<p>James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano</p>

James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano

Credit: HBO

James Gandolfini is dead

James Gandolfini is dead at 51
"The Sopranos" star suffered an apparent heart attack while in Italy, HBO confirms. Gandolfini was vacationing in Italy and it was recently announced that he would return to HBO to star in the limited series "Criminal Justice." Gandolfini is survived by, his wife, a daughter born last year and a teenage son. PLUS: Gandolfini spoke to TMZ just 1 month ago. Watch Gandolfini win his first Golden Globe and first Emmy, Hollywood reacts to his death, Anthony Jeselnik jokes about it, and watch Gandolfini sing, listen to Kathy Griffin's encounter with Gandolfini, watch him on "Inside the Actor's Studio." Also, his death will ensure that Tony Soprano "will forever be indelibly etched to him."

David Chase: "He was a genius"

"Anyone who saw him even in the smallest of his performances knows that," says "The Sopranos" creator, in a statement. "He is one of the greatest actors of this or any time. A great deal of that genius resided in those sad eyes."

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FX greenlights Kelsey Grammer-Martin Lawrence comedy

FX greenlights Kelsey Grammer-Martin Lawrence comedy
They'll play mismatched Chicago lawyers in a deal that's much like Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management." FX ordered 10 episodes, with an option of picking up 90.

Showtime teams with John Legend for a comedy about music managers

The project will be based on the experienced of Legend and his real-life manager.

Charlie Sheen vs. Dan Harmon
Who is TV's biggest ingrate?

"Homeland" will feature less Brody next season
As exec producer Alex Gansa explains, "He is the most wanted man on the planet. By definition, he’s going to be hiding somewhere. And if he's hiding, that limits what he can do."

"The Bachelor" creator launches a dating app with Chris Harrison

Will you get better results with "At First Sight" than producers have gotten in 26 seasons of "The Bachelor" and "Bachelorette"?

"Nashville" loses its music guru
T Bone Burnett, who is married to creator Callie Khouri and oversaw more than 100 original recordings, has opted not to return for Season 2.

Cher wished there was a show like "The Voice" when she was young

"This is amazing," she says, "when you have actual people who have been in the business, been successful and want to help you. You can bypass a lot of trashy stuff."

Aaron Paul will mark the end of "Breaking Bad" in a cemetery
He's hosting a finale party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which hosts film screenings.

"America's Got Talent" ringer?: Country-singing carpenter already had a major record deal
Turns out Marty Brown, who performed on the season premiere, released three albums through MCA in the '90s. He also performed on the Grand Ole Opry.

Sienna Guillory out at "Believe"
The British actress is being written out of the NBC J.J. Abrams drama.

Jerry Seinfeld still insists those cars in "Comedians in Cars" aren't his
"We mostly borrow them from generous car clubs," he tweeted.

Chris Hardwick hosting a Comedy Central game show called "Midnight"
The comedian/podcaster's show is described as "a rapid-fire game show inspired by the darkest recesses of social media."

OWN announces summer premiere dates

"Oprah: Where Are They Now?" returns July 28.

"New Girl" star and "Parks and Rec" star couple up for music video

Watch Jake Johnson and Aubrey Plaza in Uptown Sound's "Rouse Yourself" video.

"Homeland's" David Harewood among "Doctor Who" possibilities

The 47-year-old British actor has seen his odds go up recently. PLUS: Julian Rhind-Tutt also tipped for "Who," and read a "Doctor Who" fan's obit.

Heather Locklear: There's a lot of Amanda Woodward in my new "Franklin & Bash" character
"The character was already pretty laid out for me, and I'm just adding what I would do on a daily basis in my acting," she says.

HBO rejects Michael Chabon's WWII pilot, but FX may pick it up
Darren Aronofsky was originally set to direct "Hobgoblin," in which magicians and conmen use deception to take down Hitler.

"Futurama" tonight kicks off its final episodes

After 14 years, the once-canceled show is humming along on Comedy Central. PLUS: Billy West considers "Futurama" his career high point, and David X. Cohen compares cancelations.

How "Mad Men's" Sally Draper coped with smoking

"I caught on," says 13-year-old Kiernan Shipka. "We did enough takes that by the end of it, I was like, 'Oh, I’m a pro at this now. I can do this.' Everyone was all, 'No, you’re not a pro at it quite yet.'" PLUS: Linda Cardellini says "Sally Draper" didn't witness what she witnessed.

"The Late Show" tries Vine

Watch Monday's Letterman show in six seconds.

Spike TV's new MMA reality show finds inspiration from "The Voice"
"Fight Master: Bellator MMA" will also use four judges/coaches in comfy chairs, but no blind auditions.

"Desperate" Doug Savant lands on "Rizzoli & Isles"
He'll pay a visit to the TNT series in Season 4.

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HBO let Aaron Sorkin re-shoot 'The Newsroom's' 1st two Season 2 episodes

HBO let Aaron Sorkin re-shoot "The Newsroom's" 1st two Season 2 episodes
Sorkin tells The Hollywood Reporter: "I doubt HBO's going to be happy with my telling you this, but I got off to a false start with Season Two... With my hat in my hand, I went to HBO and said, 'Would it be all right if I started again? I know it's going to cost time and it's going to cost a lot of money.'"

"Veronica Mars" brings back Max Greenfield
The "New Girl" star will reprise his role as Deputy Leo.

"The Soup" to probe "The Bachelor" with spinoff "The Soup Investigates"

Joel McHale will be joined by a team of "reporters" in the spoof of investigative shows.

"Psych" adds Loretta Devine and Peggy Lipton

They'll appear in Season 8, starting with the 5th episode.

Howard Stern "grills" Matt Lauer
On his manhood, on his favorite "Today" co-anchor, but not Ann Curry.

Watch Heather Locklear & Jane Seymour kiss

From tonight's season premiere of "Franklin & Bash."

Will "Community" get a 6th season? Is Donald Glover's future in doubt?
Why did Sony bring back Dan Harmon? Because he was the best chance that the Sony had of extending the series beyond next season, thus increasing syndication profits, according to Josef Adalian. But "Community" may have a Donald Glover problem. Though he is signed on for Season 5, reports Adalian, Glover is "still making noises about not wanting to return for the full fifth season, even with Harmon back in the fold, so he has more time to pursue his Childish Gambino career."

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Seth MacFarlane to voice another talking dog, on 'Futurama'

Seth MacFarlane to voice another talking dog, on "Futurama"

He'll voice the doggie Seymour, who was last seen in a 2002 episode.

"Big Brother" twists revealed: 1 housemate will become "MVP"

This season will also see three nominees each week, instead of two.

Miss Utah sings her fumbled answer on Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel interviewed Marissa Powell in a classroom setting.

Paula Deen admits to racism?
The TV chef reportedly admitted using the N-word in a taped deposition in the lawsuit her ex-employees have filed against her.

Danielle Bradbery excited by her "Voice" victory
Says the 16-year-old: "I definitely would love to have Blake included in everything. The music, I want to make my own song and… Oh man I'm just so excited for whatever comes." PLUS: "The Voice" has its best finale vs. NBA Finals.

Nickelodeon refuses to set nutritional standards for kids' ads
The cable channel won't follow Disney Channel's lead.

Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt yodel at each other

From building to building.

"Dancing" exes Karina & Maksim are reuniting on Broadway

Former engaged couple Karina Smirnoff and Maksim Chmerkovskiy will perform together in "Forever Tango."

Men's Wearhouse fires its iconic TV pitchman who founded the company

George Zimmer was famous for saying, "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it."

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Report: Charlie Sheen called Selma Blair the C-word in text message firing her

Report: Charlie Sheen called Selma Blair the C-word in text message firing her

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reports that Blair's role won't be recast, but a new actress is being sought. She adds: "I also hear that Blair was not the only member of the show's cast and crew that was frustrated by Sheen’s work habits as I hear they would often sit and wait for hours for him to show up for work. Though it was Blair voicing her concerns that got Sheen to flip out and get her sacked."

Bryan Cranston answers questions on Reddit
What is his favorite "Breaking Bad" scene PLUS: Dean Norris went straight from "Breaking Bad" to "Under the Dome."

Jimmy Kimmel releases "(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum" music video
Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, along with other celebs, star in a video based on their post-Oscars "Jimmy Kimmel Live" skit.

"The Simpsons" coming out with a new toy line featuring its celebrity guest-stars
The "Simpson"-ized versions of Hugh Hefner, Yao Ming, Tom Hanks, Kid Rock and James Brown will be among those getting the "Simpsons" toy treatment.

Betty White posts a handwritten letter addressed to the Internet

"Dear Internet," she writes, please watch Wednesday's live "Hot in Cleveland."

In Norway, viewers love slow-moving reality shows
18 hours of swimming salmon? A 30-hour nonstop interview? Turns out viewers in the Scandinavian country will watch anything that consumes a lot of time.

"Mad Men" Season 6 has been a horror-filled year
With its horrific setting in 1968, Matthew Weiner has filled this season with images and reminders of horror. So much so that Season 6 has played out like a scary movie, says James Poniewozik. "Maybe someone will die in Sunday’s Mad Men, but I don’t think that’s the kind of horror movie we're watching," he says. "In the one that we’re watching, the horrible thing is that you survive. And you worry. And you wait." PLUS: Was Dick Whitman raped?, Can AA help Don Draper?, Vincent Kartheiser doesn't think Pete is gay, meet the writer behind '80s Don Draper, and Jon Hamm appreciates the anti-Mets dig.

MTV trying to appeal to 14- to 17-year-olds
The cable network once again is shifting its programming strategy to appeal to a younger demographic.

Ed Hardy blames Jon Gosselin for his brand's demise
When he was famous, the "Jon & Kate" star was always photographed wearing Ed Hardy clothes. "That Jon Gosselin thing was the nail in the coffin," says Ed Hardy. "That’s what tanked it."

Watch a preview of Disney Channel's new "Mickey Mouse" cartoons
The new shortform series debuts June 28.

Why doesn't TV have more househusbands?

Stay-at-home dads are truly underrepresented on TV shows.

Oxygen orders "Secret Celebrity," starring celebs in disguise
The Wendy Williams-produced show will feature such celebs as Ice-T and Coco and Nick Lachey.

Conan reacts to Google Glass
Watch Conan O'Brien at E3 trying to lick the new Google Glass. PLUS: See a bust of Conan with removable head.

Why "Revenge" is interested in its own clothing line

The show's costume designer, Jill Ohannesson, thinks there's interest in people dressing like Victoria and Emily, and even Nolan.

Discovery's "Blood & Oil" feels contrived
The family oil reality show, premiering tonight, has a lot of fake-sounding dialogue.

Check out "Game of Thrones" stars in previous roles

Here's a chart showing each character next to a past role.

Does a "Law & Order" appearance lead to an Emmy?
Nearly half of the drama supporting actor and actress trophies since 1990 have gone to "L&O" alums.

Disney Channel orders "I Didn't Do It"
The comedy pilot stars Olivia Holt and Austin North as fraternal twins.

Introducing the Periodic Table of Muppets

Each muppet/puppeteer gets an element.

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Selma Blair out at 'Anger Management'

Selma Blair out at "Anger Management"
After Charlie Sheen threatened to quit if Selma Blair wasn't fired, Lionsgate, the studio behind the FX show, has announced that Blair won't return to the FX series. "We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to 'Anger Management' and we wish her the very best," the studio said in a statement.

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Liv Tyler lands her first TV gig: HBO's 'The Leftovers'

Liv Tyler lands her first TV gig: HBO's "The Leftovers"

She'll join Justin Theroux on the pilot from Damon Lindelof and Guillermo del Toro.

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Report: Charlie Sheen threatens to quit if Selma Blair isn't fired from 'Anger Management'

Report: Charlie Sheen threatens to quit if Selma Blair isn't fired from "Anger Management"
TMZ reports that Sheen made his latest threat Monday on the set. Meanwhile, Blair wasn't at work yesterday.

Stephen Colbert is taking a few days off following his mother's death

"The Colbert Report's" next new show is scheduled for Wednesday, with last night and tonight's show being repeats.

Fox names Nick Offerman its "Axe Cop"
The "Parks and Rec" star will voice the cartoon superhero.

Will HBO's "Hard Knocks" have to omit the most interesting part -- the cutting of players?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he wants the cutting process to be more "humane," but that conflicts with "Hard Knocks" filming one of the most brutal aspects of life in the NFL.

TLC star Josh Duggar becomes a lobbyist for "anti-gay" Family Research Council

The "19 Kids and Counting" star is moving to Washington, D.C. to run the lobbying arm of the social-conservative Family Research Council. According to GLAAD, that makes the eldest Duggar child an "outright anti-gay activist" as the FRC is known for its strong anti-gay stance.

"Doctor Who's" Jenna-Louise Coleman joins BBC crime drama

She'll join Matthew Rhys on "Death Comes to Pemberley."

NBC to air a "How Murray Saved Christmas" special from a "Simpsons" writer
The special will be based on the Mike Reiss children's book.

Russell Brand schools MSNBC anchors

Watch as the "Morning Joe" hosts make fun of Brand with him sitting there, which prompted his mockery of them.

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See pics from the 'Veronica Mars' movie set

See pics from the "Veronica Mars" movie set
Here are Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring, AKA Logan Echolls, last night on their first day filming the movie.

NBC to air a Valerie Harper special
Meredith Vieira and her NBC News team will follow the sitcom legend as she battles incurable brain cancer, but no date for the one-hour documentary has been set.

Police pics released of Evelyn Lozada's bloody forehead caused by Chad Johnson
Johnson pleaded no contest to headbutting his wife, a  VH1 reality star last year, causing a forehead laceration of three inches.

"Today" gives Miss Utah a do-over

This time, she came prepared to answer the question.

Amazon won't follow Netflix's binge-viewing model
All 10 episodes of John Goodman comedy "Alpha House" won't be released at the same time, but Amazon hasn't decided on a release model.

Who does "The Voice" think should win?
Danielle seems like the most marketable, but could another Blake Shelton team win hurt the show?

"Dexter" giving away "Killer Combo" ice cream sandwiches

The treats will be available at all Coolhaus retail outlets and trucks in New York and Los Angeles.

Meet the new "Breaking Amish" stars

Here's a glimpse of the L.A. season.

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Dan Harmon writes a formal apology for trashing 'Community' Season 4

Dan Harmon writes a formal apology for trashing "Community" Season 4

After saying "I feel bad" on Twitter, Harmon wrote on his blog: "What I said was disrespectful to your love for this show, love that I sometimes erroneously equate with validation of me as a person."

"Parks and Rec" merchandise coming to stores
Coming soon: A talking Ron Swanson bobblehead or "Parks and Rec" trading cards.

Howard Stern critiques Jimmy Fallon, tells him he can't do Video Game Week at 11:35
The shock jock criticized the "Late Night" host for not stepping it up in advance of "The Tonight Show" move.

Steve Carell: "I lied" about not appearing in "The Office" series finale

"I lied for months to the press, to almost everyone, really," he says. "And I felt terribly for the cast and for (executive producer) Greg Daniels, because they all lied, too."

Check out the new "Big Brother" house

This season's set is more "masculine," "sophisticated" and "grown-up."

Nigella Lawson's husband admits to assault and gets a police caution

Charles Saatchi went to police after talking to his lawyer.

Oscar-winning "Silence of the Lambs" director to direct AMC's "Line of Sight" pilot
Jonathan Demme will also executive produce the drama project, which is AMC's first sci-fi series.

"The Bachelor" host writing a book, coming out with his own wine
That's in addition to Chris Harrison launching his own line of menswear.

Questlove releasing his memoir
The "Late Night" bandleader talks about his new book, "Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove."

Watch the "Ray Donovan" pilot
Showtime has posted an edited version of the Liev Schreiber series on YouTube.

"The Bachelorette" hits a low

Monday's episode attracted 5.4 million viewers, a season low.

Ron Howard narrates "Arrested Development" fan tweets

Watch him not read the fan tweets verbatim.

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