Rapper Common asked the VMA audience for a moment of silence for Ferguson

Rapper Common asked the VMA audience for a moment of silence for Ferguson
Before presenting the award for best hip-hop video, Common called a moment of silence "for Mike Brown and for peace in this country and in the world.” PLUS: Miley Cyrus sent a homeless teen accept her award, Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction, here is Taylor Swift's vocal track isolated, and VMAs paid tribute to Robin Williams.

“Better Call Saul” teases Jimmy McGill
How does Jimmy McGill become Saul Goodman?

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MTV to show 2 Ferguson PSAs during the VMAs

MTV to show 2 Ferguson PSAs during the VMAs
The spots are part of MTV's “Look Different” campaign made in conjunction with the NAACP, Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center and National Council of La Raza.

More ice bucket challenge videos: George R.R. Martin, “Tina Fey,” Shonda Rhimes, Kiefer Sutherland
“God help me,” said George R.R. Martin before his Ice Bucket Challenge. Shonda Rhimes left drought-stricken California to do hers. Jason Sudeikis responded to Mitt Romney’s challenge. Somebody resembling Tina Fey also did it, as did Kiefer Sutherland and Minka Kelly and Padma Lakshmi.

Nicki Minaj backup dancer bitten by a snake during VMAs rehearsal
The snake was a boa constrictor named Rocky.

FXX’s cropping has spoiled “The Simpsons” marathon
“The Simpsons” was broadcast from 1989 to 2009 in a square-shaped standard definition format, but FXX has been showing those episodes cropped in the rectangular HDTV format. This has resulted in some in-jokes being removed from the series.

Kathy Griffin: “I’ve just signed on to do a multi-year for New Year’s for CNN”
Griffin will apparently continue tormenting Anderson Cooper for years to come.

Minor league baseball team to celebrate ‘90s Nickelodeon night
The Brooklyn Cycles, which last month devoted a night to “Seinfeld,” will have "Keenan & Kel’s” Kel Mitchell throw out the first pitch on Wednesday. In addition to slimed jerseys, fans will be able to play “Double Dare.”

Josh Charles to become a dad
“The Good Wife” alum and his wife are expecting their first child.

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' adds Matt Bomer

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” adds Matt Bomer
Ryan Murphy will reunite with his “Normal Heart” actor for one episode.

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Do the Emmys matter anymore?

Do the Emmys matter anymore?
That the Emmys have been relegated to a Monday night in August this year should be a cause for concern. Yes, the Emmys had an eight-year high last year, but that was thanks to football. As Verne Gay notes, the Emmys are "sliding into, if not outright irrelevance, then senescence … That's the harsh view, and maybe an unfair one, but the numbers appear to confirm that slow, inexorable slide.” PLUS: How Emmy voters vote, and play the Emmy drinking game.

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” unveils a split-tongue trailer
Check out “Lick.”

Fox explaining “Gotham” with a 4-part online special
The 20-minute series explores the mythology behind the Batman prequel.

Seth Meyers would rather celebrate than roast TV at the Emmys
“This is a time to remind people how good the good is in television right now,” he says. “It’s maybe better than ever.” PLUS: Meyers and Brian Williams have lunch together, and Meyers gets why people are upset over the reported James Corden pick.

Peter Capaldi explains how his “Doctor Who” is unique
"He's sort of fiercer than Matt," Capaldi says of predecessor Matt Smith. "But he's not grim; he's actually very funny and passionate. He loves the universe and this job that he has, this freedom to travel through time and space. He's a guy who's passionate about life and art … and he gets impatient with people who don't recognize how fantastic the universe is.” PLUS: Steven Moffat says Capaldi looked “incredibly right” for the role, a beginner’s guide to “Who,” Moffat seems to preoccupied with the Doctor’s age in the premiere, Capalidi’s gravitas and wry eccentricity make up for his lack of youthfulness, and Capaldi is instantly endearing.

“The Simpsons” boss would like to end the series with Episode 1
Al Jean tweeted: "My idea for last episode -- ends w/arrival at Xmas pageant (beginning of first episode). Whole series a continuous loop…” PLUS: What happens when you watch 24-straight hours of “The Simpsons” marathon?, Wisconsin farm creates a “Simpsons” corn maze, James L. Brook says: “We are misty eyed in Simpsonland,” Hank Azaria says he’s lived the “Simpsons” marathon, and the marathon gets big ratings for FXX.

Happy 75th birthday, Valerie Harper!
The “Rhoda” star is “seemingly indestructible.”

Aaron Paul starts a production company, inks a deal with “Breaking Bad” producer Sony TV
Under the deal, Paul will help develop and produce new series.

“Silicon Valley” creator Mike Judge may attend Burning Man for “research”
Burning Man has become a must-attend event for rich techies.

“Houdini” star Adrien Brody was told that doing TV could help revive his movie career
The Oscar-winning actor, who hasn’t done any high-profile movie projects in years, was told that the 15 million viewers watching the History channel could showcase his talents and put him up for better roles.

Melissa Joan Hart launches a clothing collection for boys
The "Melissa & Joey” star created the line because she found the clothing for her three young boys lacking.

Revisiting the “True Blood” pilot
Bill Compton’s hair sure has changed since Episode 1, but Sookie has been working as a waitress since the beginning. PLUS: Recalling the “True Blood-iest” sex scenes, where “True Blood” buys vampire gear, the 17 most disgusting deaths, ranking the best and worst villains, and ranking the sexiest characters.

Even as a kid, Kelsey Grammer looked like “Frasier”
See a photo of Grammer from "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Every MTV Video Music Awards, ranked
Why the 1995 VMAs = No. 1.

“SNL’s” Kenan Thompson: An appreciation
Going into his 12th season, Thompson appears to be the old guy who never moves on. "'Why is Kenan still on this show?' is a commonplace thought,” notes Rembert Browne. "And it’s understandable when, well after you’ve reached the decade milestone, you still aren’t a beloved cast member. But that lack of universal acceptance sheds light on why Kenan is special. And in a small group of ‘SNL' cast members who can pull off a very difficult, built-to-fail brand of performance art.” PLUS: Meet the “SNL” editor responsible for all those viral videos.

MTV reality star Diem Brown diagnosed with colon cancer
Brown is now battling cancer for the third time after being treated for ovarian cancer twice.

Lizzy Caplan thinks “Real Housewives” stars deserve Emmys
"Clearly they all deserve Emmys for those riveting performances as normal human beings,” the “Masters of Sex” star tells NY Times Magazine. "I find reality television to be so delectable. I cannot even fully express how much it means to me.” Why is that? "It’s this idea of taking a somewhat normal human being and then putting them on this frying pan of fame. In real time, you can watch fame ruin somebody and makes them go insane.”

A “Pawn Stars” episode lasts 3 minutes when you cut out all the filler
Here is what the History channel reality show looks like without the padding.

What is the future of “Rectify”?
Ray McKinnon says of a possible Season 3: "There were a lot of things left open, if they brought us back, we would try to figure out a way to confound expectations if we can.” PLUS: “Rectify” overcame some growing pains in Season 2, and Aden Young talks about the season finale.

Ranking the “America’s Next Top Model” judges
J. Alexander is the best.

“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams passed her driver’s test
The event was so important that her driving school wrote up an article about it.

Every “My So-Called Life” episode, ranked
Is the pilot the best episode?

“Dating Naked” stars are getting married
Will they get married naked? PLUS: 8 things that “Dating Naked” should ban.

“Mad Men” in a hospital? PBS presents “Breathless”
The “Masterpiece” miniseries, starring Jack Davenport, takes place in a hospital in the ‘60s. It premieres Sunday night.

“Scandal” nabs a “Mistresses” hunk
Matthew Del Negro has been cast in "a secret, yet juicy role.”

“Today’s” Jenna Wolfe is pregnant again
She’s expecting her 2nd child with NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk.

“Bojack Horseman” is more clever than funny — and bleak
The Netflix animated comedy, available for streaming now, is very comfortable with darkness and being lonely. PLUS: It’s strange and somewhat delightful, and it’s not very good.

BBC America’s “Intruders” is a show about body snatchers that doesn’t mess around with mythology
Premiering Saturday after “Doctor Who,” “Introducers” stars John Simm and Mira Sorvino. PLUS: There is not enough life in this concept.

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Watch Lifetime’s Brittany Murphy biopic trailer

Watch Lifetime’s Brittany Murphy biopic trailer
Amanda Fuller plays the “Clueless” star in "The Brittany Murphy Story."

An ABC special will attempt to determine the best “Schoolhouse Rock” song
“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Chandra Wilson will host "The ABC’s of Schoolhouse Rock” special, airing at 7 pm on Sept. 7.

“State of Affairs” books James Remar, plus Courtney B. Vance as husband to the president of the United States
Vance will play the First Gentleman to POTUS Alfre Woodard, while Remar will guest as a CIA agent.

Lifetime puts out the first 5 minutes of “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story”
The film debuts on Labor Day.

NBC won’t proceed with its “Wizard of Oz”-themed series
“Emerald City” had been ordered straight to series for next season.

“Bates Motel” star Freddie Highmore sells a romantic comedy to NBC
Highmore is teaming with “Bates” co-creator Kerry Ehrin on a venture capital-themed romantic comedy they came up with at the Critics Choice Awards.

“Sleepy Hollow” headed to Hulu Plus
The Fox drama will be available on the streaming service the day after each episode airs.

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NFL settles with M.I.A. over her Super Bowl halftime middle finger

NFL settles with M.I.A. over her Super Bowl halftime middle finger
The confidential settlement ending the NFL's $16.6 million lawsuit comes after the league levied a $12,000 fine on Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel for flashing his middle finger during a “Monday Night Football” preseason game this week.


Oprah Winfrey Network sends Iyanla Vanzant to help Ferguson heal
Tuesday’s episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life” will bring together Iyanla, Ferguson’s police chief and Michael Brown’s uncle.

Mindy gets a new “Mindy Project” rival: Niecy Nash
The "Reno 911!" alum will play the new hospital chief who happens to be a lesbian.

Could “SNL” replace Don Pardo with Darrell Hammond, his impressionist?
Hammond pretended to be Pardo when he filled in for him several times on "Saturday Night Live," and says he would be “honored and thrilled” to carry on his announcing duties.

Twitter will debut a zip-line camera above the Emmy red carpet
The live zip-line footage will be shown on NBC’s Twitter account and on “Access Hollywood.”

State Farm reviving classic “SNL” characters Hans & Franz and Rob Schneider’s “Richmeister”
As part of “SNL’s” 40th-season celebration, Lorne Michaels is teaming with State Farm for the ad campaign, launching during the VMAs and featuring Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey as well as Schneider’s “Making Copies” guy, which you can watch right here.

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“SNL” alum Rachel Dratch will reunite with Amy Poehler for 'Parks and Rec’s' final season

“SNL” alum Rachel Dratch will reunite with Amy Poehler for “Parks and Rec’s” final season
She’ll play the nanny to Leslie and Ben’s triplets in a one-episode role that could be expanded.

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Yahoo declines to rescue Fox’s canceled “Enlisted'

Yahoo declines to rescue Fox’s canceled “Enlisted”
The military comedy has no other potential suitors, so it is not coming back.

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Fox posts 'Red Band Society' pilot online

Fox posts “Red Band Society” pilot online
The hospital children’s ward drama, which debuts on Sept. 17, is now available on Hulu through Tuesday at 5 pm ET.

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'The Blacklist' lands Paul Reubens

“The Blacklist” lands Paul Reubens
The “Pee-wee Herman” star will appear in two episodes as Mr. Vargas, "a dapper, finicky ‘muscle' who handles delicate situations in the criminal underworld.”

“SVU” stars take the Ice Bucket Challenge, but Ice-T declines to participate in the “STUNT"
Ice-T tweeted: "I don’t do things because “EVERYBODY ELSE” is doing it. I do what ‘I’ want to do ONLY because ‘I’ want to do it..” PLUS: Benedict Cumberbatch gets it on his motorcycle, Maisie Williams does it on the side of a building, Danny DeVito is joined by his Trollfoot, Chelsea Handler does it in flippers, Tara Reid gets revenge on Joan Rivers, and Mitt Romney nominates Jason Sudeikis, his “SNL” impersonator.

VH1 orders "Weave Trip,” a spinoff of "T.I.& Tiny: The Family Hustle”
The reality show will follow the mobile hair salon adventures of T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her hairdresser friend, Shekinah Jo.

Study: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have a lot of white male guests
Chloe Angyal says of her research: "In short, Colbert and, to a lesser extent Stewart, are sending the message that the most credible, interesting and relevant people out there – the people viewers should hear from and know about – are almost all white and male.”

Emmys announce the final group of presenters, including Mindy Kaling, Chris Hardwick and Kate Walsh
John Mulaney, Uzo Aduba, Ricky Gervais and Allison Williams will also be presenting Monday.

BET news special tonight will examine the events in Ferguson with rappers Nelly and Ali
Nelly is a former resident of the Missouri town that has been the site of widespread protest the past two weeks.

Lori Petty will return to “Orange is the New Black”
She’ll reprise her brief role from the Season 2 premiere.

Damon Lindelof’s “Lost”-themed "Phineas and Ferb” featuring Terry O’Quinn gets a premiere date
The Sept. 29 episode will also feature Jane Kaczmarek and Rob Morrow.

BBC’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” to star Holliday Grainger and Richard Madden
“The Borgias” and “Game of Thrones” alums will play, respectively, the title role and gamekeeper Oliver Mellor from the 1928 Italian romance novel by D.H. Lawrence.

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