Katherine Heigl feels betrayed by her acting career

Katherine Heigl feels betrayed by her acting career
As she prepares to return to TV in “State of Affairs,” Heigl addresses the backlash against her, which included negative reaction to her stint on “Grey’s Anatomy.” "The thing that was my best friend for a long time (my career) suddenly turned on me. And I didn't expect it,” she tells Marie Claire UK. "I was taken by surprise and angry at it for betraying me."

Pamela Adlon: Stop saying that was "rape" on “Louie”
Adlon is tired of “this recap culture,” which comes to conclusions before  a season is over. Says Adlon: “The fact people were talking about, Did Louie try to rape Pamela? Was that a rape? Or calling it rape straight-out, which was nuts, because I never saw it like that, because they had this kind of over-the-edge connection and relationship. They do a push-me/pull-me thing.

HBO says internet rumors of Emilia Clarke leaving “Game of Thrones” are false
"She's absolutely back for Season 5,” says an HBO spokesperson, addressing the hoopla over a rumor planted via a fake news generator.

Here are your 4th of July TV marathons
This weekend’s marathons include History channel’s "America the Story of Us” and Syfy’s “The Twilight Zone."

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” is groundbreaking with segments lasting 15 to 20 minutes
This week, Oliver had a segment on anti-gay laws in Uganda that was as long or longer than a “60 Minutes” segment. With his in-depth segments, Oliver is shattering the comedy-TV news format.

MTV2’s "Wild ‘N Out” returns, pitting Nick Cannon vs. Rick Ross
Watch them trade insults in a game of “So Fly.”

Tim Howard saves “House of Cards” and “Game of Thrones”
Fresh off his heroic effort, the internet has photoshopped the goalie for the United States' Men's World Cup team into key moments of “Game of Thrones” and the Netflix drama.

“Nathan For You’s” premiere included a crazy exorcism
Check out his “Ghost Realtor” segment.

“Downton Abbey’s” female stars pose for a "Downton Sisterhood” magazine cover
Check out the “Downton” ladies in Harper’s Bazaar.

Watch the trailer for Lifetime conspiracy thriller “The Lottery”
Set in 2025, “The Lottery” is set in a world where women stop bearing children.

FXX orders 'Man Seeking Woman' starring Jay Baruchel

FXX orders “Man Seeking Woman” starring Jay Baruchel
The “Undeclared” alum will play a "naive romantic on a desperate quest for love” in a comedy based on the book “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.”

Russia won’t allow 'House of Cards' to film inside United Nations’ Security Council

Russia won’t allow “House of Cards” to film inside United Nations’ Security Council
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had recommended that the Netflix series be allowed access to the Security Council, but Russia felt it needed to be available at any time in case of a sudden crisis in the world.

“Sons of Anarchy” welcomes back Walton Goggins
He’ll reprise his role as transgender prostitute Venus Van Dam.

USA-Belgium sets a new World Cup ratings record
Yesterday’s loss beat the previous record-holder USA-Portugal, despite airing in the middle of the afternoon.

“The Killing” unveils its final season trailer
Netflix has a taste of the final six episodes.

David Bowie inspired Peter Capaldi’s “Doctor Who” outfit
Capaldi’s white button-down shirt look is a tribute to Bowie’s Station to Station album cover.

“Game of Thrones’” Kit Harrington is the new face of Jimmy Choo
Check out Harrington’s ad campaign, featuring the actor “staring into your soul” while wearing Jimmy Choo for men.

“McHale Navy’s” star Bob Hastings dies
Hastings, 89, had been battling pancreatic cancer for 15 years.

'Sherlock' will film a special followed by a 3-episode 4th season in 2015

“Sherlock” will film a special followed by a 3-episode 4th season in 2015
Shooting on the special will begin in January, while filming on the 4th series will begin later next year. The BBC is promising "the most shocking and surprising series of Sherlock yet.”

Report: “The View” wants Mario Cantone — and a rotating cast of Broadway stars
According to Page Six, such Broadway stars Idina Menzel and Bernadette Peters would be appear regularly under the Broadway plan. Page Six also says executive producer Bill Geddie’s job is safe.

“Game of Thrones” will film Season 5 partly in Spain
Andalusia, Granada and Southern Spain will stand in for the Kingdom of Dorne.

Dane Cook announces a Showtime comedy special
He tells Jimmy Kimmel: "I couldn't be more excited to let the fans know. It's going to be on Showtime this fall.”

Knife-wielding homeless man threatened to kill Michael Strahan outside ABC’s Studios in Times Square

Knife-wielding homeless man threatened to kill Michael Strahan outside ABC’s Studios in Times Square
Police detained the man who was arguing with an ABC security guard on Tuesday morning.

Iranian TV copies “Modern Family” — without the gay dads
All the gay characters were conspicuously absent in Iranian TV’s shot-for-shot remake of the ABC sitcom.

Why Yahoo finds “Community” so valuable
Yahoo has plenty of eyeballs, it just needs an engaged audience that could become a premium for advertisers. PLUS: In defense of resurrecting “Community."

It's time to ignore studies on TV viewing!
There are so many of them — like the binge-watching will kill you study —  and they have sent confusing, sometimes contradictory messages.

It’s “Gabby!”: Jimmy Kimmel gives Gabourey Sidibe a “talk show"
“Let’s see what Gabourey Sidibe has for us later tonight on ‘Gabby!” PLUS: Kimmel translates Trey Songz’s lyrics to “Na Na."

Local TV station tells FCC that “Star Trek” and “Rawhide” are examples of community affairs programming
KJWP had to pledge to put on community affairs programming to move from Wyoming to Delaware. So it’s telling the FCC that “Star Trek,” “Wagon Train” and “Rawhide” address “matters of importance to its community of license.”

“Dear White People” writer to create a “Twenties” series for BET
“Twenties,” about a group of 20-something black woman, is also based on Lena Waithe’s web series.

Watch a “Game of Thrones”-themed wedding
A couple got married as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. PLUS: British “GoT” fans waited 8 hours to see the Iron Throne.

Go behind the scenes of “The Walking Dead” Season 5
It’s the first day back on set.

Jennifer Love Hewitt joins 'Criminal Minds' as a series regular

Jennifer Love Hewitt joins “Criminal Minds” as a series regular
The former “Ghost Whisperer” star will return to CBS next season as Kate Callahan, a “seasoned undercover agent whose stellar work at the FBI has landed her a coveted position with the Behavioral Analysis Unit.”

“Longmire” crew member killed in a rollover crash — was an 18-hour work day to blame?
The crew member was returning home from work in New Mexico after clocking out at 3 am. He clocked in at 9 am the previous day.

“Arrow” books Devon Aoki
The former model will play Tatsu Yamashiro, a Japanese martial arts expert who wields a deadly sword in the comic book.

Starz adapting Neil Gaiman’s 'American Gods'

Starz adapting Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”
The urban fantasy novel will be brought to the small screen with the help of Bryan Fuller.

Barbara Walters: “I know ‘The View’ will continue”
"I don't think we have a new direction, yet,” Walters says, breaking her silence on the latest “View” shakeup. "I think we have time."

Robin Williams returns to rehab
A rep for the former "Crazy Ones" star says: "After working back-to-back projects, Robin is simply taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment, of which he remains extremely proud."

Bobbi Kristina Brown calls Angela Bassett a “bitch” for not casting her in Whitney Houston biopic
Bassett told Entertainment Weekly, "I did not think about casting her” for a number of reasons, including that she’s not an actress.

“Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter breaks record for most individual backers
More than 97,000 contributors have delivered nearly $5 million in donations. PLUS: LeVar Burton answers “Reading Rainbow” questions.

AMC to re-air all 62 “Breaking Bad” episodes, with extra features
Starting Aug. 10, AMC will show “Breaking Bad” episodes from 5 pm to 1 am every Sunday, featuring commentary and never-before-seen interviews.

CBS orders James Patterson’s “Zoo” drama straight to series
The “global thriller” follows a series of violent animal attacks around the world.

Russia gets its own “It’s Always Sunny”
"It's Always Sunny in Moscow” premiered in Moscow in May.

Laura Palmer’s “Twin Peaks” house is for sale for just $549,950
The Everett, WA, served as the interior set for the Palmer house in the pilot.

“Gilligan’s Island” gets a “Wolf of Wall Street” makeover
It’s the “Wolf of Gilligan’s Island.”

Judd Apatow and wife Leslie Mann put on a Naked Lena Dunham T-shirt
The "Lena Dunham birthday suit tee” can be yours for $55.

Nathan Fielder was working on “Canadian Idol” when he was discovered
“I lucked out,” Fielder says of his road to getting his own Comedy Central show, after working as an interviewer on “Canadian Idol.” PLUS: Here’s Fielder’s unused raisin idea, the best stunts from Season 1, and Fielder’s appeal lies in being a "lonely, lovelorn, twee fool."

HBO’s Bessie Smith biopic adds Oliver Platt, Bryan Greenberg and “True Detective’s” Tory Kittles
Platt will play famed photographer and writer Carl Van Vechten, Greenberg will take on the role of record producer and music critic John Hammond, and Kittles will play Bessie’s brother.

Kevin Hart joins Kerry Washington as “Oliver Pope”
Watch Hart’s BET Awards “Scandal” bit.

TCM devoting July to World War I movies
This month will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of The Great War.

"Rizzoli & Isles” books Jamie Bamber
The “Battlestar Galactica” alum will play a prosecutor accused of killing his mistress in a multi-episode arc.

Jimmy Kimmel gives Snoop Dogg his own Planet Earth series
Called "Plizzanet Earth.”

Bravo’s “Singles Project” reality dating show will produce each episode in “real time”
Instead of taping every episode in advance, episodes will be shot after the previous episode has aired, which will allow for “real time” interaction between fans and cast members.

NBC renews 'The Night Shift'

NBC renews “The Night Shift”
The summer medical drama, which attracted 6 million viewers last week, will return for a 2nd season.

'Once Upon a Time' casts 'Frozen's' Anna and Kristoff

“Once Upon a Time” casts "Frozen's" Anna and Kristoff
Elizabeth Lail will play Queen Elsa’s younger sister, while Scott Michael Foster will play her beau.

David Duchovny to release his 1st book and his 1st album
"I just fell backwards into the whole thing,” Duchovny says of creating his first album after several years learning to play the guitar. The “Californication” star is also working on his first book, titled “Holy Cow” — "It's a kids' book and an adult book,” he tells Rolling Stone.

Watch 31 “Orange is the New Black” cast members on “Law & Order”
Here’s a supercut of the 31 “OINTB” stars and their “L&O” past.

Amazon orders thriller 'Hysteria' starring Mena Suvari

Amazon orders thriller “Hysteria” starring Mena Suvari
Suvari will play a neurologist who investigates a high school girls’ competitive dance team who are stricken by an illness that may be linked to social media.

Nat Geo shares with “Today” its new Monica Lewinsky interview for “The 90s: The Last Great Decade”
Lewinsky talks about going from “a virgin, to humiliation” to “the most humiliated woman in the world.”

After his show is pulled, Adam Richman apologizes for a 2nd time
The Travel Channel star apologized soon after calling one of his Instagram followers the C-word. Now he’s apologizing via “Good Morning America” in the wake of his new show “Man Finds Food” being put on hold.

“Under the Dome” returns to lower ratings, yet dominates Monday night
About 9.4 million watched the Season 2 premiere. PLUS: “Under the Dome” star speaks about last night’s episode.

“Community”: Sometimes it’s best to let things die
Not every show with a dedicated following should be revived on the Internet. PLUS: Dan Harmon should really shake things up on Yahoo, and why Yahoo Screen is a terrible fit.

Judge Judy tackles a Grindr case, even though she’s never heard of it
She quickly figured out the use of the gay dating app.

“Doctor Who” to feature the return of the Cybermen
Check out a photo from recent filming, posted by the BBC.