervais plans to do more “Derek"
Gervais is mulling a 3rd season of his Netflix series. PLUS: Gervais films a meta ad for Audi.

Conan O’Brien introduces “CONAN360°”
Now you can watch “Conan” from a 360-degree angle.

Can E! replace Chelsea Handler?
Contract talks between the cable network and the “Chelsea Lately” host are about to get heated up, but does E! have a backup plan in case Handler bolts for an outlet like Netflix?

A YouTube trend: Mashing together a TV show’s opening credits from every season
This way, every cast member can be represented. PLUS: Here are 32 TV opening credits with a “with” and an “and."

“Dancing” plans a “Full House” reunion on Monday
Candace Cameron Bure yesterday Instagrammed a photo of Lori Loughlin and Andrea Barber visiting her at rehearsals.

Check out a real-life Marge Simpson
A Russian photographer set out on capturing a model dressed as “The Simpsons” matriarch.

Ryan Seacrest’s Nickelodeon “Webheads” will be hosted by "Big Time Rush's" Carlos PenaVega
The summer game show will pit kids against each other in challenges revolving around viral videos.

Part of Arsenio’s problem: He’s competing against 2 Jimmys with “urban swag”
Esquire catches up with Arsenio Hall, and notes that he’s competing against Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, both of whom were influenced by his urban talk show of the ‘90s. "It's almost as if Hall is competing with a pair of updated versions of his original talkfest,” as Barry Michael Cooper explains.

James Van Der Beek apologizes to comedian Mike Birbiglia over his Carson Daly rudeness
Seth Meyers helped orchestrate last night’s “Late Night” apology.

“The Americans’” Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys fuel more gossip that they're dating in real life
Last night, they appeared to go on a date.

“Silicon Valley’s” Mike Judge is done working on network shows
Judge says of his experience with Fox and the “idiotic notes” he got over “King of the Hill”: "I thought, Fox made $1 billion off this — are they still going to harass me? It was just a miserable experience."

Comedian Carol Leifer, the “real Elaine” of “Seinfeld,” has penned her memoir
The former “Seinfeld” writer who now produces “Devious Maids” has titled her memoir: “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying: Lesson from a Life in Comedy.”

Investigation Discovery orders 2 paranormal specials
"Restless Souls” and “Cell Block Psychic” air next month.

‘60s “Batman” creator Lorenzo Semple, Jr. dies at 91
Semple was responsible for the pilot of the “Batman” and also wrote the 1966 movie.

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Dana Delany heads to Amazon

Dana Delany heads to Amazon
She’ll play Ron Perlman’s wife on “Son of God.”

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ABC cancels 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland'

ABC cancels “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”
Next week’s episode of the “Once Upon a Time” spinoff is being billed as the “series finale.”

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Does it matter that Stephen Colbert didn’t tweet his joke out of context?

Does it matter that Stephen Colbert didn’t tweet his joke out of context?
Colbert is taking all the heat for Comedy Central’s excerpting his Wednesday night bit using Asian stereotypes to make a point about the Washington Redskins’ name. But should Colbert take some of the blame since it is his show’s account, and has his name on it? PLUS: The #CancelColbert campaign shows that social-media life has become a race to be the most offended first, this controversy illustrates the difference between TV and Twitter audiences, this is the day Twitter ate itself, would there be outrage if Colbert used the N-word to prove his point?, Harry Shearer says PR departments shouldn’t be excerpting Colbert’s humor, and Twitter ruined Colbert’s legitimate dig at the Redskins owner.

New York state fines Tina Fey $79,000 for failing to carry workers’ compensation insurance
The Workers’ Compensation Board found Fey guilty of "Failure to Carry Workers’ Comp Ins” from late 2012 through last month.

Piers Morgan says goodbye to his CNN show tonight
"We won some, we lost some - but we always gave it everything we had,” Morgan tweeted in advance of tonight’s final “Piers Morgan Live,” adding: "Most importantly, we stood up to the plate even when it wasn't easy or popular or to do so > #guns"

It’s a shame Fox mistreated “Enlisted”
The critically acclaimed military comedy was basically left for dead on Friday nights.

Check out the Chinese bootleg version of “Breaking Bad”
Titled: “Break So Bad.”

Christine Baranski had trouble reading the scripted for this week’s ”Good Wife” episode
"I'd get to a certain point and I'd put it down because I knew what was coming — that this was the script,” she says. "I actually had an emotional inability to just read any further and then finally one day right Christmas, I read it all the way."

British star Kelly Brook joins “One Big Happy”
She’ll get married to Nick Zano in the lesbian-themed comedy from Ellen DeGeneres.

“House of Cards” has boosted interest in rowing classes
Francis and Claire Underwood has apparently rowing machines all the rage.

Ricky Gervais is plotting yet another “Office” David Brent spinoff -- he'll become a rapper
On top of his plan for a mockumentary of Brent performing his musical act on stage, Gervais can see Brent embarking on a rap career.

Watch a preview of Chris Martin on “The Voice”
The Coldplay frontman makes his debut on Monday.

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Syfy’s 'Helix' earns a 2nd season

Syfy’s “Helix” earns a 2nd season
The Centers for Disease Control outbreak drama from Ronald D. Moore will return next year for another 13-episode season.

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Maryland politicos threaten to seize property belonging to 'House of Cards' production company

Maryland politicos threaten to seize property belonging to “House of Cards” production company
Maryland's House of Delegates is responding to the Netflix drama’s threat to leave Maryland with proposed legislation that would, according to The Baltimore Sun, "allow the state to use eminent domain to buy or condemn the property of any company that has claimed $10 million or more credits against the state income tax. The provision would appear to apply only to the Netflix series, which has gotten the bulk of the state credits.” PLUS: Life is imitating “House of Cards” in Maryland.

“Sharknado 2” gets a new premiere date, plus a Statue of Liberty poster
"Sharknado 2: The Second One” will air earlier than expected, on July 30.

“Parks and Rec” books Yo La Tengo as a Night Ranger cover band
They’ll perform “Sister Christian” with the band name of Bobby Knight Ranger.

“Veep” creator quips: Our cast is more talented than the cast on “House of Cards”
Armando Iannucci joked at Paleyfest: "There’s some basic staring at cameras while you say your lines (in House of Cards’), which is a fundamental mistake. It should be rooted out – Acting Class 101.”

“Scandal” dominates, “The Vampire Diaries” hits a series low
Meanwhile, "Surviving Jack" had a disappointing debut after "Idol."

“The Good Wife” promotes Matthew Goode
He’ll become a series regular after first appearing on the 15th episode of the season.

“The O.C.” brothers are starting a production company together
Ben McKenzie and Logan Marshall-Green, who played Ryan and Trey Atwood on “The O.C.,” are reuniting to form A Thing Or Two Productions.

Aaron McGruder says goodbye to “The Boondocks”
"'The Boondocks' pretty much represents my life's work to this point,” he wrote on Facebook, one week after it was announced he won’t be back for Season 4. "Huey, Riley, and Granddad are not just property to me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind."

Discovery hit with another lawsuit over fatal reality TV helicopter crash
This time, the father of the cameraman is suing over the Feb. 10, 2013 accident.

Joan Rivers paid a blue return to “The Tonight Show” after 28 years
Rivers was gracious to Johnny Carson on last night’s show, even though it was her betrayal of him for her own Fox talk show that led to her being banned from “Tonight.”

Fight breaks out at “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion taping
Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a brief altercation last night.

Alyson Hannigan & Cobie Smulders kiss on “HIMYM’s” night on “Actor’s Studio”
James Lipton had asked the cast in their characters if Lily found Robin attractive.

“The Hangover’s” Mike Epps joins “LeBron James’ Starz comedy
He’s joining “Survivor’s Remorse” as the main basketball prodigy’s uncle.

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Stephen Colbert accused of racism over a tweet

Stephen Colbert accused of racism over a tweet
"The Colbert Report's" Twitter account used a line from Wednesday's show, in which Colbert mocked Asian stereotypes, out of context. "I am willing to show #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever,” read the tweet, which prompted cries of #CancelColbert before it was deleted. Even Stephen Colbert weighed in, tweeting: "#CancelColbert - I agree! Just saw @ColbertReport tweet. I share your rage. Who is that, though? I'm @StephenAtHome" PLUS: Comedy Central manages "The Colbert Report" Twitter account, not "The Colbert Report."

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ABC cancels 'Mind Games' starring Christian Slater

ABC cancels “Mind Games” starring Christian Slater
This is Slater’s 4th network TV cancelation since 2008. “Celebrity Wife Swap” will take over the Tuesday timeslot starting April 15.

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University of Iowa rejects a request from 'Girls' to film on campus

University of Iowa rejects a request from “Girls" to film on campus
Hannah Horvath has just been accepted to the university’s Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but the HBO comedy will have to find somewhere else to film. Says a campus spokesperson: "While we are pleased that the Iowa Writers’ Workshop is receiving national attention and that our graduate is doing well in her career, our general practice is to not allow filming, due to potential disruption to campus."

“Psych” goes out with 1.9 million viewers
That’s a far cry from former companion series “Monk,” which exited with 9.43 million viewers.

John Tesh is returning to TV with a (cheap) daily syndicated talk show
The former “Entertainment Tonight” co-host will target is spending a tiny fraction of what traditional talk shows spend on "Intelligence for Your Life,” which will be geared toward Christian viewers.

Latinas are trying to get “SNL’s” attention with “#StillNoLatinas” campaign
There has never been a Latina cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” an issue made more glaring by Cecily Strong’s portrayal of a mail-order girlfriend from Venezuela on the Lena Dunham episode.

“The Wire’s” Andre Royo joins Ron Perlman's Amazon pilot
The former “Bubbles” will play a mayor who’s Perlman’s best friend on “Hand of God.”

See Lindsay Lohan in a “2 Broke Girls” wedding dress
She’ll appear on the April 14 episode.

What if “Gotham” put a mustache on Ben McKenzie’s face?
He’d look a lot more like the familiar James Gordon.

“The Office’s” Brian Baumgartner headed to “The Bridge”
He’ll play Matthew Lillard’s AA sponsor on the FX series.

“American Idol” is actually entertaining this season — too bad few are watching
The new producers did a stellar job of getting rid of “Idol’s” annoyances.

Tom Brokaw: Ed Helms does the best impression of me
The former “Office” star has done his Brokaw impression several times for Letterman.

Touring “SNL” alums bill themselves as "The Veterans of Saturday Night Live”
Rob Schneider, Jon Lovitz and Tim Meadows have been performing standup together under the “The Veterans of SNL” billing. Sometimes, other “SNL” vets like Kevin Nealon and Chris Kattan join them.

Nazanin Boniadi on working on “Scandal” vs. “Homeland”
"The 'Scandal pace” is the biggest difference, she says. "There's a sense of urgency that goes along with the show; it's really fast. On ‘Homeland,' there's more of a chance to let things linger. The camera holds on actors a little bit more so that the pacing is a tad bit slower. That's what I was used to. On ‘Scandal,' everything is very fast. It was something to get used to.”

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” poster unveiled
“Just like the nightly news. Only weeklier."

NBC Universal is shutting down the website whose forums once angered Aaron Sorkin.

History channel once profiled “Shrimp Boy,” the gangster at the center of an FBI San Francisco political corruption investigation
Raymond "Shrimp Boy” Chow, who was profiled for History’s “Gangland” series, was arrested yesterday for allegedly helping a California state senator traffic illegal weapons.

Jason Ritter returns to shake up “Parenthood”
Exec producer Jason Katims says of his reunion with Lauren Graham’s character: "It's moving for me to literally see them together on-screen again.”

MTV2 uses “Game of Thrones” to promote “Guy Code”
Watch the “Thrones”-esque promo for Season 4.

“Surviving Jack” is surprisingly good
That the Fox comedy is funny is surprising considering it comes from the same people who brought us “$#*! My Dad Says.” "The series works,” says Tim Goodman, "not only because Meloni is such a surprise in the lead, able to be dismissively blunt yet also caring, but also because Halpern and co-writer and co-creator Patrick Schumacker ($#*! My Dad Says) seem to have learned a lot since their last show, which was complete $#*!.” PLUS: Christopher Meloni is perfect for this sitcom, Meloni makes "Jack" better than it should be, and Meloni is playing an actual person instead of a cartoon.

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